Autos - how much do you harvest actually?

Hey everybody,

Can someone tell me how much do you get out of a plant grown outside in sunny warm environment with good soil etc?

I grew 4 AK47 xtreme AUTOS and got miserly 80grams out of 4! . I think I was overwatering, because I ran out of good soil and my plants even though midgets flowered, (but the smoke is great 75% sativa 25% indica.)

So if you grow them properly how much do you get from a sativa dominant plant? Grown outside and actual dry harvest.



if a longer duration auto and they are grown well 600+gram is not unheard of, actually should be plenty of examples over on AFN of just that, inside as well…


This one nailed 115g by itself…

all in the plant and genes I feel… like photos there are just jank plants every now and then


That is amazing yield on that!


Iv heard of them never checked them out do you visit often? Iv heard some big names drop the AFN name in podcasts from time to time.

i use to be a regular over there and may start up a journal over there again as well, but they just made too many sections forum wise so you would have sections where on the first page top say couple threads have been updated but go down the list and you have some that are months to a year old just sitting there, and then those sections become kinda echo chambers to a certain degree.

They run alot of contests and giveaways though, if your into auto its worth the look.


20g per plant is actually pretty average with autos outdoors. I’m sure you can get alot more but I know enough people growing autos outside and 20g is the average that I see.

It depends on how long your days are, really. They want as many daylight hours as possible. It’s best to have them started, in their final container, 2-3 weeks before solstice, which if you’re harvesting now sounds like you did just that.

Another factor is irrigation quality and frequency. You gotta have a really good soil or lots of good nutrients going in frequently to get best results from autos.

Genetics play a role too, some strains wont have big yields and thats just the way it is. Take Lowryder and many of its crosses, for example.


Thanks all for feedback,

the 110gram plant is a beauty…@toastyjakes.
Only if I could get that :cry:

It was my first grow of autos, and even though the harvest was in 7 weeks, the results were a bit disappointing.

It’s hard to decipher what it means 400grams per square meter,…how many plants, 9? Do they squeeze in as many as they can? Not many seed banks or shops actually tell you yield per plant.

But I must admit that I didn’t really know what to do with them and before I realised that I was overwatering, it was kinda too late in that short life/grow frame to correct my mistakes.

As @TrevorLahey said 20 grams is minimum and I guess inexperienced people end up with that. Experienced grower gets more, it’s kind of special to grow them…

What is the auto strain that gets up to half a kg?


What strain’s that then @toastyjakes?


Dark Sparks from Mr.Sparkle

Amazing little plants and quick too


What was height on that one?


I think doing them inside with much longer daylight hours and better conditions makes all the difference.


With my autos outdoors this year I think it just got to hot for them when it came to flower time ended up being fluffy the entire plant .


This should be the major takeaway here.

If you want yield with autos outside it’s best to run a whole bunch of them in smaller containers with an automatic irrigation system of some kind.

Ok so I always found this confusing but turns out it’s more accurate than you think, it’s just misleading. It basically means that if you filled a square meter of space it could potentially yield 400g. It could be one plant, or 10 plants. I have filled 4sqft of space with autos, did it with 4 plants and 2 plants and have gotten ~200 grams so 400 for a square meter that sounds pretty accurate.


I’d like to put in my order for 20 seeds please :wink:


That was tied down but about 22" or so at the tops…

Keep in mind I have a fem auto mix from ReikoX going right now and it jumped from 16" to about 3’ in a little over a week

That’s a 40 day old auto on the left next to a photo that’s about 75days old


Are you the breeder of those beauties? If yes, wow sounds great

Are they sativa dominant? That yield sounds amazing.

Will they be available next year to buy in Europe?

??? by dark devils no im not those are sweet seeds, but i do make my own seeds to have fun with aka Dark Sparks, and have have been shared with many a fine folk on these forums.


I grow autos outside. My observations are that they get bigger yields between June and August. I don’t have a scale but I usually end up with a few jars worth of bud per plant. It definitely depends on genetics and seems to be sort of a crap shoot. I also feel that you could get best results under lights as someone else here mentioned as their quick cycle only allows for so much light outside. People seem to have ideas of grandeur about them though. They are not gonna yield like a photo plant ever. I grow them strictly because they are fun, fast, sort of an instant gratification pot plant and to supplement my smoke this year while my photos crop is doing it’s thing. I personally haven’t noticed any difference in how much water to give them. Everything is watered according to my finger test. Dry to second knuckle, then water with about 20% volume of the container. Easy peasy lemon squeezy


Hey @Meesh, I do just like you, to me it was a trial grow, and more for a quick harvest and I wanted to see what it’s all about.
Got another batch for next year.

I won’t ever invest in lights and indoor growing because electricity is so expensive plus equipment etc. Not for me :wink:…and I believe in SUN :sunny:, nothing can replace it.

I got a variety of photo plants, (5), one amnesia haze is going into flower, she got damaged in wind, her branches split from the trunk like 4”! :cry: I taped her up and she’s doing well, maybe it’s the reason why.