Siberian Ruderalis Grow in a 2x2

2nd timer here.

I’ll just get some info out the way first , I’m very low budget ATM , I can feed 13-3-5 sticks of nutrients if needed and am using tap water.

The soil ran some plants earlier in the summer before the plants died off , so I reused that soil and mixed it all together. It’s an airy fiberous type of soil mixed with perlite. I threw a light layer of mulch on top of the soil to stop water from displacing soil so much.

Started on 18/6 but moved to 20/4 per the recommendation from the seed vendor.

To be fair I don’t know if bubblegum auto can do 20/4.

My Siberian Ruderalis is showing sex very early as she’s only on the 4th node.

Growth seems a little stunted on both plants :shamrock:

Here’s a bunch of photos from today !

Any suggestions? :eyes:


Switching to 18/6

Forgot these are both autos , switching too 24/0

Can’t really trust the bubblegum auto because it was a growers choice seed. Now I know better and won’t drop anymore of those in soil :rofl:

Anyway here’s some pics. We’re growing but I still definitely suck at it.


Approaching 3+ weeks on Siberian , the bubblegum seems sad lol


Would you guys end the Bubblegum grow ? I’m considering it :stuck_out_tongue:

Update Pics coming ( I’ve been busy in other threads sharing pics sorry !!! )

SO I did just kill the bubblegum, its from growers choice so I cant trust them anyway, and it was just super stunted, Not growing for shit , So I took it out to give my Siberian Better Light coverage

Maybe I’m just a little high but that seems like the beginning of pistils

It’s about 2/ 1/2 weeks old


At least you know it’s definitely Siberian - that thing is adapted for a very short season, wow!
You using it to make some autos?


only 1 plant??


yeah only one, i only have a 2x2 tent and not much space, I do have a bubblegum auto growing next to this one


The effects intrigued me but yeah id love to breed this girl


I’m planning to make an auto next winter and I’d love to get hold of some seeds from that strain!

Interested in a trade?



That’s really cool brother! I’m with grouchy on this one id love to have something flower that quick! Perpetual growers dream right there! If you wanna trade please hit me up as well. Hope your having a good morning


Did you have trouble sprouting them? I have a pack and was told they have extra thick shells and should be cracked before sprouting. Cracking seeds is risky with these fingers lol.



What are the effects?? Any headspace? CBD makes my joints hurt.

root temp too high? Would the plant think it is in late summer by the temps and trigger? I have had reg plants act weird when the roots are too cold and leave problems when it’s too hot not sure about temps Autos and roots…what else could it be? Maybe they don’t like being indoors with LED?


Very cool! Look at that leaf shape/morphology and I’d say it’s definitely Siberian no doubt. Love this!


@DEFSeeds I used paper towel method with 100 percent sucess , I didn’t have any trouble with these in germ, I’ve kept them in the fridge the whole time and I think that really helped.

I’d love to trade with you @GrouchyOldMan and @HighTilliDie but I only have 2-3 seeds currently , I totally need to get fems from one of these plants so I can trade with the community !!


I’m making some autos this winter but am using an existing auto male. Starting from an unimproved ruderalis you’ll really have your work cut out for you.

… I think…


i think its the genetics, i just had the same happen to me with a cross of ruderalis…started flowering within like 4 weeks of seed.

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