Auto's and normal seeds simultaneously

Ha ha. I grow for personal use only. Obviously I have to factor in the prices of seeds, power costs, nutrients etc to make it viable to save me buying from a dealer but gpw I don’t measure. If I could do one decent run that will give enough product to last a full year then I’d only do one grow a year although I do love looking after my girls and think I’d miss tending to them.

As do i good sir. I became legal and I intend to stay that way. . . But I grow outdoors so I can plant 12 photos then have 3 auto harvests staggered durning the summer and i can harvest my 12 photos and my 4th run of autos in one season. And lighting is free thats why i like it. . . .But the wife and I smoke A LOT

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I’m UK so growing outdoors is a bit risky for me although I do have 2 plants growing out the back of where I live that was just for fun but they are loving the weather we have here at the moment and are growing extremely well. Hopefully our laws change some day. I’d love nothing more than to be able to grow in natural sunlight like you do.

Devil xxl auto

Unknown bag seed


Nice! I’ll be watching that devil xxl auto. I have heard good things about em. And yes hopefully the laws will change everywhere. I’m in AZ so pot is still illegal unless you have a mmj card and also you are not allowed to cultivate if you live closer than 25 miles to a dispensary so thank god i live off grid haha nearest dispensary from me is over an hour drive away (roughly 50 miles away)

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And your unknown bagseeds looks like a pure indica to me. . . Nice!

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I have a journal going here on the site with my indoors devil xxl alongside some white widow autos
They are an easy plant to grow but really greedy in dwc.

The devil’s should be ready for harvest next weekend but I’ll let them go a bit longer if I can control the widow in dwc that’s overtaking the tent.

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Thanks for the replies guys I have another question I am in the UK and we r having some really hot weather atm and I am struggling to keep my temperature down and humidity up in the tent atm any tips on bringing down Temps I have put a couple of soaking wet towels in to try n raised humidity but the Temps is 31 and they r only 3 day old seedlings

@Smokinsammy Swamp cooler bro

I’ve never used this one but it is portable

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87 degrees isn’t that hot. Mine hit that most nights. Obviously it isnt optimal but Cannabis thrives in very arid environments. Only thing I’ve noticed is im watering more frequently.

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The temp is now 33 degrees and humidity is 35 I will just keep an eye on them would like my humidity to get up to at least 45% for seedling stage

@Esrgood4u from my research pot stops (or is drastically slowed) growing at 85°F bro. . . But I could be wrong. So if anyone else has the same info or better info that tells me in full of sh*t please let me know. I’d like to know either way

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@Smokinsammy then just get a humidifier brotha

I am growing 1 photo Northan lights and 2 auto’s 1 royal jack 1 ak47 I am.looking at mini air conditioning units atm and humidifier aswell

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Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t an air conditioning unit also humidify??

depends, swamp “evaporative” coolers yes, but not condenser compressor types, they drop humidity.


but to grow in 30-33degree temps, i have done it many times, just have to water more frequently and they are lankier . A question back at you, what are you using as a light currently in your tent, and how is your exhaust setup with intake details ?

Also to note once the plants get big enough to start absorbing all that light energy, and they start transpiring your temp of you tent will actually drop just so you know.

Example is say my current cab, if nothing is in it or small seedlings, my temps are 28-33 degrees with the lights on, once the plants grow enough it drops down to 24-28, aka natural swamp coolers lol

Edit: btw get a grow journal going, then other can follow along and help you get things dialed and then we can watch the progress :wink:


Ok. An a/c unit does the exact opposite. It DE-humidifies.

Have a great day,


Ha ha. Thanks for correcting me. I’m UK so it never really gets that warm for long enough to actually own and use an air conditioning unit. I always thought they were fans that blew across a tray of refrigerated water. :rofl:

Thats roughly the idea behind a swamp cooler! But good thinking!

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More like water is pumped on to a filter that air is sucked thru and blown into the area to be cooled