A series of possible fortunate events

I’ve decided to use this as my official grow diary. My older one is still on here but it’s been so long I figured let’s start a new one from the beginning.

So there’s nothing to show currently , but let’s go over some specs

Currently using-
A 4x2 gorilla lite
6 inch vivosun exhaust
3inch duct for intake coming from a stand alone LG a.c unit
Nectar #4 soil with perlite
Nectar for the gods full line
2 1 Gallon smart pots
2 5 gallon smart pots
1 small oscillating fan for the floor
1 small stationary fan for above the canopy
An HLG 65 for veg
And I’m in the process of buying either a mars TSL or SP250.

I have a lot of other additives and nutrients I may or may not introduce along the grow depending on how things go.

As of today , 4/26/2020 , I’ve begun the germination process on a mighty gorilla , and a mango OG.
The gorilla is feminized, not sure on the mango OG as I recieved both from a friend. Not sure how old they are either so it’s kinda up in the air with those 2 right now.

The plan is to veg both in my stand up shower under the HLG 65 for 5 weeks. Transplant into 5 gallons, let them settle and then throw them in the tent to adjust to the new light for a few days before flipping to flower.

Im going to top, lst, and super crop along the way .

That’s about it for today, I just wanted to get a forum started to track exact days before I got ahead of myself. I’ll drop pics of both set ups once the seeds germinate and are planted . It’s good to be back though and hopefully you all join me with this. Always open to criticism/helpful comments, and with that stay saucy.


Fourtanate event number 1

The mighty gorilla has germinated and been planted. No signs on the mang OG just yet.

Your bois an idiot tho and forgot to buy perlite when I got soil and other things, so instead of the 1 gallon intended I just make shifted a little cup to get her by until she’s ready to transplant so I can add perlite then .

And as stated heres a shot of the veg space. The humidifier isnt running , and I only turned the light on for the picture as tomorrow I’m setting up my actual seedling/cloning box with a few cfls just to run them for the first week of sprout. Tomorrow is cleaning day and finishing the set up of everything. Pics will be posted when finished !

Also, on a side note I’ve officially came up with enough cash from side projects to get a new light without dipping into my actual wallet :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking into alibaba now, kinda threw the sp250 out the window after talking to a mars rep.


Nice space, I’m jealous of that floor lol. Is there a drain in it?

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Yeah haha it’s our master bathroom shower. There’s also a bath tub, but we use neither. when I originally started using it I didnt have the grate up, but with that added the drain off just goes right down the drain.


I actually just had a good idea that I’m surprised I never thought of before.

With this shower being almost 9 feet, I could easily grab 2 more shower rods to put up higher , with some type of board laid across them, then hang a few small lights from the top, with the current hlg still begging at the bottom. Making one space into not only veg but also clones/seedlings. I think I’ll do that once things are in full swing instead of using the box I made that sits in another room .


Almost like some of the tents that have 2 level sides for propagating.

Yeah, that’s gonna happen at some point during this grow


Nice, I’m extra jealous of the 9ft of height haha.


My 4x2 is 7 ft tall. With possible extensions. I could go up to 8 but I havent had the need yet.


The Mango OG germinated and has been planted. I found a peat pot, just decided to use that and cut it to the same height.
Grabbed perlite.
Hung my carbon filter


I cant find my wire cutters to attach the duct so there’s unfortunate event number 1, but I got it measured out and ready to go when I find them/or get a new pair .

Cleaned up the grow space but need some organizing of nutrients. Once that’s done I’ll share the line up I’ll be using .


And we have take off!

Day 1 mighty glue. she broke soil pretty quick. Now just to wait for the Mango OG


Alright so we have officially begun. The Mango OG has sprouted.


The mighty glue stretched a little to much, as I was hanging the light higher due to the Mango . I’m gonna throw a little more soil on top of the cup tomorrow.

As of now, they’re getting only water at 6.4 ph. Temps have been staying between 73-77 , and humidity between 62-68. Monday I’m going to give them their first “feeding” with a seaweed/kelp extract ( Zeus from nectar to be exact. ) That will continue until the first true leaves show .

Luckily I got 2 days off next week so I’m gonna finish setting up the tent, order the light, organize my nutrients, and hook my soil up with some additives.


Oh, also I’ve been doing a little bit of research and I think after I get 2 or 3 full cycle harvests I’m gonna start a single DWC run. From what I’ve been seeing the growth in that compared to soil is much faster.
( I’m still gonna run 2 or 3 plants in my 4x2 in soil so I dont lose anything product )

If anyone has tips, experience in running soil then DWC or both in comparison let me know! I’d hate to switch up something I have dialed in, but change is inevitable and if the outcome is more sufficient I say why not give it a shot .


Greatest repurposing of a wicker shelf ever


Day 4 for the mighty glue. she’s growing pretty fast. that first true leaf should be coming in any day now. I added more soil to her pot as well. I’m gonna give her 10 more days in this pot before going to a 1 gallon.

Day 2 for mango OG. Wasnt planning on updating for her but since I did for the MG I might as well. She’s much shorter but leaves are coming on quick.

I just started brewing a tea of Dr.root from cultured biologix, at 1/4th strength with a ML of mammoth P. I’ll let that brew for 48 hours, and sit for 6 before feeding . Trying to give the roots a jump start, as well as seeing how well they will each handle light nutrients at an early stage to depend on if I have a heavy feeder or not. Plus it’s always good to get that microbial colony going asap. I really like cultured biologix line of teas, they work great with nectar for the gods. .


So the time has come for that original transplant. Still cant believe I forgot perlite originally , would’ve preferred they started off in the 1 gallons but that’s life.

I know some people say transplanting is better, as it gets the roots moving faster going from almost bound to all this free room. What do you guys think on that matter ?

Anyways day 14 for the mighty glue. She had a hard time pushing out one of her first leaves as you can see in the picture it’s much smaller than its other side.

Day 12 for the Mango OG . She didnt stretch nearly as much as the mighty glue, and definitely isnt growing as fast but we will see what the next 2 weeks produce in that new pot with more room to grow.

I introduced them both to their first feeding. I did a lite feed of Gai Mania from Nectar, with full strength silica, and zuess juice also from nectar ( which is just a seaweed extract basically) and added a dash of mammothP. depending on how they take this I will either add medusa or leave it be for later in the grow.

The more I say day 14 and look at these plants the more I want to jump into DWC. I hate waiting for the full veg phase for so long in soil .


Alright it’s been 2 days since the transplant and feeding. They seem to have no issues with the amount I gave them, so I’ll hit then with 2 more waters before feeding the same amount, then I’ll up it after that.

I havent been monitoring PH levels, other than with the one feed I did, as I’m really just spraying the soil lightly with a bottle (also lost my PH down, something I’m going to get today ) . The mango has had no issues with it , but I see a small streak coming in from the mighty glue so I’ll keep her on a tighter PH range from here on out.

Mango OG

Mighty glue

Side note: with all this shit going on I’ve been working almost 50 hours a week, I need to step up my motivation when I get home to tackle some of these things. Still need a wire cutter, gotta set up my filter, new light, intake, decide on specific nutrients, ect.hopefully i can get everything done next week and be in a more comfortable/consistent environment.


I like to let plants max out their containers before transplanting. If you can get a plant to the size that it’s drying out every 1-2 days then put it in something bigger they really go crazy. Plants are looking good!


Yeah i could work on my transplant timing, but I was just ready for these to get out of the small cups. I’d prefer to start in either 1 gallon or rapid routers tbh. Thank you for the advice, always appreciated. I’ll push them to the max in the one gallons before the next transplant :slight_smile:


I don’t think they minded lol, I just like to torture my plants a bit :imp:


A small update for today.
The mighty glue took the transplant quick and is already showing new growth. At the next node I’m going to top her.

The mango OG is also slowly showing new growth . She isnt growing in height that much yet. I’m assuming she’s gonna be a smaller plant in that department. No big deal tho, just a little extra veg time. I’m also going to top her once she hits her 4th node.

And here’s my veg line up of nutrients .

Gaia mania
Medusa’s magic
Demeters destiny ( calcium )
The kraken ( shell and crab )
aphrodities extraction ( carbon )
Herculean harvest ( bone meal )
Athenas aminas ( amino acids )
Zeus juice (humid acids/kelp extract )

I wont be using all at the same time . I’m gonna start with gai for nitrogen and see how they take that full strength before moving to medusa . I doubt I’ll use both at the same time at any point. The " additives" will happen at least once every 10 days ( the kraken, aphrodities, and athenas) . I’ve played around with this full line a lot, and I have it dialed in pretty well .

Bloom nutrients

Bloom chaos
Persophones pallate ( sugar/glucose)
Mega morpheus ( bat guano )
Titans trawl ( fish guano )
Honey comb ( emerald harvest )
King kola ( emerald harvest )

I also have silica, Fish Sh!t, MOAB, and mammoth P . I’ll save the fish shit and MOAB for late flower. Silica in every feeding, as well as mammoth P . I’ve had great results from emerald harvests core products, which is why I’m going to throw them in every now and then . I think the honey comb and persophones pallate will go together amazingly. As well as bloom khaos and king kola.

I know this was kinds long but now you know what I’m working with. I just ordered my light today, and picked up wire cutters and PH down. Once my light gets here and I finish getting the tent set up I’ll drop picks.