7's Workshop of Weed

Biggen from the tub on its 3rd flush!



to in only 4 months! (not the same tub)

crazy progression


Clones are starting to take root. Moved the first rooted clone into flowering tent and put into a bigger pot. Trying my hand at a SOG with all the clones I take, so about a week or so in veg until roots are coming out of the pot then transplant and flower

First clone A looking very nice :ok_hand:

Mother plants looking FINE. As @seymourgreen suggested, I bumped up the silicon to 1.5ml/l and the stems are starting to harden up nicely. Trimmed plant A and C back (you can see in the pic) so it doesnt hit the lights. Hopefully all the clones currently propagating will root by next week and I can take more cuttings like from the stem in the picture. Perfect branch for cutting. I might end up investing in a water/pump cloner because currently im doing the cut at the lowest node before putting into rooting pods, but really, branches like this have a great area for roots that ive basically just been cutting off.

I found 3 more cuttings that have taken roots, so they are now vegging in pots

Got some nice spore prints from my latest harvest and now have enough prints to make a bunch of syringes

Hoping I can use these to give away or maybe even do an auction here. Need to figure out international shipping, though.

I Series jars are done. Looking very nice and fluffy

Smells just like mushrooms :ok_hand:

Into the tub it goes!

Bonus bug I found on my tree


Damn 7, bravo. Everything you do is proper.


Thanks! I havent always been like this haha usually I spend an hour a day max tending to my plants after work but during this covid stuff and working from home for the past 4 months i’ve had tons of time to work on a load of stuff including learning how to cultivate mushrooms, do weed clones, work on my app, practice playing keyboard :grimacing:


Awesome man! That’s my next endeavor, mycology! Been meaning to ordered a kit, but keep putting it off. You just rekindled my interest, thanks! Oh and that’s a ladybug larva, so it’s on our side lol!


ah thats good, i was wondering what it was. hopefully it clears out all the fucking aphids on my tree. I began to cut off affected leaves but the tree is like 20ft tall and covered in the bastards


Yeah aphids suck literally lol! Never had them inside, but they’re all over everything outside. Good thing the ladybugs and they’re larva will eat the shit outta those f#@$ers.


spores for days. @Bob13 have you had a chance to use the one I sent you yet?

Pic of the 5 genetic variant tub (so 1 isolated genetic per jar). Veeeryy even canopy. I expect my next tub, which is all one isolated genetics (the I series jars) will be even more unified. Just hope it provides good fruit! Based on this tub I think it will yield very nicely.


Yeah I used it the day i received it, it’s about 95% colonised so maybe a week from fruiting.


wow so no contamination? thats great! hopefully my new syringes are also uncontaminated


No contamination in the syringe from what I can tell. I knocked up 5 different ones and one contaminated but the port looked contaminated so I think that was not anything to do with your end. I got the agar going and 40% contamination so far having used a make do clingfilm still air box and transferred to jam jars with small amounts of grain in them but the agar worked perfectly too mate. Many many thankyous are in order as it’s been a great little learning curve and a slight bodge job with the cling film but that actually worked out really good! Just covered the top of a big plastic tub in a couple layers after laying everything in there and punctured a couple holes for my arms then cleaned the inside from inside before going at it.

That canopy is looking really good mate if I might say so myself.



No problems. This has been a great hobby during lockdown. Very rewarding and just so fascinating. I did send you some parafilm also for the dishes. Clingfilm works but not as breathable as parafilm or masking tape.


Progress on the hunt

First set of clones are looking decent. I have 4 in bigger pots with full strength feeding @ 1.8EC. The ages are all staggered but the first and second ones to root I think will make it to bud

Noticed the leaves were curling inwards. Read up could be due to wind burn which would make sense because there’s a fan right next to it. Turned that off for now.

Number 2, 3, and 4

The rest of them. Couple of them I think will make it through, a load not so much. There’s more clones now than in this pic as I transfered some more from the propagators when I prepped for “The Second Cloning”

The second cloning

I much prefer to try something first, learn all the mistakes, then go for real in the second attempt because it makes it easier to be successful on the second go than try and spend all my time making the first one (which for me always fails anyway) succeed.

So I learned that the trays I was using were just too big. Clones were falling and it was very unstable. I solved this temporarily by lodging clothes pegs in between the rooter and the walls.

The also learned roughly which clones were more successful. I found that the thick tops from the main stem took a long time to root, if they did, if not, the cutting basically just rotted. The smaller ones with tiny nodes died too quickly. Seemed like they just lacked the strength to make it through.

I learned that you need to ease clones - even after they’ve rooted - in to full strength light. I made that mistake with the smaller ones pictured, the leaves burn much quicker.

In this new cloning attempt, I revamped the bays, bought some paper trays that fit the plugs nicer, and I ditched the tubs I were using to the same tubs I use for my mushrooms, and it fits p e r f e c t l y.

I put polyethene lining down just to stop dripping water from soaking into the boards.

2x 12 cell trays under each one, with enough headroom for large clones. Perfect!

Post trim plant A. Out of the ones left (A/B/C), B is looking like the winner. Very nimble grower, great looking cutting sites. I took 24 clones from B, and 12 from both A and C

Perfect! There are tiny gaps under the rim of the tubs because the handles are slightly elevated, but they seem to be holding their humidity fine. If not, I will just put the lids on.

Bug fix for the Epic

I finally got around to fixing the dimmer for the Epic 4.0. So bumped that to 4.0.1

Now I am able to dim both lights in my main tent to try keep the mothers small.


Yeah I used the para film for the dishes, they colonised fast so I cut it up and put it into jars and the contamination happened in the jars.

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ahh gotcha :ok_hand:


Starting to have second thoughts about this cloning experiment. My original goal was to make a sog and rotate clones from the mothers and put them straight to flower, but I’m running into so many issues that im not so sure its worth the effort. I’ll totally see this grow through though, but I’m half tempted to make these recent clones my last and just flower the current mothers (although i’d have to chop them WAAAY back else i wont fit them in the tent especially if they will double in size!)

I feel like I need to either go all out and do water pump cloning in a bigger system, or nothing at all. I took 48 clones and I already had to throw 2 that were just dead, but the others are wilting pretty hard. hopefully they bounce back.


So another change in plans. I’m seeing the experiment out of growing a mother for clones by selecting the B plant to be the mother and have moved her into the spare box tent I have, under the 300w blurple mars hydro.

The other 2 plants I hate to see go to waste, and I want some bud so I chopped them back pretty far and flipped them to flower. Plan on setting up a string scrog net so I can try and keep them from outgrowing the tent.



Plant B in the solo tent

Crazy roots! this is why (on top of nice node structure) I chose this plant

Leaf fell into my nute mix as I was trimming :open_mouth:


I series is proving to not be a great fruiter… very uneven canopy and some strange growth. Shame because this was one of the stronger growers and I have 4 jars half inoculated with more I series.

But I have also now inoculated jars with the III series, which was the second pick for testing

Threw a net on these girls to make sure they dont get too big. The stems are ROCK solid. I tried supercropping a few but i legitimately couldnt bend the branch without risking it just snapping clean off.