Ban on Corporations

What do you think about a Government putting a 50 year moratorium on corporations investing in medical marijuana? This can be the opportunity for the everyday person to get a piece of the pie…I know its wishful thinking, but if I were in charge, I’d do it!


I’d like to see facilities maxed out at a certain square footage, but otherwise legal-like-tomatoes. Maybe 750 square feet of bloom space indoor, maybe 1 acre outdoor.

Then it could be nothing but mom & pop operations, I’m talking farmer’s market stands like Randy with Tegridy Farms. Essentially no regulation whatsoever other than the caps on production space. Weed was totally underground for almost 90 years and to my knowledge…zero people died from it. Must be fine.

It’ll never happen, but it’s my ideal vision.


Big Corp controlling everything would be every Custies dream come true, more weed for them. They could care less about genetics or the hard work we put in to build this industry.


Market is changing rapidly. Next generation of kids won’t know even know how to roll joints; it’ll all be cartridges.


Change is inevitable. So why not aim to make things a bit more transparent like someday we will have college classes with strain histories included. Harvard offered some kind of Cannabis masters degree in 2005 but did not offer it again. It’s a industry that’s really entered into a different age. The cannabis revolution will not be televised.


My moderate hopes are that corps lobbying will make things mostly legal here on the europe side, in the process they will grab control that’s a given. Saw some pictures from the last Davos meeting, had a few canna corp booths.
On the other hand, I would love to get a shot at a more mom n pop market even if I will settle for not being jailed.


…Approximately the same as what I think about all govts.

‘not bloody likely!..’ :thinking:

That idea is entirely counter to what is happening now & history. They hate you. :neutral_face:

Great intention & I sympathize but I have no faith in any government, let alone sensible Cannabis laws(Me Of Little Hope).




Look at what’s going on in Canada.

Fucking aurora is basically the who’s who of the canadian liberal party (executives are all heavily connected non politician staffers).

I’m betting they get a major government bailout in the next year “due to covid” of course.

Aka no they’ll never ban corporations because the guys running the show are profiting greatly from it pre-legalization.


I’m a communist, banning corporations(unless they function as worker self directed enterprises/co-ops) is what I’m all about.