Sun Valley Garden of Grew Some Things

Hey all… as I introduced myself yesterday, I am Sun Valley, I live in South Africa and this my outlaw gardening and soul repair centre haha.
A bit of history or mistory… I’ve been growing cannabis for the passed 25 years with maybe a season off here and there due to life things but for the most part of my life I’ve been around this plant.
I have grown most of our landrace strains but prefer the hybrids quite honestly. I do have a highland Thai landrace mom which is my favourite smoke of all time and my main brood hehe. She was gifted to me in seed from a friend over in the state’s. His family acquired the seeds in the 80s and have been growing it for years… he reversed a cut and gave me a few seeds off it in exchange for some Swaziland seeds and a few Malawi. He also sent me the Thai crossed to BlueDream (Santa Cruz cut), the Forum cut Cookies and Lemon Cake.
I have mothers of the Thai Cookies and Thai Blue Dream too. I could list the thousands of strains I’ve grown out but will rather just leave you with a bunch of pics.


To add… this is greenhouse and outdoor haha sorry … and its full organic mix of no till beds and home made soil I have been using for years. I do not use any bottle nutrients or fertilisers… all my plants are fed on sprout teas or compost teas as well as fpj…

I hope everyone is well


amazing plants man!
welcome to Overgrow for sure!!

what are the purple pistiled plants? I’ve been looking at more colorful strains lately…

keep this up and this may be in my top :popcorn: threads lol


Hello Toasty… the pinky purple pistol plants are F2s of TGA and HOTF Locomotion


very beautiful plants either way!

I envy those that grow outdoors with no worries… or legally in general!

some massive bushes as well!


Thanks boss… yeah I envy them too as its hard for me to leave the farm feeling ok… wish the laws would change here



Thai x Blue Dream

Thai Cookies

Bodhi side of garden mix of Space Monkey, Bingo Pajama and Space Cake Remix


:astonished: Oh brother ! :heart_eyes: :sun_with_face:

You are in good company and most welcome here! :sunglasses:



Thank you and appreciate the welcome. Will throw up some more pics when I can


nice pictures! I love Jah sun rising over the mountaintop :sunglasses:


dude killer projects, what are the laws like? and whats the area like as far as people?


The laws are fucked up out here… it’s outlawed in the entire country as well as most neighbouring countries except for Zimbabwe and Lesotho where cannabis has been made medicinally legal… well actually every country on the continent exept those 2, cannabis is illegal.
We have great weather for the most part year round in the region I’m in… we just try keep safe


I think in Etiopia cannabis is legal too, but only to the Rastafarians, is it truth?


In South Africa no its illegal on all levels… laws are set to maybe change but its cloudy. The constitunal court ruled it unconstitutional to be arrested for growing or smoking cannabis in your own home as it declared it your right in your home privacy. This I now being contested in the high court and the laws have not been changed. The Rasta community is harassed constantly by police and treated like criminals.


Excuse me, please : I was talkin bout Etiopía but I didint write the nation name the first time…


hi @Sunvalley amazing looking plants! how long is your thai flowering period?? i think @pookie123 will be pleased to meet you, i think he’s infatuated with landrace sativas (and african in particular) hee hee :smiley:

look forward to seeing more of your postings! hope you are staying safe in south africa… have heard it can be dangerous! all the best wishes :peace:


No worries. . Unfortunately it is illegal in every African country except Zimbabwe and Lesotho (medicinally) regardless of religious beliefs.


Thank you appreciate the words @legalcanada
The Thai takes 12 weeks to finish


do the cops pursue cannabis? or is it like out of sight out of mind

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They 100% pursue cannabis useres and growers because of the ease at arrests for it can be made… saves them having to focus on real crimes that shake this place up everyday. We have very abusive and corrupt police too… so you can bribe your way out most crimes here from drinking in public to murder… just depends how much money you have. But yeah our cops are basically an out of control gang that are more after money than anything else