7's Workshop of Weed

7th - 15th I series “mutant shrooms”

7th - 15th III series. from spawn to pins in almost half the amount of time as the I series


The T H I C C clone

Plant A. Shame, its been really hot where I am and this plant has started to foxtail in the heat. Its not too bad, but you can see the lack of density compared to the next plant

Plant C. Very nice, dense buds. All of them smell fantastic. So fragrant, definitely one of the strongest i’ve grown. Not sure i’d say its Lemon, though.

Hoping to harvest and dry by the end of September


Nice canopy from the III. Definitely outperformed the I tub so i’ve dumped all my agar dishes for that series. I have the V series in jars but had to toss 2 of them because they were showing weird growth I didnt like the look of.

Weird little dots but only in 2 of the jars

Couldnt get these out individually so had to butcher the sub to pull them out

Trim off the coco and into the deydrator!


Been a really long and stressful grow, but we’re at the final stretch now. It was a great learning experience, but holy shit I’m not going to be doing this again until I at least have a bigger dedicated grow space, and way more free time… And definitely not satvias…

1 meter 10 in a TINY pot. decided to chop 2 of them as they were literally falling over themselves

The next ones to be chopped soon. Not as tall, but still quite tall, and THICK buds. the thickest buds i’ve ever grown

Milky but no amber yet

After this grow, im probably not going to start a new one for a while, and when /if I do, it’ll be a small grow. I may even retire the 2 other tents and just focus on one or two plants in the big tent - maybe even with 60 day veg rather than the usual 30. we’ll see, I still have like 10 ounces left over from my last grow


One of the first clones I took, still going (lots of white hairs). The FATTEST bud I have EVER grown. its actually insane.

The main tent. Will chop these tomorrow to dry. Left plant foxtailed a ton, but still all-round looks good. Right plant looks ace

Chanced it with buying an APE syringe from Ebay. APEs are very very hard to acquire as they don’t typically drop much spores - if at all. This is a liquid culture syringe I have all-but emptied into 6 agar dishes in the hopes of getting some mycelium. I thought spores were like cannabis seeds - ok to own as long as you dont germinate them, but apparently liquid cultures are perfectly legal too! (At least in the UK) Fingers crossed they end up being legit.


Yeah those liquid syringes are what I’ve always seen to order here in the past. Never had an issue getting them to germ, only issues with keeping things sterile. Perfectly legal to own and buy, but in the US it’s manslaughter charges if you germinate them. Hence I’m staying away for now :rofl:

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Yeah it’s actually ridiculous that its treated the same as the likes of heroin… I honestly believe that mushrooms have the power to change the world, even more so than cannabis


Oh yeah they do! I also think it’s ridiculous. Least some places are starting to get with the times and decriminalize it. I like to have at least one vision quest a year or so and I’m going on two years since the last one :sweat_smile:

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If you were in the UK i’d totally send you some

:boom: we have mycelium! stage 1 complete


Takeaway Tub Tek - doing a little experiment with take away tubs with a couple jars I still have going

APE dishes are goiing strong. 3rd pic at 12o’clock will be transferred and the rest of the dishes when they are colonised will be used to inoculate some grain. Really good growth, and no signs of contamination. 16gbp well spent!!


Mmmm i had a chinese take-away for the first time this year… A curry would have been better as i forgot how sweet it is.


miss a nice curry takeaway :sob:


Every harvest from those take-away tubs is a refill from the curry house :laughing:



Main 2 plants chopped and hanged on the 4th. Busted out the dehumidifier and set to 60% for the dry. Taken out and let to rest on 11th and then trimmed and jarred today. Took about 3 hours to trim, an hour to cut off stems, and about half hour to jar.

Filled up 11 mason jars and 2 big cookie jars. Will weigh them another time

Trim bin!

The difference in colour from the last grow Galet OG (left, harvested in May so 4 months) and the fresh Lemonchello Haze (right).


To trim all that!? Did a machine do it? :rofl: I need to up my trim game apparently :sweat_smile:


naw i just do a half job because I dont aim to get it perfect - there’s still crystals on the sugar leaves. Plus its much easier to dry trim as they practically break off themselves.

I always do a pre-dry trim by removing fan leaves and some of the larger sugar leaves by pulling them off by the stem. not 100% sure until I weigh it all, but I reckon is around 300-400g


Ah ok, hard to tell from the pics but they look pretty trimmed. Can’t beat that time though, half a day to process the whole grow is a win in my book. And yeah, I use those jars too, can usually fit anywhere from 24-44 grams depending on density, so i’d say your estimate is pretty accurate :wink: :+1: