Baltimore's Multi-strain Bonanza

NEW GROWER!!! Be kind lol. 6 Plants 4x4 tent. 2000w Bestva veg. HID for flower. Soil. Square 3 gal fabric pots. 1 NL, 3 BBx gorilla glue, 2 Great Bag Seeds


I’m new at this, so be patient. I have nest of wires…ok ok. I have fox farm nutes. Yet to use. This is my main hang up on my grow. Please chime in.
I want to veg with my 2ooow bestva. I germinated them then put them right into the square fabric pots which seem to be awesome. Temperature runs 75 80 degrees with the lights on. Humidity usually is around 40% I guess a little more when I’m watering them. Can I then flower with my 600w hps? I live in the room with my babies. Yea that’s right let’s skip the b’s comments plz. Will my plants go into shock if I flower with HPS mixed with the led. I was thinking of incorporating maybe the LED every other day in conjunction with the high pressure sodium to see if it would affect the flavor or anything or am I just wasting my time running the LEDs with HPS? By the way it’s a ipower regular I guess you would call it dimmable magnetic ballast with the spreader Hood. It came with one bulb and I bought a two pack of basic bulbs I guess and one eye hortilux bulb because I heard so much about it 600w as well. I bought all these different things because I listened to everyone instead of taking my time. I just wanted to give you guys basic list of what I have to work with. This is for personal needs as I’m not doing well with my health I need the best medicine I can produce on a limited budget. I think the best thing I grabbed was The Pact of DJ Short Blueberry seeds old world genetics and JD shorts limonene Queen. I have some Awesome Genetics I purchased but I don’t want to run then until I have this down


All looks good so far!!

Welcome aboard and keep posting pics lol


What size bags are you using?


They’re 3 gallon square bags on each corner to have two tabs where dowel rods are supposed to go so I’m waiting for a pack of bamboo rods I don’t know if I’ll put one on each corner I guess I’ll just see as the height goes it’s kind of a nice feature plus it’ll add some stability to the corners that’s why I look saggy without the support you know what I mean they’re going to turn round. I don’t plan on vegging really long always heard the rule of thumb was a foot per gallon I don’t fucking know


With bags they say that’s no longer the case. Be interesting to see what goes on with yours.


Welcome aboard. You’ll find the community here won’t let you go far wrong if you ask the right questions!

Good luck, and get that wiring sorted :wink:



This is overgrow not RIU. You won’t get that kind of shit here mate. :+1::v:


I don’t mean to sound all abrasive lol. You know how some forums are. Forums are more hostile than a gang beef. "Oh you rocking those dumb ass leds that I never use and no nothing about"bang! You’re dead. It’s really childish. You guys know who you are… They’ll drive to Wyoming to give you a beating cuz your kind led rubs them wrong. I’m just messing. Thanks for warm welcomes. I just need some nudging sometimes. I’ve always been an outdoor grower. I need to figure out these features on this site tho. I’m lost lol. I wanna keep track of days. I don’t know how old muy babies are!!! I’m a terrible parent. I bought a ph meter, sure enough 7.5 out of the tap. Now they only sip 5.9 to 6.2 responded immediately to the water change. Haven’t fertilized yet. MG potting mix with a lol something blended. I guess you would say “hot soil”? Nothing scorching, just enough to get em out the gate. I’m rambling. Thanks all. If I stop posting send bail $. Just kidding. Later. -J


Lol not this one sir… We all help each other out…

We dont have any of those “get rid of that China blurple shit” people and the “bout a pounders” and “use the search engine-ers” are all but extinct lol…

People here would rather give you seeds or equiptment they don’t have use for anymore than steer you in the obvious wrong direction or make fun…

We are all truly here to help each other. Welcome to the OG Family

PS -you can use your grow thread to mark days of growth… what most of us do cuz we forget as well lol


It’s been said that more and more people are using a blend of LEDS /HID in their grows and getting fantastic results of the two. Ru cramped for space if both are run side by side?


If you want me to be honest I’m very cramped for space. I had a little bit of money saved up and still do have a little bit of money but I got sick over last winner infection has been ravaging my body. It’s harder and harder to be able to afford my meds and yes I do have a med card. The prices are so crazy I want some RSO oil 4 day today but a hundred mg here is about a hundred bucks. I figured I’d grab a couple lights some seed I mean what the hell. But thank you guys. Honestly I was a raging heroin addict it took me away from marijuana for years but I found my way back and I’m honestly and happy to say that I’ve been 5 months without it still on the program but my quality of life is improving and cannabis has grounded me literally so that’s my goal is medicine for myself and maybe seeds for people who really need them not that anybody here doesn’t. I was on over grow when I was 15 and when it shut down and crushed. None of my friends were attempting to grow or do anything positive I spent a lot of time on the forums of course I remember bushy old grower. Whatever happened with the original Sweet Tooth number 5 in bogglegum I’ve been on dcseedexchange but is there still a original bogglegum out there? Is there really anything that’s original? That is the question. It’s raining it’s ass off here today and it’s in the low 50s I think I’m going to kick back and smoke some Goji OG that seems to be my favorite strain right now it really helps with the pain. I have a star pupil seed which I’m told is a Goji OG cross. I’ve been looking for Goji OG seeds. Anyway love and thanks


I’m so bored here’s my seed packs

I don’t want to run any of them even though I had to at least pop one Northern Lights seed just to see what I could pull off with it. It’s a Northern Lights Nirvana I believe but it looks like it’s leaning more toward the sativa side check the pick out<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/c/5/c5925a2ec57802ab9f7d808eae94b2dc3f8af2de.jpg"=“666” height=“500”> that’s a shity pick from the side from the top you can see it a little bit better I guess you would say a sativa leaner. We’ll see. I’m just in case you’re wondering about the seeds old world genetics blueberry free be critical from Royal Queen seeds. I have these purple strawberry sherbet seeds from pheno Finders I’m interested very interested in it. I’ll make sure I grow log every pack. Now let me get my dumbass off of here my Babys went to sleep and so shall I.


I left riu because of that reason. Luckily I stumbled on overgrow and they welcomed me with open arms into their family :+1:


Well done! Rest assured that you have the support of everyone here.


Ty bro. Sometimes all a little brother needs is a hug a handshake or toke. I feel like we’re losing a lot of how would you say care for one another. Oh yeah compassion I’m stoned. I’m sure a lot of others can relate unfortunately I chose to deal with my pain the wrong way. Didn’t have a family to tell me what was right and wrong. I’ve always believed the problems we have today are due to the breakdown in the family environment . Parents getting locked up for reprimanding their kids . I live in Baltimore if you want to see Savages look up pictures of the riots that happened here. I barely made it out alive.

I preciate that smoke dawg. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise we’ll make it 6 months. It’s raining so bad here today this is what I’m doing medicating this train is called captains cake they got it rated at 33% and I grabbed one of these straight shooter looking dileo’s. It’s called a grav labs shooter. I like it pack it tight hits like a monster I picked up some hammerhead it’s right about 29% smokes awesome.


More porn for y’all. This is my hammerhead fucking smokes awesome buds are beautiful definitely a great medical strain well grown one of my faves I think they’re clocking it at 30% check it out

dude seriously this little grass shooter with the Retro tape deck logo on it is dope as fuk. I wish I had a bunch of these to send out. I can’t wait to be able to send people genetics and love that’s what this is all about I don’t feel wrong when I medicate I’m not going to let the government tell me to feel wrong for planting a seed and enjoying myself no my friend fuck that. I see all these little antifa fake ass terrorist running around it makes me cringe should be in my own country all right let me stop. I hate rainy days I can’t be out in my garden. Anybody got any good tomatoes or anything going?


Around here, who isn’t?

Somebody once said, deal with the things in life you can control and don’t sweat the s**t you can’t. Or something to that effect. Works for me, usually. Everybody has bad days. How you deal with them is all that counts in the end.

This freakin’ rain this year is proving to be a real downer. I’ve got the worst case of cabin fever ever.

Speaking of downers. Just got word my Aunt was killed by my cousin yesterday. Son of a…


Holy shit dude that’s super tragic I’m sorry to hear that yeah my father gave me one of the best quotes I’ve ever heard and it’s the God’s honest truth and I live by this how you deal with adversity shows the true character of a man or the True Grit of a man if you like. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Sometimes tragedy brings things close together in your circle be safe and another quote for my father Everyday Above Ground is a great day so plant something in it LOL. Just trying to be a little lighthearted for you bro I’ve carried the caskets of six of my family members. It’s a terrible thing I just keep them in my heart


Here’s to hoping for some prison justice for him. We’ve long had suspicions he had been hurting her but couldn’t do a thing about it without her cooperation. I’m finding my peace in the knowledge that he can no longer hurt her.

Thanks for the kind words. Life goes on.