Blowgank420’s first grow

What’s happening everyone…I’m pretty new to the site as well as growing…I live in pa where it is currently illegal to grow but legal to buy the overpriced bs from the state owned dispensaries…I currently just ordered my first grow set up an should be arriving next week…my questions are this
1.)what’s a good soil I can buy that’s user friendly for somebody just starting to learn ph balances etc?
2.) What’s a solid seedbank in the states I can order seeds from
3.) Are there any clone banks that do mail order? Is that even a possiblity ordering clones through the mail?
Thanks in adavance


Welcome to OG . Lots of soil Info here . I would suggest a search . The breeders lab section has a subsection for seedbanks . Cant comment on mail order clones . :smile:


welcome !
Great Lakes Genetics (GLG) is in Michigan and very reputable
there are many others

if you are just starting wouldn’t recommend clones as they can be finicky and arrive in a so-so condition
plus the difference between receiving seeds across state lines and receiving clones across state lines is very different (legally I mean)



I would always recommend a hot soil to start with for someone who is still figuring things out.
Fox Farm Ocean Forest was my choice and gets recommended a lot. I really enjoy their products as they are plenty user friendly.
Royal Gold Mendo Mix is also being really good to me if you can get your hands on it. It is comparable to the Fox Farm with a few tweaks and more Coco. Makes it harder to overwater but is less hot.

I have limited experience with seedbanks but had a good experience with Greybeard. They shipped to me within 3 days and take debit cards which is nice. I would recommend them for someone just wanting to get their feet wet. If you want to spend a little more on some quality genetics, you can’t go wrong with BOG who is on here.


@BogSeeds and jbcseeds both excepts paypal which means you can pay with a card. Both ship out fast and discreetly. GLG is my go to most of the time due to their great promotions and freebies. But, you must pay using cash or money order in the mail. No biggie. Right now, 60 dollar bodhi packs and buy 1 get 1 free for bodhi for their 420 sale. I dont recommend ocean forest or any fox farm soils. Promix soils are great. If your interested i have a great soil recipe thats simple and easy to use. Ocean forest will burn up young seedlings.


True I think I mixed with Happy Frog to combat that when I used to use the OF if I am not mistaken.


I second pro mix but there are many ways to do it. I prefer to add my Nutes on demand rather than have them in the mix to start.

Works for me.

And welcome!


I’d recommend promix or something similar. Its basically peat moss with some added perlite. Used in conjunction with any decent bottled nutes it will be pretty straightforward. Coco is a good similar option too, but it’s a bit more expensive and a little more unforgiving with mistakes.

There are lots of amended soils with all kinds of nutes and stuff added in…they can be great but if you have feeding problems they can make things worse and more confusing.


Welcome to OG @Blowgank420!
You’ve come to the right place to learn to grow cannabis.

Soil/medium that has good aeration/drainage is important for growing cannabis. There are a lot of choices for grow mediums to pick from, or you can get a recipe and make your own.

I don’t buy many seeds from seed banks, but there are a lot of members here that can steer you in the right direction for the best seeds from the best banks in the US.

In my opinion, starting out with seeds is the way to go. Learn to crawl before you learn to walk, so to speak. Your experience starts the day you germinate your first seed. You are going to learn a lot during your first grow and you will have a lot of questions.
The “search” bar will be your friend and help you find answers to questions that have been “asked and answered” already… or ask in this thread and get quick answers from knowledgeable members. Once you gain some grow-how you’ll be ready for clones in no time.

There’s a big legal difference between sending seeds vs plants through the mail.


I now use pro mix with no additives and feed with liquid organic nutrients. If in USA contact me for seeds at and ask for seed info. :heart::sunglasses: Bog


Your best bet will be mixing your own soil. With a few simple ingredients you can create a water only recipe that will grow decent cannabis.

Here is a recipe for your enjoyment.

Base Mix
7.5 gallons of sphagnum peat moss
4.5 gallons of perlite
3 gallons of fresh EWC or compost
2.5 cups of dolomite lime

Ammend with
2 cups bone meal
1 cup blood meal
1 cup kelp meal
1 cup greensand (optional)

Save a gallon or so of the Base mix listed above for seedlings, then add the amendments listed above and let it compost (keep it moist) for about a month. This works great for medium sized plants in three gallon pots.


Where do you guys find Promix? I have heard a lot about it but never actually seen it. It says they sell it at Walmart out here in California but I have yet to find it.

I would like to give it a try on some peppers/vegetables.


Hi there and welcome Although mixing your soil is a great thing make it easy on your self on your first grow
My mix
Soil get a good mix to start I like happy frog and pro mix mixed 50/50 and add extra perlite for drainage
This soil mix really has no nutritional value mix is used for seedling and clones ( I no longer grow soil directly I use Octopots now passive wicking sys so I no longer use additives)

For additives
I would add bone meal and blood meal and bat guano soil needs to sit a good month to cook so to speak

Seeds or seed banks jbc ,bog ,glg all good people
For the first grow maybe feminized seeds are easy

My first grow I did fem auto.flower really easy
Don’t need to sex plants or Play with lightning schedule
Clones are troublesome for a beginner

If you go for seeds get a few extra sometime beginners have problems getting past the germination stage
What ever you do read as mush as possible Get a good grow book
One of the how to grow bibles there’s a lot of information on all aspects
Good luck
There’s a lot of great help here

Here’s a good seed group


I get it at the grow shop in the big city closest to me. They only have 3.8 cubic feet bales of it. Which equals about 2 bags of roots organic or fox farm soils.


Just chiming in to say I personally just hit up GLG for this promotion (the $60 BOGO Bodhi packs) and it was a great experience for me. I’ve had luck with seedbanks in the past but this one was for sure the smoothest imo. I don’t work for them, get a kickback, etc…just saw this on the day my seeds were delivered and thought I’d share.


Thankyou for the response…I’d gladly take the recipe if you dont mind…also are these things I have to but online or can I find them in home depot in any state


I like lucky dog over promix but you can’t find it everywhere. I just saw promix at Walmart for the first time but it is a half cube and a garden soil mix. Promix has alot of different products available. The royal gold mendo mix is also great stuff and can be ordered online if you can’t find it localy not sure about the shipping costs though.


Where can I order a book like this?


It’s a great book iv had this for years it goes from start tto finish on indoor
There’s a lot of info I read it twice before I built my first room
I refer to it often

They still have it on amazon


Lots of wicked replies already I’ll throw my hat in on promix and a 2 or 3 part nutrient has worked for me.
Since you are state side not sure on starts
Good luck