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Spore prints made and now the harvest can go into the dehydrator. It’s taken about 4 months or so to get to a proper harvest beating my almost 1 year of attempts at growing weed to get acceptable buds :laughing:


Im in the exact same boat mate, the last guy i had any dealings with turned out to be a huge scammer that sorted me out good as a one off then dissapeared and scammed 10 other people or something


Ugh that’s so annoying. I’m fortunate that i’ve never been scammed, but then again I only bought weed for about a year before I started growing instead. I definitely don’t miss the days of waiting for 2 hours round the dealers house listening to him rap whilst we wait for some big dodgy dude to show up with an O of skunk wrapped up in clingfilm :joy:


Hahahahaha yeah i did that once then was introduced to a lovely guy that would meet and sort you out in seconds then offer a smoke or a stroll round the park nd a nice chat about the latest game of thrones episode or something. The clingfilm wrapped or in a sandwich bag and in a sainsbrys bag seems to have never really stopped though. :rofl:

Edit cause i feel like im posting a lot, those prints and shroom look good! I ot two good big prints like that off mine after failing with the mini heads that seemed to shrivel up into a balland dump on the inside of themselves


I haven’t really done a proper update on Gen 13 (“the hunt for the lemon”) so here we go

Mission: Find a lemony strain. Learn to successfully clone. Possibly try a SOG? Keep the best performer whilst I try the next set of beans

So far the grow is going fine. I on the fence about whether or not to top these plants as to allow them to grow their natural structure to make cloning easier. Im at the point where if I were to top, I would, down to the 2nd node.

The structures of the plants is generally good, A, B, and C are still performing well, C is definitely the worst performer out of the top 3, could possibly be replaced by E.

Planted: 2020-04-25
Popped after 4 days and germinated for 6 days before transplanting into small pots
Currently 15 days veg

Nutrient lineup is the same as all my previous grows, with the addition of Liquid Silicone by Ionic.

  • Canna coco A&B - 2.5ml/l
  • Canna Rhizotonic - 3.5ml/l
    • A note about rhizo, been reading that this is just a glorified seaweed concentrate, and i’m currently running low and using Seasol (which is a seaweed concentrate) as a replacement to Canna Boost anyway, so I may just let the rhizo run out and carry on using the Seasol to see if there’s any change
  • Vitalink Calmag - 2ml/l
  • Seasol - 2ml/l
  • Ionic Liquid Silicone - 1ml/l

Mixing 10L and EC ranging currently between 2.1-2.3 with a pH of 5.5-5.7.

Was reading that you should pre-buffer your water with silicon for a few days before mixing to let it dissolve properly. I tried that at the start but found that it never really dissolved until it was properly pH’d regardless of how long it was left before mixing (you can see this product easily because its cloudy when it gets added) so now I just add the silicon first, then the calmag, rhizo, seasol, A&B in that order.

They were all transferred into 16L pots 4 days ago have been watering 2L of mixed nutes every other day. I know some people water their coco multiple times a day, but I find that every other day is OK because the coco stays pretty wet as it is. When the roots are more developed, though, I will start watering every day.

Plant A. Growing well, Some tips are starting to show N toxicity, but generally fine

Plant B. Very well performer so far. Slightly smaller than plant A.

Plant C. Tacoing? strange, possibly more sensitive to the heat than the others. Also signs of N toxicity.

Plant D. Big signs of N toxicity, possibly more sensitive because of genetics?

Plant E. A little stunted/lagging behind the others. Little sign of N toxicity, but generally the better performer of the bottom 3

Will have to pull back on the nitrogen next water. I usually mix A and B in exact proportions, is it even possible to reduce the A and keep the same amount of B? A has the more N ratio than B does. Will need to research.


Just spawned the last 6 jars (I have 12 490ml jars in total)

This grow I have done 2 lots of 6 jars, inoculated a week after each other.

First I break up the cakes in a large freezer bag. Most people just break it up and mix direct in the tub, but I find this easier to get a thorough mix

Add the coco + vermiculite + gypsum mix into the bag at a 1:1 ratio (1800ml to 2000(ish)ml)

This sub I made with 650g coir brick, 2L vermiculite, 1/4 cup of gypsum, and 4L water. Ended up making about 10L or so of sub, so will need to adjust that in future.

Lining the bag is by far the hardest bit… My tubs are small and its fiddly. I may buy a roll of polythene and use that instead of bin liners.

Add the mixed spawn

Top off with a layer of coco + mist.


If you can a smaller short tub the height of your substrate inside is supposed to make it easier as it holds the bulk and means you can pick up and then it out easier, otherwise if heard just paint the outside?

Do you soak them in the tub between flushes or pop them out as a full cake?


Possibly. I quite like these tubs, I plan on using only 4 jars each cycle anyway as I can only fit 4 at a time in my pressure cooker, plus they fit in my little indoor tent very nicely (2 on each shelf means I can fit 6 tubs at once)

Doesnt stop side pinning unfortunately. The idea of the liner is that it will adjust with the size of the substrate as it loses water.

The current BRF sub I soaked in a separate tub and then put back in its original container. Didnt fancy messing around with the liner and water, plus the sub should be pretty solid at the point it fruits


If your in America dollar general sells floral snips for a dollar


They actually look like the ones I ended up getting. They were much much better when trimming the latest harvests. Much easier to clean also.

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I’m trying to spread the word on them before there all gone there on the same level of quality as a 15 dollar pair


Been trying to find a good way to steam dry my grain after boiling, so far I had been taking to paper towels to dry them in layers, but was such a pain and waste of paper towels. Today I needed to boil some more grain and I had a eureka moment when I remembered I had a cheese cloth from when I made cannabutter, but the problem was, what could I put the cloth on? needed some kind of hard grid to support the cloth but also allow water through it, and then thought about my ironing board. Threw the cloth (folded once) on top and it worked PERFECTLY! easy solution without having to build a drying rack with mesh and what not


:star: :star: :star: :star:
That’s thinking outside the box!!
well done.



only 4 stars?? joking

It seemed like an idea too good to work, but it actually did without any problems, im shocked! not like me at all… although we’ll see how the grain comes out, hopefully the pressure cooker kills off anything they may have picked up from the cheesecloth


Those are Michelin stars! (I know, they only count to three)
:+1: :sunglasses:



More work for me today! I like to keep busy and now i’ve spawned my jars, I can start staggering them and get back into making agar dishes to have a continuous cycle

I have a good system going at the moment, will see how well it works.

Day 1 - wash grain and soak in water + coffee + gypsum for 24 hours
Day 2 - Simmer grain for 15 mins, steam dry, and collect boiled water for use later. Add grain to jar and pressure cook for 90 mins. Leave for 12-24 hours (usually next day)

Day 3 - Use grain water to make agar. I did grain water agar before but for some reason it didnt solidify properly, so I did another test and it worked (although it wasnt pressure cooked). Gambling to try it again to see if it works out this time, hopefully, if not that’ll be 20 dishes I’ll have to throw away :frowning_face:

Agar solidifies fairly quickly - about an hour or so after taken out of the pressure cooker so during that time I clean out the room, spray everything down and wait for it to cool enough to use. I use glass bottles of a drink “Fentimans cola” its botanically brewed and tastes awesome albeit quite expensive, but they fit perfectly in my pressure cooker and I can put in about 200ml each bottle which can fill about 5 dishes each (4 x 5 = 20)

Today I poured 20 dishes (plus about 5 more as I had a bit left over), made spore syringes, and inoculated 4 more grain jars.

Once the dishes are poured, they need to sit for a few hours to cool, I usually leave it a day to help reduce condensation.

Made 4 more spore syringes from the spores collected the other day

The 2 either side was made from my original Fiji grow - I did have 3 but one of them was used for my current BRF grow. Apparently I used way too much water last time, and way too little water this time :laughing: These new syringes will last forever, water is supposed to be clear(ish)

4 more jars inoculated with the dishes used under. They are all different plates, will hope to see if there’s any growth speed differences but my ultimate goal is to have 1 dish of monoculture for all 4 jars

Incubator currently. Top 4 were made 3 days ago and are already showing great signs of growth


Very jealous of your setup but I got sterilized grain on the way. Fingers crossed boiled water works but I got a 3ml syringe ordered too so I can have a bit of a spread, it’s getting harder to find pre sterilized bags online for cheap but I found a few at around 7 quid per lb which is better than the 25+ on etsy! I got my eye on one of my clear storage boxes in the attic except it’s full of stuff haha.
I wouldn’t worry about the clarity of the water just about how much you want to make as it can come cloudy like yours from the online shops.


I originally bought all my spore stuff from www.cylocybe.com - they were pretty good and they sell sterilised tubs, bags, and jars. I have a lot of stuff, but once you have that stuff you wont need to buy them again and you’ll save in the long run from buying grains and spores etc. The PC is good as well because you can use it to make food so it definitely is worth its value.


Yeah pressure cooker is on my to buy list but for now 10 quid total for 1lb of spawn in a month ish which yields 10 + dried grams sounds like an excellent yield especially when I don’t have to spend the days working on prepping like you are.

I got the syringe from cylocybe but their tubs and bags are a little pricey I got mine off eBay this time.


Well now I have some syringes I can start seeing about giving them out. Do you want to be the first to test one?