Anyone have deep chunk?

I have some good skunk seeds that i will trade. I also have cash.


Kingdom Organic seeds, the Rev’s seed company, has them.

Hazeman seeds also sells seeds described as a phenotype of Deep Chunk under the name Monkey Balls.

I bought a pack of each. I am running the Kingdom organic seeds now as an open pollinated seed run. Will be a few months before I have seed though.


i know @buryseeds is working with another tom hill strain (x18) he might have an idea


Yes I have the IBL, are you sourcing for a project ?


I would love to trade some beans and hopefully we both can find what we are searching for…shoot me a pm . These were made by BombBudPuffa this summer.


I suspect those chunk seeds that the rev is selling as deep chunk may, infact, be a hybrid. This is not to say they’re not good. I’m sure they probably turned out killer. Deep chunk hybrids rock, imo; but I’m lookin for the pure chunk.

I do appreciate you, homie. :hugs:


Why do you suspect that? I think there are postings on i.c. mag by Rev of the seed grow.

I am growing my KOS Deep Chunk next. The Hazeman Deep Chunk is no disapointment.


Snap @Ahab …look at the first PM I sent you tonight, I got a ton of DC IBL that BombBudPuffa made this past fall, I’ll dig a few of the shots of them up for you to take a peek at…me and @Grower13 got plumb excited about them other beans from Sam you got…

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I’ll go look at those pictures on icmag in a few days. This comment I made is pure speculation. An assumption I made upon a quick glance at the pictures the seed makers gave to the seed distributor guys. Tom Hill’s Deep Chunk has small leafy buds; and the sugar leaves roll up into themselves. They look like those fruit roll ups that our Moms used to put in our lunchboxes. Maybe Hazeman has the pure DC? I don’t know. I sent him email a while back. With the price he quoted, it’s definately worth a try. I may end up rolling the dice with those in the near future. Again: thank you for going out of your way to point out where I might find it. This was an awesome thing that you did for me.


This is Hazeman Monkey Balls (aka Deep Chunk).

I am not good at taking representative pictures (real life always looks better) but these met the breeder description and expectations. Nose is strong leather/cleaner/pine/dank forest.

Seeds are relatively small when fully mature, mostly tan with some darker brown specks or incomplete stripes from either tip.


I have a skunk plant that has curled leaves just like that, I would love to get some pure deep chunk beans, I consider it a heirloom for sure and am trying to collect and preserve as many as I can


it’s not deep chunk but

it’s a 1974 Kashmiri Hashplant that smells like spray paint


Great to see someone has actually grown these.
Have you smoked the final product yet?
Any hints for when I crack my pack please?


It has some OG notes to it. Very much a sleepy, stoney effect, really excellent for insomnia. It will also kill a day if you smoke it to early.


@Heritagefarms @Ahab if you guys are still looking i’m pretty sure i’ve found a breeder with a Deep Chunk F8 just waiting on confirmation and price. will let you know


These are the 3 female Deep Chunk from Kingdom Organics. I had 6/10 grow; 3 male, 3 female.

Also because pictures don’t do these leaves justice:

Also sorry, I could only find a tape with inches. That’s about 6 cm wide.


holy moly thats wider than my dink is long!


The afgooey cross you have will make leafs like that. That being said, the afgooey is not the most stable plant line. Will throw nanners if she feels no love. The querkle pollen was added to try to stabilize the strain a bit. The afgooey genes were dominant however. I don’t think I have finished these inside, only ran them to flip to see plant structure and killed them. They looked like the mom.


Yo I just went to DC seed exchange and bought a 12 pk of Monkey balls aka Deep Chunk f2’s. I’ve heard nothing but good, even Matt Riot backed up the monkey balls. You should check em out, its only $57 including shipping for a pack that came from the original Tom Hill stock. They had 3 left when I check out. Buy yourself an early Christmas present😀


Good deal , I wish I had a male n my pack of Tom-hill but I have a solid female that will be bred