Black snow gifted beans with Greenpoint beans

These were started in live soil with an extra wack of rice hulls 15-20%.

I use an old tried and true method of popping beans. shot glass with tap water until they pop or 24hours. Then into moist paper towels until I get about a quarter inch tail . Then into soil.


The black snow is about 10 days behind the others I soaked 5 beans looks like 4 are up


very cool man, i’m glad to hear you’re growing out some black snow. expect good things from those.

edit: i forgot i already posted this in the free seeds thread


2 of 4 are doing there thing the other 2 either ran out of gas or soil was too much for them. I popped a seed from most recent batch and put it in the same soil just to see if it lives if it does ill pop the rest of the black snow . If it dies ill have to score some seed starting mix .

Damn Hydro store cost me 2 or 300 minimum per visit so I try and stay away .

Really my gardens are all about easy. Really sold on 1 canadian product . Microbial mass . It’s outrageously expensive but with only every other week applications. I’ve found it adds 10-15% extra bud with no downsides . The math made it a no brainer. Ill gladly pay 50$ now for an oz or 2 in 3 months type of deal. That’s all for now .

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Lol its not an outdoor grow either dohhhh

Update the bag seed is thriving so I will plant the rest and see what I get . 1 of 5 is growing the other one I think its going to stall out as well

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