Anyone have experience growing with a gavita 1700?

I guess size of space,lights and distance from canopy I’m thinking.
Then maybe a detailed description of your fertilizer regime like how often and what strength plus PH, all the nitty gritty on your hydro setup or soil build would help diagnose stuff too

And to top it all off its like I can’t really get stoned while I’m screwing this all up, I’m way to worried about the shit to take the time to smoke… I just pace… lol

Advanced nutes micro grow bloom b52 and voodoo juice for veg… past using voodoo as I’m past week 2… feed 1 time every 4 days

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Promix hp cc

Consider your pot size / nutes / feed freq.

Nutrient levels and nutrient balance
The amount of nutrient and the nutrients balance are difficult to watch on a day-to-day basis. If you are using a well-balanced nutrient solution and a more regular short & frequent feeding regime, then there is less chance that the plant will run out of a particular element because the complete balance of elements is continually being supplied. Knowing the level of nutrient is relatively easy by taking an EC reading (EC just measures the amount of salt). To know the actual balance of the nutrient in the media you would need a lab analysis of the media which is obviously not going to happen for most growers.”

“If you are watering once a day or once in three days the plants may be running low on a particular element in the nutrient solution, potentially for up to two days or more. You may never see a deficiency but the plant would be inhibited in its growth potential. If watering several times a day, all of the elements are renewed within a few hours so you can see these changes much quicker.”

Source for the above…


I see… OK… in the promix hp cc it seems to take about 4 days to dry though… lower humidity??

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I should have mentioned I usually grow in coco, but using Promix HP for the first time.

So I’m not sure about the proper feed frequency. Do what you know works.

Just wanted to share info on how nutes are often consumed at different rates leading to possible imbalances/deficiencies.

Ive found best results so far just feeding plain tap water until the cotyledon leaves start to die. This is in hydro.

After this 300-400 ppm seems to be a good starting point for feeding.

Promix hp cc is kind of the link between promix and straight coco… it’s basically promix hp with chunk coir

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No that explains alot man I appreciate any knowledge bro… :pray:

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I was pretty much on that track but then got deficiency… so I went up… still deficiency… so for now turned light down a bit and humidity down as well

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No man u will have to bump up ca

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Whats your ph?

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6.1 to 6.3

RO or tap water

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Ro water…

Are you adding calmag?

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Yup… just under what they would call for… they say 2 ml per liter… I did 1.5

Mixed correct order too lol

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