A diary of led grown cannabis

About time I started posting. I used to lurk way back in the old days . Then moved to a well known uk forum. Good to see another resource to use . The space I use is a secret jardin grow cabinet , from before they made tents so it’s 18 years old irc. I got the cupboard at an expo on the last day for a good price. It’s certainly paid for its investment keeping me in flowers. Anyway it’s 1200 x 800 and 1600 high . Extraction is a RVK five inch with a mountain air filter . Two circulation clip fans . And the led light which has six strips with some red added. It’s a good light , I have to be honest and say I got it for free to review . It’s not the first one I have reviews for them this is the V2.
I use square bins as hempy buckets so it’s around four litres (euro litres) of coco on top of clay balls. It’s a good simple way to grow. I use GHE Maxigro and Maxibloom at the moment. Root stim is house and garden roots excel and I also use nitrozyme . I add eco thrive charge to coco when I pot up and only then.
At the moment the EC is 1.6 and ph6 . I may drop this down next few feeds , today as last day of maxigro and maxibloom . It will be just maxibloom from now.
Plants are Serious seeds Strawberry Akeil x 2 far left back and far right back . There are also three Psychosis BX2 in there with two of the Smottie remix I have.

Strawberry Akeils

How the space looks

That’s it for now till next time take it easy…


Nice setup @Arthur-Mix, I’m looking forward to your flower session.


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Thank you @Gpaw let’s see what happens anything’s possible lol

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Hey Arthur

I agree with Gpaw, nice setup and some lovely looking plants as well. Keep the pics coming please.

Cheers Johnny

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:smile: :v:



Today’s feed was at EC 1.6 using Maxibloom the PH was 6 . The Scope V2 light is at 360w.
Both the strawberry Akeils are doing well as are the Psychosis BX2 , the two Smottie Remix are also doing as they should at this stage …

Psychosis bx2 two , three and four

Smottie remix one and two .

SERIOUS SEEDS Strawberry Akeil one and two

how cupboard looks at the moment

Catch you later …


Today’s feed was at EC 1.6 ph6 using Maxibloom. Out of the Psychosis BX2 , two seem a bit faster so the third may disappear , we shall see. The two Smottie Remix are developing well. The serious seeds Strawberry Akeils plant two speaks for itself glad I took cuts . The light is still set at 360w …

Psychosis bx2 plant two

Psychosis bx2 three

Psychosis bx2 four

Smottie remix one

Smottie remix two

Serious seeds Strawberry Akeil one

Strawberry Akeil two

Under the Scope V2 at 360w

Catch you later


Day 24 under the Scope V2 at 360w. Today’s feed was at EC 1.6 ph6 using just Maxibloom . I should mention I use fish tank water as a base . All plants are doing well . I culled plant three Psychosis BX2 as she was a week behind by the looks of it so she’s gone. The Smottie Remix and the Serious seeds Strawberry Akeil are doing well .

Psychosis BX2 plant two and four

Psychosis BX2 plant three culled

Smottie remix one and two

Strawberry Akeil one

Strawberry Akeil two

Under 360w of scope v2

Catch you later


Fed at EC 1.5 ph6 using Maxibloom . Light still at 360w . The serious seeds Strawberry Akeil two is a lovely plant , the psychosis and smotties are doing well.

Akeil two



Day 31. Fed at EC 1.5 ph6 using Maxibloom only. All plants doing as they should. Akeil two is my favourite looking so far. The light is still at 360w.

Akeil two


Catch you later and keep well


Hey @Arthur-Mix, just wanted to say you got beautiful plants there, sir, and a nice looking setup that I was hoping you wouldn’t mind answering a couple questions? I apologize if I missed you mentioning it, but have you been training these plants at all? They’re super bushy! Maybe I’m too NOOBIE or whatnot, and should know by looking at 'em, but I was just noticing they are BUSHED OUT! Impressive! The other question is your extraction fan, is that located right out that top hole in the cupboard? I can’t see it next to the filter and thought I could see a part of the flange in that upper hole? Thanks and I’ll be following your grow with interest!


Hi @randrobertson522 The plants where in veg from week two of the last cycle I had issues doing diaries for another company they kept hermie on me , three rotations so I started this lot to have ready just in case. They have been topped and re topped a few times. Some plants are in five litre hempy and some in one litre , the smaller pots a hunt for keepers being psychosis BX2
The fan is on top of the cupboard , the cupboard was designed to have the fan in top storage compartment , even with rubber o rings the vibrations was to much. It’s a five inch rvk fan on a step controller.
Many thanks for asking it’s nice to see people looking


@Arthur-Mix very nice work my friend

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Today’s update same as last one apart from a few days later .

Catch you later and keep well


Good healthy looking grow you got @Arthur-Mix

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Day 43 ish @ 360w. All feeds and stuff same as last.

Take it easy


I have light envy now… Love your gear!



@Gpaw cheers , it certainly does the job well .

Today’s around day 46 , I have dropped the feed to EC 1.4 PH 6 , I should have done it a bit earlier , few burnt tips on some plants and other different strains less so . The feed was just Maxibloom , cheap n cheerful . The two Psychosis BX2 are doing well for a small pot , the Smottie remix are doing well also. The Serious Seeds strawberry Akeils are doing well , Plant two is astounding me , glad I took cuts , @Claude I hope you are keeping well ?

The light is still at 360w and is doing a great job as usual .

Strawberry Akeil plant 2

Take care catch you later


Nice plants :evergreen_tree::maple_leaf: nice setup​:bulb::tent: nice everything !! Good work @Arthur-Mix :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Swe-can cheers for the kind words hope you are well.

Today day 50. EC1.4 and Ph6 just maxibloom . The light is at 360w and is doing a good job as are the feeds . The psychosis bx2 I remember now how much it stinks same with the smotties . The serious seeds Strawberry Akeils are lovely smelling and greasy .

strawberry Akeil

Take care keep well