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I accidentally pinched this branch too hard and it almost all snapped off. bit of duct tape and shes good as new :+1:

Next set getting ready to harvest. Galet OG, Jack Herer 56f, will give them another week before I put into dark for 2 days then cut and dry

Trimmed the CBD medgom autos. 8 days drying but should have left longer. Must have been the cold temps that made it take long. RH in jars are 80% so will need to keep them open for a couple more days


Better now and then expand them is a clean surface until they won’t stick together, as Shadey told me once, they can get mould even with the jar open … :sunglasses:


yep they’re on a tray for tonight

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Made some transfers from the 2 tissue culture plates as they have bacterial contamination so want to get some healthy myc out before it becomes too hard. Transfer went well, will see in a few days how successful I was! I have about 8 plates inoculated with spore syringe also going


I had a couple of gs of mushrooms from my last grow left over so decided to test out my new dehydrator and make some microdoses. All around 0.2-0.25g of ground powder each



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Sweet photos! Well done!


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Galet OG/Jack Herer up drying. First time im trying a whole tree dry, normally I cut down to almost individual branches removing as many fan leaves as possible, then dry trim. I dont have enough space at the moment so im going to try drying this way see what happens

In order

  1. Berries & Cheese, 36f
  2. Unknown genetics, 38f
  3. Amesia x OG, 38f
  4. Blue Cheese, 38f
  5. Chronic haze, 52f

Im disapointed I couldnt clone the chronic haze because its so pretty and smells sooo sweet and strong. Cant wait to taste it, and to compare to the last time I grew this strain in 2015



That is looking very clean and pure.
Do you create more cultures from these and then inoculate from them?



That’s mycelium that grows out of the print right? It looks just like a cap, so cool.

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yep, both of these are first transfers from a tissue culture. They will grow out and I will further transfer/isolate and then use samples to inoculate grain

These are both from tissue samples. I have some plates that were made with spores but they are still growing out. Will probably do some transfers from them this weekend

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Incubator filling up. Just done 25 transfers today, and inoculated 7 BRF jars yesterday with one of the spore syringes I made. You can see I ran out of parafilm and had to make do with some masking tape. Hopefully I wont get much contam, the petri dishes I bought came in broken packaging (therefore not sterile) and some of them were cracked. I’ll be happy if at least 50% of them are contam free


possible early signs of foxtailing? cant be heat because this is the bridgelux tent so almost no heat from the lights. They are quite close, but i cant really raise them any higher. Probably just shitty genetics. The last time I ran these seeds the plant revegged and ended up with really crappy looking/smoking buds. Looks like the same case here, but we’ll see.

other plant in the scrog of same genetics seems fine


One of the Gelat OG plants has a subtle purply tone to some of the lower buds. Very nice plant, great smell. Trim job was terrible, all my trimming scissors are fucked and dont sharpen well. Will need to replace them before the end of my next grow.


Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 09.29.59


Special delivery today! 500 lab grade sterile petri dishes. Only cost me 91GBP. Got sick of buying broken unsterile dishes from amazon also got to support a UK business which is nice


20 more transfers. I may have a problem. I need to start actually inoculating some rye grain


Beautiful! I love how the mycelium consumes the plate.

Are you doing all one strain? I saw you had Fiji earlier. Also do you use flow hood? I’ve bought pre poured plates just so I don’t have to pour in my SAB. Your in UK otherwise I’d ask to trade a plate.

Have a good one man!