Bob's growing sideways

Okay so I want to get the most out of my area.

The box is 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep and around 48 inches tall.

The light is 17 bridgelux eb2s on a 22 ish inch square frame that’s a couple mm past an inch coupled with a 240w driver

Pots will be 1L plastic bag pots, pure coco mostly but some will have perlite.
food of choice will be Megacrop and Epsom salt

The plan is to have the light placed against one wall and have pots up the opposite wall plus pots on the bottom for a micro SOG. There will be room for overflow and the light will be uneven over the entire canopy … Probably. It should be super fast to change back to a normal flat grow if things go wrong.

I really can’t find much information on this online so I’m putting it up for criticism and suggestions.

I’m due to harvest my current indoor grow in the next week (staying open to being convinced to hold off for longer) so this is not starting now but I’m writing it up now anyway and will hopefully make it work maybe with a few tweaks and see if it increases yields in such a small space!


Maybe this thread will give you some ideas. He does a vertical ScrOG not a SOG, but most the rest is similar. He goes into great detail on the training.


Man that’s full of info that thread thankyou, I have for sure thought a net will be a huge help and also one thing I forgot to say I will be using or I’m sure id have an avalanche at some point


And we are away from the start line, the frontrunner is in seat i1 i believe. An underdog from the start from the pile of pale deformed seeds i thought wouldnt crack! Already getting its lean on from a high view which makes me super excited


My observations so far. Minor stretching on several but thats to be expected on a few that are partially blocked from the light.

My current concerns are for the ones situated above the light so they will hopefully be looking down towards it soon but so far im having mixed results, one is facing the wall and half are facing up. Hopefully they find the light soon.

I have one tri leaf pheno and i have my fingers crossed it will be a female so i can make little tri leaf babies and close in on that pheno.

A few are acting a little weak and may get culled but i may wait till they show sex before i go on a killing spree

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Hey bro, look up “ thinking vertically” a few guys did a room where they put the lights in the middle of the room and grew all the plants on all 4 walls growing in to the light. Had a solid room full of colas! Sweet. I would just have a spider mite farm in it or something if I did it but it’s cool if you can pull it off.

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Yeah those grows i have seen. They almost always use bulbs for surround lighting and photoperiod plants growing from the bottom up.
Ginger rick is doing quite a cool grow here on og using led bulbs but i think they may be going for a bridgelux build if i remember correctly.

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So im curious about breeding and cant quote find the right post so im gonna tag a few people that i know know something but feel free to tell me to bog off. @Mr.Sparkle @ReikoX i mainly read about your breeding endevours.

So i have some dark spark x blueberry autos. I now have more dark sparks which id like to pull the purple trait into my cross as i like my size but i want them to turn purple without having to cool them off at night and effectively force it. I also want to breed the crinkleleaf and deformaties out which came with the dark sparks (not my main concern but long term goals are nice) and make them more consistent in creating single cola zero branching small plants for a tight SOG.

So i understand they loose vigour at some point or become less stable…? and not sure what to quite do, im assuming i should concentrate the purple trait first by back crossing with the dark sparks then go down the f route breeding with its siblings of that generation?

Im also welcome to the idea of using different strains but i want to keep them super short like under 2ft. Preferably indica leaning and autos so i can run on a schedule.

Backcrossin it could work just fine. It sounds silly, but just grow a bunch and select the ones you like. A bit of playing around.


@ReikoX ahh thankyou, i have started a bunch so selections will happen when they start throwing pistils.

a few favourites so far.
Big ones

This one started off as a tri leaf

Above the light is smaller

But not as bad looking as these ones.


Well the crinkles you just toss, better to avoid them now then having to deal with them later, as for wanting to carry over a solid purple trait you can typically tell which ones will be by 2.5-3 weeks in as the first calyxs that form at the node bases are the give aways in that if those have a purple hue to them that early they will be at the end, but for strength and vigor my suggestion is to avoid the plants where the color leaches into the leaves they are just weaker plants on average, but like Reiko said just pick the best looking ones to you and have fun.