Anyone have Paranormal Ghost Experiences?

Anyone ever have a paranormal experience or ghost encounter? I find stories like this very fascinating and I would love to hear if anyone at OG has had any experiences before? I’m a sucker for a good ghost story or any story really.

The only experience I may have had was when I was a teen in middle school and my sister’s bulldog passed away. I came home from school only to have the door ripped open to see my mother looking sad and exclaiming, “The dogs dead!” I was shocked and saddened to see him dead. He was a horny dog who would always try and mount me. I was probably well over 5 feet tall but my sis’s bull dog found ways to throw his front paws on my shoulders as im walking down my hallway and try and have his way but always unsuccessful. I still fondly remember how in 2002 when the New England Patriots won their first super bowl, everyone in the house was ecstatic and so was our bull dog. He pulled out a giant teddy bear from my sisters room, dragged it to the front of the tv where everyone was still watching and started happily humping it as he stared at all of us.

After his death, I would notice my door opening by itself as if the bulldog was still alive and shoving his face up to my bedroom door to open it and get into my room. I felt it could have been him still lingering around or something. It would happen once in a while and I would always be confused. My windows in my room were closed and the other windows in the house were shut as well. The hallway leading to my room did not have windows to allow a gust of wind in to push my door open. Eventually I figured maybe its the ghost of my sisters dog!

Either way, I’ve always liked watching horror movies, ghost/paranormal shows and asking if anyone has ever seen anything. It usually creeps people out when I ask in person. What’s your experience?


Come hang out with me and I’ll show you a whole slew of things lol

Shit just follows me…


Is that story your sticking with? I’ll bet other members of the family say different! :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:LOL!


The family and I did a tour of the Stanley Hotel couple years back and in one of the Ball rooms going down to the Retired piano room I was the last one bringing up the rear of the group and I heard footsteps across the stage as I was heading down and now one was there! Once in the piano room after a bit of staring in to a mirror that was suppose to present something I was back against a coat rack hanging area and all of a sudden a wire coat hanger started swinging back and forth then stopped after a minute or so!


Wow really? That sounds rough. I don’t think i’d like the idea of anything following me. But all the interesting encounters and experiences must just pile up!

Lol he was a big boy for sure. I literally had to wrestle the dog. He scared my friend away after going after their leg and latching on.


There are a few… and my lady, who before me had no belief in it at all, has started with it as well … I think it’s more about openness and sensitivity than anything … everything has memories, whether we see them or not is up to us…


I think iv seen on some friends pic taken with their phones with orbs in the shot at the Stanley as well .


Whispers of REDRUM ! REDRUM! REDRUM! I hear!


That gave me chills. I wondered at one point if my bedroom door opening was an imprint of my dogs energy still lingering rather than the spirit of my dog just hanging around. It makes me think maybe the reason people shy away from these discussions is the fear of opening things up like you said.


Orbs! I want a pic of orbs. Stanley Hotel sounds like an interesting vacation!



It’s more about energy and memory than “stuck spirits”

I think alot is people’s love for their home or their this or that’s that cause it to happen… Notice it only ever really gets done in substantial places… places that meant something to someone… bedrooms, stages, workplaces…

I’ve worked on many an old hog farms where some of the old workers that loved the job still stuck around… more their memory I guess… always see someone in the back of the room that’s gone when you look up or feel someone watching you…

It’s all interpretation I guess… Nothing gets me more crazy sounding than talking ng about this subject


Better pack some :moneybag: I think normal run of the mill room if ya want to stay are over 200$ the haunted rooms I think iv heard go for 300-400$ a night I believe!


That’s a great interpretation. Thanks for sharing! It reminds me of the saying, keeping the memory alive. All the energy and emotion must be doing something? Oh and it just popped in my head also when I was a teen, my mother had an experience where her mother came to her in a dream before she found out she passed away. I never met my grandmother and our family was separated by oceans so it wasnt a surprise for my mother when she got the call about her mother passing. I still remember how perplexed my mother looked.


Come September when Aspens are changing and the rut is on it’s really a cool place to go I’d suggest try hitting it during the Scottish highland days also I. The fall


As I tell my lady… I never get to see the people I want… only everyone else


Oh I’ll have to remember that. I have family near Denver and maybe I’ll take a tour out over there. Thanks for the info! Those room prices are like Nyc hotel room prices. Horrifying.


Ya there’s some cool cabin type places also along the river that’s runs through parts of Estes as well worth checking out .


I used to live in a house that was a grand central station for residual energy and possible poltergeist activity. The house was built in 1969 and no one ever lived there but my family. Growing up i never felt scared there and the house was full of love. It was my grandparents house and the large backyard had a swimming pool. There was a creek that ran behind the house and a field on one side. Only one close neighbor at that time since it was one of the first houses built in the neighborhood. They threw all kinds of pool parties, so alot of pictures were taken in the backyard. When my grandfather died, i moved in to care for my grandmother. We were going through photo albums one day and i noticed the orbs. Even in the daytime pics from a polaroid camera. There were also double exposure type looking pics on polariod film where i didnt think this was possible. I just thought maybe the film was compromised while being loaded into the camera. That was the first weird thing. I later inherited the house and had a friend move in. House was too big for just me. I started seeing alot of movement in my peripheral vision. not full blown entities, but like the way heat distorts the air above a furnace. I would turn to look and nothing would be there. There was the feeling of being watched. I didnt tell anyone and was starting to question if my eyes were ok. I was pushing it hard at computer school. One day my friend flat out asked if i saw things out of the corner of my eyes. I asked her why. She said she sees that all the time in the back yard. You can look out of the kitchen window and see the back yard. She said it happened all the time while looking out that window. Then she asked if my grandad liked to hang out in the back yard. I answered well yeah. We would clean the pool together. He always did the pool cleaning and such rather than hire a company to care for it. She said she never saw a figure of a man,it was more like a mustard yellow shadow that you really couldnt be sure you saw. I went to the closet and pulled out one of his polyester jumpsuits. Like this? It was the exact color she was seeing. She asked if he wore cologne. Then the dots started connecting. I was smelling his Aramis cologne! That was the first mystery smell that had started occuring. I was just glad i was not the only one smelling it. Having someone else confirm what I was experiencing was HUGE in opening my eyes to strange phenomena. And it just got stranger from there. There was the burning electrical smell that would drive me crazy! Keeping me home from school sometimes in fear my house would burn down. Im running from electrical outlet to light switch trying to pinpoint the burning smell. It was so strong in certain places that were nowhere near an outlet or anything electrical and then it would be just gone. It smelled like computer circuits burning or overheating. It was also witnessed by my roomie. There was the constant finding of coins always a dime and a penny, 11 cents. Now im not an observant person, and i figure this had to be happening for awhile for me to even catch it. But it became so in my face blatant that you couldnt ignore it. Id just vacuumed the room, put the vac up, and returned to find in the middle of the floor, a dime and penny. In my car seat, dime and penny. on my car hood, dime and penny. In the bottom of the swimming pool, dime and penny. This also happened to my roomie. It was such common place that we started an 11 cent jar. Well then there was the open car door phenomena. By this time my house was a grand central for energy. T.V channels changed by themselves. I was constantly spending money on batteries. Nothing would stay charged for very long at my house… My watch never worked or kept correct time. And every pic that was taken inside or outside the house had orbs. My roomie saw a full blown entity one night. What she described as a native indian woman stood at the end of her bed. I think i got woke up in the middle of the night for that one. I never saw a ghost but did find out that i lived less than a mile from an indian battle field and that the creek behind my house was like a market meeting place where the indians would meet and labor. Ok now that i was becoming more open to the energies in my house, it started doing things that couldnt be explained by any thing logical. It would open my drivers side car door just enough to drain the car battery. Ok, the first time it happened, i thought i had not closed the car door all the way when i got home at night. No biggie, i put the battery charger on the car and was late to school. The very next evening when i went to leave for school ( i went to night school) same thing. Dead car and door ajar. OK more battery charging and late for school again. Just to let you know. My car was parked in my garage every night. Garage door closed period. This went on for TWO WEEKS. I would even get up in the middle of the night and go to the garage and make sure the car door was fully closed, it was. Only to find it dead the next day with the drivers side car door barely open. I explained that away with "well maybe when i was checking it in the middle of the night, i accidentally didnt close it all the way, after all i did just wake up from a dead sleep to go check it. Maybe it didnt get shut all the way. it got to where i was waking up to check it like 3 times a night. it would be still closed, but the next day door open and dead car. Then i addressed the energies in my house very loudly and demanded it quit. I hurled some obscenities and threats to no one in particular. I never had that problem again. EVER. Then the energy really stepped it up and i fled the house during the middle of the day. I will have to continue with that story tomorrow if anyone is interested, because im stoned and tired, it is 2:30 am now.


What a crazy experience…I guess since it’s your Gramps, it’s not that creepy…The Indian Battlefield, could be sketchy though…


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I have had the Old Hag happen to me for years now. Only really happens when I am out of town. The last time, it was accompanied by a giant shadow figure…I was staying in a trucker bunk house, in Alberta in their off season, doing some log building with a buddy…I woke up at 3 am, seen the open doorway to the bedroom, with a light on down the hall, when a shadow figure that looked like it could barely make it through the door showed up. I turned tried ignoring it, and had it smother me.

At first t used to scare me…But that fear turned to anger, and a lot of fight.

I always just get super mad and turn on my side, then the pressure releases. I feel like if I get scared, it would feed her. So I never get scared, just mad.

Another time I was helping a log builder out in the Caribou, and was sleeping in a wall tent, and I don’t know what time it was, but I woke up paralyzed, and could feel long skinny fingers wrap around my ankles, and my body float up like a board. I never open my eyes, but can’t talk either…The next morning I was pissed off about it, mentioned what happened to me in the tent, and the home owners just gave me a weird look and looked at each other strangely.

The odd thing about it was, others who stayed in the tent before me who were there on a work program, had made a pine cone angel. The angel was hanging on the bed headboard facing out. I remember looking at it, because whoever made it, did a really great job. The morning after it happened, the pine cone angel was facing the headboard…That was the freakiest part for me.

Cool topic Smokey…I can’t wait to hear some cool story’s…