Baltimore's Multi-strain Bonanza

NL sure is a fat girl eh?


Good looking buds @Baltimore! I bet there house smells wonderful!


Dude it amazes me. The NL has my room smelling like fresh berries. I had to put the SBRAP in the tent. It’s huge dude. The NL surprised me. I have a plant that went hermie still up. It didn’t get hit too hard it has a couple more weeks. It looks like mammoth tusks.

How long should I hang dry buds that are larger. Right now I can’t break them down. I have more grass drying. Got any plans after the house is some breeding wise? Thanks for coming through.


The longer you can dry the better. 7-10 days for the best results. :+1::seedling:

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Thanks bro bro. @hashtree I gotta get a pic of the Red Poison tonite and @Mr.Sparkle D’S. Everything is finishing up. I’m more excited about the Maui SS finishing. If anyone gets a chance even in a solo cup. It’s oily buttery pineapple. My mouth is watering. I need a neighbor with a rosin press lol.

Now I gotta figure how I can make extracts from my trim. The stems are oily too. I bet there is goodness in th whole plant. Good links are always great. I’ll be researching edibles from trim. Never had edibles so maybe url help with pain and inflamation.


You can make tincture with the trim, then use that for edibles. I have a whole thread about it.


You are a jewel to this community. Thanks bud. I do look at everything you send. THANKS for everything. I still gotta make soil. On a budget. Thanks & be safe. Ever find any dvyders for the kid? I was gonna give CB another shot. I’d like to get some packs just to put up in my collection for future reference growing I got a pack of your “Crazy smoke” to Iadd to my collection.Thank Reiko.


Heres the Red Poison @Hashtree gifted me. What a gorgeous plant. Thanks bro



Thanks @Baltimore. I always get a kick out seeing your updates!
+1 on @ReikoX tincture recipes. I’ve tried many and they’ve all been excellent! I really like doing everything with the green dragon now because it works with anything and the dosing is easy and consistent.
I have a Maui SS started and your getting me excited about that one! It sounds awesome!


Thanks @ReikoX. You always got something slick going on. If you ever leave the site. Make sure you shoot me an email. Your a very knowledgeable person. I’m gonna make a decent cab when I can. Those solstrips kill man. You shocked me with the solo cups. What was the total…A qp? Don’t have to answer that.

A plug for Reiko. He’s got 50 gal drums a LITFA and plants that grow so fast, it’s probably alien technology! Don’t ask bitch spend!
SbrxAp1 20 some days…thats right. Spend!


Here’s some shots from the “White Grapes” Go good with white wine. Got a super clean lemon scent. I was gonna push it further, but trichromes look and production was appealing to me so it fell. Some pics for you.

I hung it with the rest. No choice lol.



Man the Maui has my mouth watering. It’s there I’m giving my solos 48 hrs dark, then chop. Here’s the Maui SS. Hiding

Garlic Cookies…looking for these beans. Pm me!

This stuff blisters me.

AAA OG. Looking for these as well. So fruity n good.


That was a great run J. It should keep you burning for a couple days.
What’s next in line mate?

Oh link me up with what and where and how those nutrient test kits.

Keep smiling.


Oh yeah Pedro my buddy @rooted left that test kit when I was hitting deficiencies. I’ll get the link fer ya. I’m doing A DJ Short BB run for us. Got a pack of f2’s and f5’s. Hopefully I’ll find some nice variations and be able to get a few beans. I may stick a few solos for crosses. Maybe a couple NLxBB. I’ll run a couple of BOGs SS.

This was a run to see if I could even produce decent grass. I like what I’m smoking. I’ll get the cure down. How you doing bud? How the Heris doin? What’s in your Crystal ball?

A friend shot a pack of FPOG x Dolato. I really wanna run those, but ive been waiting my whole life for Dj’s BB.


Just a bit shy of that. Averaged 26 grams each.


Nixe man. That’s so efficient. Good primo. How did the cbd testing go with those strains? I can’t wait to see how it turns out looking good. know if you do any. Later maign.

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Garlic cookies 35% thca??? Absolutely crazy.
Meaning if you had 10 grams, busted it up and sifted it, you would have 3.5g in crystals?


Two had decent amounts of CBD all four had some THC. One was very similar to mom, the rest were similar with more fruity tones. Of course this is all flower rosin, I rarely smoke flower anymore.


Smart man. Lol I wasn’t gonna say anything, but I had to ask if you prefer spliff, blunts, or glass. Oral doses prob. hit you better and last longer. Sounds good. I bet rosin press brings nice goodies out with it. I enjoy fruity strains to puff on although I like thick hashy smoke that kinda burns your nose on an exhale…nice!

Thanks bud. You’re my go to.:blush: You drop knowledge with the quickness. Thanks bud. Ive been looking over your threads. Thanks for the help. Have a good one.


Not sure biit that one bro. Thats one of my favorite strains. Smoke is super thick. Light beautiful garlic profile. Url knock sparx out yer ass hehe. I’m not sure about the crystals. Probably not gonna get what your saying back. I’m deffinitely gonna run a tent hopefully sooner rather than later.

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