Best Strain You Ever Grew Or Smoked! Please Add Pics! :)

Why did i reply?


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I highly doubt that Jetdro… It doesnt seem possible. Maybe it wasnt grown right. C99 is best when you harvest on the 52nd day… nothing more, nothing less. If you chop em down any earlier, or later, the potency will suffer. I had the ORIGINAL C99 F1… and not the F6…lol


Ill post pics for you, def grown proper. I did not say C99 was boring, I said it was boring compared to A.H. Big difference.
Good C99 also has some speed in it, AH does not. The last run of her, was from seeds sourced directly from Mosca’s hands at an Expo. His private F6 of his favorite pheno…I would say It was a very good rep of C99 . They were not finished in 52 days.

You ask for Opinion’s…I gave you mine, not gonna argue over an opinion! Take my opinion nd file it with the others. Because I do not agree with you does not make either of us wrong or right, why it is called an opinion!


If the amnesia haze doesnt have the “sativa high” like a c99… Then ill pass. Sounds like another boring “indica” strain… I like “Coffee”… not “Heroin”. Thanks for your opinion.

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That root ball :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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LMAO…it’s 100 % Sativa, lol! Do not put words in my mouth, I use my own vocabulary really well, but thanks!
i said C99 has speed in it, not that it was not a sativa high! Never said that, why would I, it is the best sativa high on the planet!

Why would you ask opinions then argue with peoples opinions and tell them they are wrong ???

Thought you wanted to know, you only want to argue so I will delete my posts, and stay out of your threads.

Have a nice day


Thanks Man. That is the “aftermath” when everything is running correctly.

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You know what Jetdro… Your really a tool.

You go around telling everyone that you are the “creator” of the “Orange Goji” but your not! The forum knows what the hell your all about.

Taking credit for another Man’s deed is straight up WRONG.

50State is the MAN who put it together. Then you get this attitude with others and turn into a straight up PUNK.

Might be a good idea to put down that amnesia crap, and be REAL!

You posted on my thread with these exact words>“Good C99 also has some speed in it, AH does not”. Which is it??

Good idea not to post on my threads… And dont let the door hit your ass on the way out! Beat it!!


Look in the mirror. I HAVE NEVER said I had ANYTHING TO DO with making ORange Goji, IN FACT, in 4 different threads I have corrected people for saying I had anything to do with it!!! @50State knows this, get your facts straight.
50 has seen every post I have made on his OG, ask him why dont ya, or afraid to be wrong in front of your minions???

Do not need to change that statement it is correct. Good C99 has a speed feeling to it, plain n simple, pretty much a fact. Amnesia Haze has no speed to her. My statement stands. Your reading skills poor huh?

Lets part ways on a decent note, at least I shall. Hopefully @50State will correct you on your mis information about Orange Goji. He says little but I feel he will stand up for what is right. He and everyone here other than you know i had nothing to do with it, as I have stated numerous (means many) times here. In your threads also. You like to put words in other peoples mouth’s, not gonna in mine anymore.

Have good grows, be happy, It appears you have an issue with me, so I shall stay out of all of your threads, try not to get in your way. Wish you all the best man, really do, sorry it went this way, but for the better.


Whoah nelly!

I was trying to drop my favorites in here. Eeek.

Best for grow, without a doubt, was Casey Jones. Vigor in every stage of growth, terpenes that stripped the skin off the roof of your mouth, and a decent high to boot. At the time, I was way into flavor and that had it.

Smoked is a different animal. I’m not sure where to go with that. I used to love Sativa but since my TBI I need indica effects. I notice that grapes tend to do the job best, so I’ll go with GDP. I love that lady and have for a while.


Casey Jones… Thanks so much for your input. I’ll have to look into that. :slight_smile:

Lol ask for opinions then shyt on everyones opinions.
Funny stuff
GMO is top notch. Funky chemmy goodness w a uppy high. Gets you straight mangled


Check out Snowhigh he’s got Viet black


Is that right?? Going there now. Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

Not the “best “ I’ve grown or smoked but possibly my favourite. Legit Strawberry banana :strawberry: :banana:


And the name of the strain?

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Big bud was more of a breeding tool that never caught hold.
Huge buds, tasted like celery absolutely no buzz.


Strawberry banana I grew from bagseed

I’m trying to post pics of the Purple Puch phenos I was extreme lucky to test for a friend as well as the original bud that the strawberry banana seed came from but I’m limited to only 4 posts per day rightnow which really sucks because I have so much to say lol

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Exactly! Thats what I heard as well.

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Also, I havent had a chance to flower mine yet but theres gotta be a reason chem d is often referred to as the G.O.A.T.

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