Anyone Have any African Landrace seeds to trade?

Hello brothers and sisters, I was hoping to find some people here that had some African landrace seeds and perhaps other interesting locals that would be willing to trade for some of my seeds… I have various hybrids and some landraces that I would love to trade. I also have 2 different sources of Transkei landraces one from our fellow member @Sunvalley and another source that collected it himself also some from Lesotho and also have a Congo black Ibl x Angola Red Ibl that should be awesome the original breeder seems to think so as he sells his seeds at $1000 a pack for each of these strains… Here is a list of most of the other strains I have including some I have received from fellow O.G. members…

1.Goat Yogi : Purple goat X Second sight x20

2.Tree of life bx: Tree of life X second sight x20

3.Pineapple haze X second sight x10

4.Second sight F2 x25

5.Holodeck Jesus: chuy purps X second sight f2 x25

6.Norstar genetics: Kogi : XJ13 x Santa Marta Colombian Gold

Tropical Seeds:

7.Afghan narrow leaf x10

8.Ciskei X Afghan x10

9.Nepal Highland x10

10.Tom Hill X-18 x 10 is a rare pakistani landrace developed by Tom Hill years ago.

11.Tom Hill X-18 X Starfighter f4 x40 seeds

12.Bodhi Lemon Lotus: lemon G X Snow lotus x12 seeds

13.Zamaldelica x psychodelica x10

14.Golden Apple: Snow wookie X Apollo 11 x10

15.Ace Seeds Destroyer f3 X10

16.Destroyer X Ciskei x25

17.Hulk P: Destroyer X Somango x10

18.Mr. Nice :88g13 XHp x20 actually from NDN the original breeder x10

19.BC Mango x Night nurse x Diesel Moonshine Purple pheno x15

20.Bc Mango x Night Nurse x Diesel Moonshine green pheno x15

21.C99 X Romberry x6 seeds

22.Kashmir landrace from Asad region x 10 seeds

23.Green crack X Querkle x10

24.Top Dawg seeds, 91#12: ONYCD x 91 Chem bx2 x10 seeds

25.Blue Ice x5 (auto flower)

26.Yeti Og X Romulan X Herijuana x10 seeds

27.Red Cherry Berry(male)(Barney’s farm). x Berry White 10pk

28.Red Cherry Berry(male)(Barney’s farm)x Durban Poison 20pk

29.Agent 99(c99 x agent orange) X unknown supposed to have been Super Silver Haze. x10

30.Angola X Qush (TGA) x10 seeds

31.Hapa Haze :by centennial seeds waipi’o hapa x haze x 10

32.Bunch of various Mexican landrace mixed seeds X100 seeds

33.Poison Apple f1s:The Shire s1 x (Durban Poison x C99 f1) x10 seeds

34.Lowryder X Ultraviolet (auto flower) x10 seeds

And I have a few other strains if I can find them.

Well I hope you find something to your liking… Happy New Years to everyone!


Wow, really great list! I’d love to trade, but I don’t any African seeds to trade just yet.

However, if you aren’t yet signed up to get seeds from the Jungle Spice reproduction I’m doing, you might want to! JS is half Congolese (Congolese x 88G13HP). It’s :ok_hand:

I do have small quantities of some African strains (some from freebies or trades). When this grow finishes up, I’m going to run a bunch of outcrosses to make testers with JS. Right now I’m thinking of trying Durban, Queen Mother, Sotho Heights and Kilimanjaro.


Thanks brother, I actually did sign up for your Jungle spice repro., I would like to see how those strains turn out also.:slight_smile:


Hello, you could start cultivating those transkei, and show us your crops. Why pile up so much? start from a little cultivated what you have and you will see how things will be given to you.

Well I did not realize I was piling up so much? I have only The one pack of Malawi, The transkei, ciskei, lesotho and a congo black x angola red cross. i am actually decreasing my seed selection by trading my hybrids for the African landraces… I am not growing anything right now plus I am in a non grow friendly state so I dont really like to post any grows I might have going due to that. But I hope to be able to do an outdoor grow this upcoming season perhaps… But I just want to collect african landraces from as many parts of africa as I can so that when I am able to do a grow I will have as many african landraces as I can to work with as. I hope to eventually do a few african landrace crosses and want to have a selection to work with… I think there are plenty more people here at OG that have many more varieties of strains than I do… sorry you have a problem with me wanting to collect so many african landrace strains…

Ooh, Would you be interested in some Colombian Black from @TropicalBiophile in exchange for the Poison Apples? I have about a dozen.

Sorry bro, just let them go. Also you may not remember but I was the one that distributed the colombian blacks to everyone here at OG for @TropicalBiophile… So I dont need any of them as I have about 20 or so left myself.

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Ahh. Nah I had forgotten that. Hopefully the next person gets some use out of them Poison Apples. I gave em out to six people on here and at least another six IRL and nobody made more seeds with em.
Good looks on distributing the colombian blacks than. Lmao.

:grimacing: :sweat:

My dude…


I saw the crackle berry for sale on there too???


Hi mate … I have a few beans
I have some collected from Guinea - probably going to have a low germ rate as collected from brick weed
Also a handful I have managed to source in Madagascar
Strains , mate no Idea - they don’t care , its all bush weed to them
hit me up in PM if u like and we can see what we see


Yeah someone has about 200 Cackberry F2 seeds for sale, But it did not come from here…

Hey Diggy, Yes they are the ones I got from here, I have them listed as a giveaway if you pay $4-5 for shipping if your located in the states… :sunglasses:

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I have Original Swazi Gold seeds and a cross that the grower made about 30-35 years ago with some seeds that another grower brought up from Durban which would technically make that cross a landrace. I spent quite a bit of time in Swaziland back in '18/19 and got to befriend a very knowledgeable older grower who gifted me these seeds. Said he had been growing the same Swazi Gold since he was a child and he was in his early 70’s by the time I met him. I brought back nearly 1,000 seeds of each strain and would definitely be open to a trade

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