7's Workshop of Weed

20 more transfers. I may have a problem. I need to start actually inoculating some rye grain


Beautiful! I love how the mycelium consumes the plate.

Are you doing all one strain? I saw you had Fiji earlier. Also do you use flow hood? I’ve bought pre poured plates just so I don’t have to pour in my SAB. Your in UK otherwise I’d ask to trade a plate.

Have a good one man!


Yep all one strain. I had some golden teacher syringes but I stupidly used them all in my last jars which I had to toss. Thankfully I had a very small tub still going from a free syringe I got, so I harvested and made spore prints from what I could (posted earlier in this thread), and made some tissue cultures from a few of the mushrooms themselves (what’s pictured above)

I’ve done really well for a 3ml spore syringe! I havent been able to buy any more because of coronavirus, but im not pheno hunting or anything until I can start fruiting and testing some of these.

I dont use a flow hood, just a SAB. I use the spare bedroom in my house so there’s next to no traffic so easy to keep clean. Pouring can be a pain, but I’m starting to nail the process now


I’ve got some golden teacher prints if you’d like some.

That’s good for a SAB I do it in spare also but it’s kids play room. I also don’t have a desk so I’m on my knees. I have problem doing G2G with 1/2 gallons cause they’re so tall.

I’ll buy some plain Petris next and give it a shot. I’ve got all my jars filled, just waiting for everything to colonize.

Have a good one!


Nice good luck! My first SAB was too small so I went to the hardware shop and bought the biggest motherfucker I could find. Put some polythene sheeting on a spare desk which makes it easy to sanitise and ensures an even-level surface.

I may try other strains in the future, but for now will focus on this one strain. I’ve already got way too many dishes incubating lol


Chronic Haze

Higher res


Wish I had a whole shed to grow

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One day i’ll be able to use the entire space, but then i’ll have nowhere for all my tools!

Last set of plants. Left pic main tent, Amnesia x OG, Blue Cheese, and a random seed. Right pic, Berries and Cheese

I never have good luck with random seeds, this one has not only small buds and a stunted height (likely because of the smaller pot), it has started to hermie.

Although a couple of the fan leaves have coloured nicely

The Amnesia x OG has a fasciated bud. I’ve had this 3 times, twice with Barney’s farm “Red Diesel” and now with this plant.

These buds generally always turn out pretty shit, apparently pro growers will just prune the entire branch at first discovery of fasciation which I can completely understand.


I’ve been doing a bunch of work on my Grow Tracker app recently and i’ve added some new charts and stats (im still trying to think of more I can add). Here’s what i’ve got so far for the Amnesia x OG tent (i feed all these plants at the same time so stats are all the same)



40 (yes FORTY) transfers today plus 6 additional grain jars inoculated. I did a new agar recipe using water from the last set of grain jars during the boil of the grain. I havent tried this before, I hope I havent fucked it up - the agar was “solidified” but mushy if you touched it, not hard like my other recipes. will see how it turns out.


Wow, that is an impressive looking well stocked fridge!


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:eyes: You stocking up for the apocalypse? or maybe a fun party?

Shrooms for days!! Weeks even!

Also, wanted to say that your app is really nice, I’ve been using it for a couple months now after originally finding it on reddit. Been wanting to work on it and send some PR’s but I’ve been lazy/distracted with my own garden lately and have nothing to contribute to you :smile:: Thanks for the hard work on it though, and this journal has definitely been an interesting and fun read ^^


Thanks! Its taken about 2 months or so to get to this point from a single mushroom and some spores from a couple tiny caps. Now i’ve started up with grain I should be able to have a cycle going, but I may have made a few too many transfers because a lot of them are fully colonised on the plates and I cant use them yet! will either need to throw them out, or make more transfers (which means even more plates!!)

just lockdown boredom lol. I need to be more aggressive with my selection, there’s definitely some dishes that have weak growth. May need to do a purge.

Thats great to hear, glad its useful for others.

This is the story of my life although lockdown has given me much more time to work on it. Im hoping to have another update out fairly soon with a re-written stats page (posted above) and a bunch of fixes/small improvements, then I plan on re-writing the app (the codebase is 5 years old!) to learn some new patterns/coding techniques


buds so thick she can’t keep herself upright


getting closer to monoculture. The latest recipe of agar is proving to promote really nice growth, I just hope that it’s solid enough to cut when I come to transfer to grain/agar


The hunt for a citrus-y strain begins. Seedsman Lemonchello Haze to begin with. I will try and get some successful clones from each of these when they are older


Good luck, with Lemonchello for a name it would probably be citrusy. Have you tried the drink, my wife loves lemonchello liqueur.


I don’t drink so have not, but the reviews of the seeds suggest it will be very lemony so i’m hoping!


Makin’ progress