Another Mold Question

Interesting. I have some larf left over from last year in my freezer and it still smells dank after a year in there. So the cold kills the spores?

So you just hang dry and then throw it in the freezer? Hoe long does it stay in the freezer before its ready to smoke?

I just read this, don’t know if it is this way or not but it makes sense to me … :sunglasses:

If you put in freezer it’ll feel dry but let that same jar sit at room temp couple hours. It’ll be soaked. Idk I tried freezing. Smells great that way holds nice fluorescent green but it don’t dry none for real. Unless maybe real real cold and also a way to remove the moist air. It just pulls moisture outward and freezes it. Then when it warms it’s all soaked again. If I freeze I transfer to different container immediately after pulling out freezer. The walls of the frozen container are covered in water. That’s the frosty look. I’ve even had 90% dry bud turn to soaking wet unsmokable bud by freezing it trying to pull that last bit out. Transfer of containers is def important.

Mite or mold infestations can’t hold up to freezing Temps.

Come winter throw equipment outside for a bit it will kill what ails it.

I just hang till crisp, stalk it, bag it up and in the freezer.
Its there till its gone, I dont have a lick of problems.
Cept for one thing some trichs will come off but thats how i make alot of my hash also.
Freezer then screed.

oh it dries dries too darn fast after taken out of the freezer.
Thats why mine stays in till I need some.
If that bud still has some wetness to it its gone the next day.

mine is in plastic bags also screw that jar crap. Make sure its dry before ya freeze it.

I dont put it in there to dry it to begin with.
Its just how I store mine.
Have never had a scenario like this described.

You my friend are a rebel! And i like it

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You must live in the desert :upside_down_face: :cactus:, here when I freeze meat in sealed bags, there’s such humidity that you can find later on some frost inside … :sunglasses:


Minnesota is my home, humidity is low here.
I used to live in one of the humidist mfering places Illinois where humidity numbers get with the heat Temps.

I know what im doing and have done that way for 40 plus years.

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I also freeze meat in sealed bags quite a bit of difference.
Reaching in a zip lock for a split second to grab a bud compared to a frozen block of meat.

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also if that dude has ice in his containers tell him to buy a new f’in freezer.
Sounds like its de-icing too much

One other thing check your stem and stalks for little holes.
Pot maggots when they do damage kinda looks like a mold situation, little pink worms they live in the buds and plants.

I wouldn’t trash the whole plant. I would cut out anything close to the mold as soon as you see it. Get it out of the grow room/greenhouse. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe cold kills molds.

Tried to take some pictures. Need a better camera.


Use hydrogen peroxide in the bucket before the Lemon juice and baking soda. Read about four bucket wash for marijuana.

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I tried reading up on it a little. What is the peroxide supposed to do?


The hydrogenated first bucket only used for pm and such. It kills the pm. If just washing buds then not needed. There’s a long thread on it somewhere. Sorry stoned on who’s it was.

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Gotcha. Yeah my condition is weird. Its small amount of fuzz where there are a few pistils together. No sign of dying brown bud or anything.

I’d definitely wash! Especially the outdoor stuff. It was On @Meesh ‘a Or at least talked about. This is from three small plants and I changed the rinse water.