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Good day all:

There are tons of great grow logs filled with awesome pics here on Overgrow.

I thought it might be a nice idea to collate them into before and after shots. This way the dramatic differences between young and mature plants can be more easily seen.

Post your grow before and after shots! Whether it’s a young plant and a mature plant, scissors before and after a trim, a really dirty bong then a clean one - the sky is the limit! If you have shots from the same angle, even better!

I’ll go first - this is a California Orange Bud at 4 weeks then at ten weeks

And here is proof that I’m a lazy trimmer. Before and after!

Have a lovely day :slight_smile:


Coso Kush, start of flowering 08/02/2019

Coso Kush, day of harvest 10/13/2019

Coso Kush looking lovely in the sun, just before harvest.


Love it! Veg, flower, harvest! A whole grow log in one post.



I like the idea, I’ll go through some of my old photos

Cheers Johnny


Floor prep for my workshop.


Looks real good! Next step Sheetrock :slight_smile:


Got more floor to prep in the meantime…


nice pics !
@Foreigner Was it Cali orange bud from White label seeds or from Nirvana seeds ?

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Howdy raver. It’s the nirvana version.

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here is the White Label version :wink:

59 days of flowering

Harvested…and almost finished :slight_smile:


He had to die .


Old Timer Haze

At 84 days

Had to harvest it after 120 days, shitty dried bud

but real cool & irie stuff


Wow, props on growing that one. I’m gonna give it a go in the not too distant future. Right now I’m sticking to Panama Haze since it finishes around 12-14 weeks. So it’s about a month earlier than pure OT, but still has a lot of the incense aromas.


This was the first time I grew it. In a small box, it was one of the most difficult I ever experienced , stretching everywhere just like a pure Thaï or South Indian coming right from the field. The only signs of civilization were a relative quick sexing (3 weeks) and no hermies.

Should I grow it another time, I’d prune her at 6th set of leaves and put her after the 15th week on 10/14 to help her finish the buds.

Still, the high was really nice, very up, energetic without racy and long lasting. Could be considered on par with other pure landrace sativa highs. In my own conditions, I have found a couple of strains with a slight better equlibrium between high quality, flowering time, easiness and overall production.

But at this level of high quality, it is mostly a matter of taste to be honest


I’ve been interested in it since I started reading about it a few years ago. It might be the only haze you can find that pre-dates Sam Skunkman’s original haze.

I’m not sure why it’s listed to have Thai and S Indian genetics on Ace’s site. As I have read, those were bred into haze by Sam, when he made original haze. To me it seems more likely that OT haze is actually Punto rojo or a hybrid of Punto rojo and some other Colombian genetics.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I can recommend the Panama Haze, also for the same reasons you said. I’m working on a Panama/Malawi/Haze hybrid right now using it. If you’re interested, I may be able to send you some in a few months.


Sept 17 2019

Oct 10 2019

Dec 14 2019


Looks great Tappy! I have a very similar Rubbermaid :slight_smile:

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the most hazy part of the Haze may be its origin, with a lot of business behind

It seems to be that Colombian genetics were imported strains from the best areas of Thailand and South Indian to be produced there for the North American market. So whatever happened in California, it is likely that the origins of the Haze were in SE Asia and India.

I found the high of the Green Haze to be similar to Thai but not so to S Indian.

When I grew Original Haze from Seedsman back in 2005, when Sam provided them with seeds, they were sold like same source as The Flying Dutchman Original Haze. They were described as an Mexican x South Indian x Thai blend so go figure.

And indeed I had an individual that was relatively short (12 weeks) with a typical kick ass energetic high, others more dreamy and long lasting … and some did not flowered but overall it was more tamed that the Old Timer Haze. It was Dutch Haze to me.

I made hundreds of seeds from ACE green haze. I gave some and so I may have access in return to a cross of these with old dutch haze from the 80’s, and also with first progeny of OTH (those one done from OT1 seeds).

Nice project with the Panama haze ! The Malawi is reputed to be strong stuff, will be interesting to follow

@Foreigner I think I’m really off topic now, sorry, I’m afraid I smoked too much of this Hindu Kush :slight_smile:


In order to go back on track :slight_smile:

Hindu Kush Sensi seeds - 55 days of flowering , indica side

Hindu Kush Sensi seeds - dried buds , indica and sativa sides


@green_raver and @lefthandseeds… Oldtimers Haze is Original Haze renamed by UK breeder Oldtimer after he brought the strain back from near extinction, back in the early 80’s. That’s why it has the Thai/Indian genetics in it.