All herm seed run. Wish me luck!

Growing out 4 herm seeds from some mephisto forum stomper grown in the summer. Rolling the dice with herm seeds but fortune favors the bold.

Pics from 1/1, 1/4 and 1/7


Good luck with these, pulling up a seat to see how these turn out


what week did the mom herm?


I mean, technically Chemdog was a bagseed & is still a great strain some 40 yrs later.


I never saw a nanner. Was an absent plant dad for a while while I had some surgery. But didn’t see ant trimming. Bout 2 fully mature seeds per oz. No immature ones.


Thank you. The more the merrier.

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May have selfed itself depending on how long you were absent… considering the few seeds you found and the absence of male or herm bits …

Might turn out to be a decent fem run lpl


first pic 1/13 next 2 from 1/16


I hope! My jars are getting low.:neutral_face:


Yeah. Forum Stomper is known to throw nanners. Sometimes a few, sometimes a LOT!
Still very good bud though. I like it (tho, I like Alien v Triangle more)
I’d also grow those seeds out.
That said, I wouldn’t breed with them… :grimacing:


I just hope to fill some jars. Next run will prolly be a few other meph strains. My buddy just started a double grape.


Hey man. I dont know much about indoor grow equipment. Are those things with the little green piece in it a monitor for soil moisture? By the way , I think this will be very interesting to see what happens.


He is using grobuckets. I use them also. The little green piece is a float that lets you know when you are low on water and need to re-fill the bucket. Though the above poster is using a drip system instead of filling the buckets:


Thank you. :grin:


I saw the gro bucket SIP’s and you know I am down for the show.
“Set to tracking”

At first, I was like, what is going on here and then I was thinking the drip system was being used to better control the moisture on them there seedlings without drowning em little ones.

@budlarfy are you going to be using the drip system to water down the reservoir when you plants get a little bigger?


These are sub irrigation pots. You fill the water there and it goes down to an empty spot at the bottom. The green is a float stick to tell how much left.


My uncle is in critical care at the hospital out of state. I rigged up the drip quick and dirty so I could leave at a moment notice when they need me. I’d like to fill the res asap but I figured it was too soon for these babies. Thoughts?


I wasn’t sure when is too early to fill the res. At the bottom. I may have to leave town in a hurry. I figured I’d rig up a hail Mary to keep em going in case I’m gone for a bit.


these are the original plants that provided the seeds.


@budlarfy I have always said if it works for you run with it.

I have never planted a seed directly into a SIP as they tend to run a little wet for seedlings IMHO. With that said I believe the Dip system should work for now given your circumstances.
My prayers go out to your uncle. I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

When I saw your set up It got me thinking… Then, I went on a binge watching GroTech’s videos and got some ideas.

I saw that they used drip lines inside the res housing and this looks very clean. I like this as it does not require any modificatios of the Bucket/bag.

image image

Then… … … I noticed in one of their videos they were using a float valve to water the bucket when the plant demands more H²O. Taking the guess work out of fidgeting with the drip system… You may be able to see the drip line with float valve installed next to the drain hole in the finger pic above.
I think the float value would be the ultimate set up for leaving your grow to do it’s thing while you are away. Video to set up with float valves can be found here

Anyway, Just though I would let ya know.

If you get a free moment you may want to check out CrunchBerries’Probiotic SIP Thread.

@CrunchBerries and the crew do a great job at anything and everything SIP related. I am sure they would love to see what you have going on over there. :call_me_hand: