About the Sponsored category

Sponsored forum category allows our official Overgrow Sponsors to promote their services and product.

Advertisement Ethics

All advertisements are kept in this #sponsored category and transparently marked as such so there is no confusion which topic is an advertisement and which is not. We don’t allow covert advertisements. We don’t allow promotion outside of this #sponsored category.

Sponsors and Supporters (please see How to Support Overgrow) have the possibility to run self-moderated thread. These threads belong to them and are prefaced with following quote stating the rules of the topic:

:loudspeaker: This is official sponsor’s topic and it is self-moderated. If you do not want to be moderated by the person who started this topic, create a new topic.

There are no rules to self-moderation. In self-moderated threads, replies belong to the OP (original poster). In other threads, replies belong to the respondents individually. Think carefully about whether you want to reply to a self-moderated topic, as your post may not be given due respect.

How to promote on Overgrow?

Possibility to promote is available only to Overgrow Supporters (see How to become supporter?). In case of interest to promote your products in this OG sub forum PM me or send email to admin@overgrow.com


How to opt-out from seeing Sponsored topics?

As a registered member, you can opt-out from seeing Sponsored topics on the homepage /lastest feed by muting #sponsored category. This can be don from topic list in category or from your preferences - See Categories -> Muted.

You can still read commercial topics by visiting #sponsored category from homepage. They just don’t appear on your homepage.