Introducing BudBusterPro

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treetrunks: My overall experience with BBP has been GREAT! The amount of feedback and dialogue has been absolutely exceptional.

What were you most surprised by?

treetrunks: Not only the size of the colas, but the size and number of lower budsights, also the increased nutrient demand. I was surprised at how much I was able to feed. I was chasing deficiencies at the end of veg and was able to feed much higher than label directions of Gaia Green Organic nutrients through to the end at roughly 4 X. There was no sign of lockout.

Considering the cost of a 4 oz bottle of BudBusterPro is $45, did you feel you got a good return on investment?

treetrunks: The amount of nutrients I used was so small it almost looks like I still have a full bottle left. Thanks again for the opportunity. I’m planning on using BudBusterPro on all my grows.I’ll try to promote BBP on my IG page @treetrunk422


Kind words and photos courtesy of “bow4buck” on Grower’s Network:

Bow4buck documented his progress through a grow.

“Starting to think these tops are going to be ridiculous courtesy of @rflasch and BBP pics kinda suck but a quick zoom in says they are going to be stacked.”

“On another note… The Bubblegum the wife has going looks pretty darn good other than not being fed enough. I gave it something to eat this morning. Buds not larf!!!”

End of grow pictures:


“There is way more then this but here are a few. Some of these were with BBP some where not. I think ya can tell which ones all on your own.”


Would like to see a side by side comparison of the same food but one receiving this stuff . See the actual difference it made .


Kind words and photos courtesy of “ravenchief” on Grower’s Network:

I want to confirm my experience with BBP – I tend to overfeed in all my grows – including this one – very hot media and very high ppms when I add synthetics – all my grows have some issues that I have to deal with because not all strains can handle that level of nutes and start locking out – so most of the time I do calcium therapy flushes to reset the rootzones and then adjust feeds from there –

I am growing over 30 different strains this summer’s grow (photos and autos) – all but 2 outdoors and everyone on the BBP – My experience is that there have been no lockouts, no need for me to reset the rootzones because of overfeeding, and exponential growth well beyond anything I have done – I attribute that to BBP making better use of the high level of nutes that I was giving. The only thing that I needed to do was add more P earlier than I am used to with some slight purpling in early preflower on Dos Si Dos and Sensi Star strains –

I attribute many of the positive things you see to my use of BudBusterPro. I’ve got my hands full these days just keeping up with the garden….The girls are very hungry. I’ve been giving them very strong feedings and they love it 2800 ppm‘s plus and there’s been no evidence of burn.

Your product is truly magical and I so appreciate all your help to get to this point as I try to bring them on home. I share it’s goodness with whomever wants to hear ii and I LOVE this product….It has exceeded all expectations and then some.

Bob will walk you through using it depending on your circumstances and your grow – To give you a sense of how much I used in this outdoor AND indoor grow – The small sample bottle (4oz) gives enough for probably 10-20 or more plants depending on how big you grow and how many applications you give (how long you veg and how saturated you wet the plants) – I have over 30 plants (13 very big girls) that I have been using it on and only had to use a total of 6 ounces.


Kind words and photos courtesy of “Jimhigh66” on Grower’s Network:

There is no doubt that this grow is going to produce. I don’t just say that because the Photoperiod is a monster. There is no doubt your product is working.

Let’s take the Go Go Auto that was a mystery for example. On Autos the main cola has always been the fullest site. On the Go Go every single bud looks like it could be the cola. This strain has the thickest leaves that I have ever seen, but I will tell you that under those leaves are stacked, and very dense buds. No doubt in my mind that it is the result of the BBP. That is why it is a part of my permanent regiment.

The whiskey had its last shot, but the little Durban is coming along nicely. In the picture I am sending she looks a little week. That is because I caught her at 6 am after waking them up. After some light and her feeding; she perks right up.

The Zulu will be interesting to watch the buds fill out. That is the one that Twenty20 says has the low leaf to bud ratio. As you can tell in the pictures; she too will be a producer!

The POTG is counting down this last week before she gets her final dose. She is healthy as can be, but still not as tall as the Zulu. I am ready to get these next 9 weeks done to see what the final result is.

I sure appreciate the the speed of seed to harvest with the autos after patiently counting this first Photo down. However I am still going to grow them again. Next ones will have a quicker Flower time frame.

Thank you for your continued checking on me… No doubt these pictures would not be as beautiful with out your expertise and knowledge.

I appreciate it all.


Kind words and photos courtesy of “bobette” on Grower’s Network:

Edit. bobette suffered some major flooding for an extended time (oxygen depravation) in veg. Three of her plants didn’t survive and many suffered stunting because of the compromised root system.

Overall the product was great. I didn’t understand what it did at first. Then started to see the additional leaves and bud sites on the plant! More structures, more buds!

I never experienced any lockout. As you know I had troubles with this grow. I do believe it helped get my Purple Mexican Heirloom out of its funk… it too, without growing much, had multiple bud sites on it. But, the real prize was what it did to the Congo/Gelato! Beautiful buds and soo very many!

I had no problem using my nutrients with BBP.

I would definitely use this again in my outdoor grow!

The 4oz bottle really does go a long way!

Thank you for allowing me to try your product!


Kind words and photos courtesy of “bow4buck” on Grower’s Network:

So wanted to share some pics with ya but you have to know some back story.

Had 4 zkittlez I was running inside coming out of winter. One was such a runt the other 3 were crowding out the light and she certainly was a different pheno from the other 3. Just never looked good and no vigor at all. Pulled it from inside and put out with no intentions and messing with this plant. If it lives it lives…so normally I grow heavy on the indicas, this year decided to go mostly sativa hence all the sativa, with no other indica for comparison I didn’t include this one in the experiment.

All I did was mist my sativas and what was left over I put on this runt just to see if it could improve.

Now as I mentioned this plant has received none of my time until yesterday. Noticed it was dark in there. Canopy was super dense but the whole thing just looked packed top to bottom side to side. Figured I better get it thinned a little. So, picture if you will in a time, in my best Rod Sterling voice…seriously though, imagine its Halloween and all the witches are out on their broom sticks. My colas on this plant are not colas but built now more like a broom just upside down if you will. Keep in mind these pics are after I thinned the plant a great deal. No main colas just a garbled, thick, twisted main with buds everywhere forming on this plant.

She is still only 3.6ft tall but I’m guessing at this point will pull as much as a couple of the 6 footers. Node spacing on this thing is ridiculous. At this point I’m just rambling and sure you clearly know what your product can do. Color me impressed. I’ve never seen that kind of growth on a plant before EVER!


Pictures and review are courtesy of “boozer” on Grower’s Network.

“Obviously with so many products available with so many claims I’m always skeptical however the trial run bottle is 45$ so I gave it a try. When applied you can tell the nodes under the top will push harder. I say push because I’m not sure of the tech term but you can see they come faster. I believe it “bushes out” faster from this and in turn gives you more foliage faster. Overall I give this product a five stars outta five. I believe it’s as important as what your feeding your roots from what I’ve seen. I do have to add this gentleman bob is as helpful as it gets. When you interact with him you will understand.


Pictures and review are courtesy of “wow_arizona” on Grower’s Network.

Theses are clones of @preybird1 Runtz x Slapz test seeds that have had @rflasch BudBusterPro spray on them since they grew their first set of leaves after potting (after rooting). They have been getting a LOT more nutrients than I gave the others without any sign of burn at all.

So far, this Prey and Bob combination of expertise, plus nutrient info gleaned from them both seems to quite a winning combination.

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ictures and review are courtesy of “Slym3r” on Grower’s Network.

“Freakshow offspring. I’ve never grown plants with this many bud sites. Completely different genetics showing similar growth. Gotta be the BudBusterPro.”

Hi Nikki !
I have one to show you. the grow is in progress so It’ll be a bit before I have final photos.
Honestly, once growers get the first or second application on, it’s obvious there’s a big difference and they start treating EVERYTHING!

I love and encourage head to head comparisons…
These are the Blueberry, with the control plant having the pink tag. It was the largest when I started with BudBuster Pro. All have received the exact same amount of nutrients and water. These will get moved in two weeks when space is opened at the harvest of the original Runtz x Slapz from the @preybird1 test seeds.



Thanks, Jango. Actually you have a couple of ‘experienced’ and well respected growers here on OG that HAVE used BudBusterPro and a few more that are getting ready to start their grows… I think in their own time they will tell you it’s exactly what I say it is…not here to bullshit anyone!

When I get a second here, I will post more product information/application guidelines, and explain the fact that I take a DIRECT interest in growers. I work with growers one on one through their first grow to make sure the understand how to use BudBusterPro to their best advantage!


Ge rf glad to see you here, hope alls well in the world of busting buds my friend…

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Thanks Blue ! Looks like a very good group here and I’m glad some of you ole timers are over hear !!

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I’m in and out liked a 🥷 … are you on ig?
If you are hmu Blue Crew Gentics

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Currently only on GN and OG…love the outside coverage though!!


Ok my friend, might want to investigate ig for more coverage I know jimswaytofinghigh66 loves your product. Ethos potg looking very sweet. Ok my old friend you have a great night I’ll get off your thread here just stopped by when I saw this. Enjoy your night :v:t2::sunglasses::v:t2:

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Thanks for the tip Blue and you know you’re more than welcome to drop by anytime you’re in the neighborhood!!

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BudBusterPro…ANOTHER fertilizer???

BudBusterPro (BBP) is not really in the nutrient class. It of course does have a nutrient value of 1-1-20, however when you are applying 4ml of concentrate in 8 oz water it is pretty insignificant. BBP is specifically designed to stimulate more bud development and maximize their size. The grower uses whatever nutrient lines/solutions he is happy with! The better the nuet program the better your results!

Finally ! The website can be found at BudBusterPro.Net
On the opening Welcome page you may find links to the Product Label, SDS (Safety Data Sheet),Product Information/Application Guide…along with the Brief Application Outline and Disclosure Document on Heavy Metal Content…You are all welcome to take a look at your leisure…

Since I know you’re probably interested in the highlghts, I will address them directly…however I would encourage you to read the Product Information/Application Guide completely! (May help answer a lot of your questions or stimulate more questions !!

Going to call it a night ! Will be back tomorrow to fill in some ‘color’ on the product and also tell you exactly what you can expect with BBP and some of the unusual attributes… night all

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