Bodhi Soulmate f2 grow & f3 / S1 making

Welcome to my Bodhi Soulmate f2 grow and f3 (and s1?) seed making diary.

I first grew Soulmate back in 2018 and it quickly became one of my all-time favourite strains, to grow and smoke. The aroma they give off in flower is hypnotic. I’ve been hooked on bodhi strains ever since. I loved the Soulmate so much, I even did the write up and pic for it on Soul Mate (Bodhi Seeds) :: Cannabis Strain Info

I also kept a diary of the grow over on RIU for anyone who cares to see info about the mother and father plants for these f2s.

I’ve been wanting to grow out these f2s for almost 3 years now, and I’m finally getting round to it!
Because I’m limited on space however, I have only been able to pop 9 seeds, but all 9 germinated with in 24hrs.

Setup details.
Seedling /veg cabinet 4.5x2x2.5 feet. (Although I only use 1/3 of the space currently).
DIY Led lights (TCI strips) mixture of 3000k & 4000k 46w total.
exhaust fan and carbon filter.
This cab is set for 18\6 hours.

Growing medium is soil, just cheap bag of compost from local shop, perlite (approx 10-15% by volume), and some recycled soil from old pots (maybe 5%).

The following is a list of nutes etc I’ll be usuing.
Mills A & B, Vitalink Cal/Mag, Wilkos liquid seaweed, Superthrive, Grow works liquid silicon & pH down.
I usually water between 6.0-6.5ph depending on what they need, ppm is around 300 mark once they can take a feed I’m veg, and then will increase through flower to around 500. I always feed less than what the bottle says, i just try to keep them healthy, I’m not growing for volume.

Apologies if this seems like a bit of a train of thought type of post. I just wanted to get all the info down and get the diary started.

I’ll be updating with pic regularly and will add some pics of the cupboard tomorrow.

Peace :v:


Wow, I’m excited. I ordered some Soulmate F2 and Field Trip F2.


Ye I’m along with this…tag me in…and good luck.



Did someone say S1??? Can I put myself on the imaginary list for the S1’s.

And this strain sounds amazing. I’m following along, can’t wait to see this.


I will watch :eyes: the bean making :chestnut:from my bean bag chair in the corner, with the bong…

…and if a list for seeds gets made you know I want to be on it!!!


I will tag a long if you don’t mind. :sunglasses:

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:smiley: ill be watching if thats ok :eyes: :chair: :clipboard: :popcorn: :face_with_monocle:

growth in growing :seedling: :herb: :evergreen_tree:


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Looks like a fun time I’ll tag along

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Thanks for the comments everyone. I’ll be trying to keep this updated, at least weekly, if not more often.

For anyone curious on the parents of these f2s, the Male was a tall Goji dom and the female was definitely more if a Wookie leaning pheno. (Pics and descriptions in the link in 1st post).

Here’s a pics of my cupboard for seedlings and early veg.
At the moment it’s full of all sorts of plants.
Campanulas, succulents, small rose bush, an avocado and then the Soulmates and a couple other varieties on the right.


Ah thats cool where did you get those f2s from if you don’t mind me asking?


Yeh S1, I believe that’s the term being used anyway. I’ll basically be using colloidal silver to make some females Soulmate seeds… if it all goes to plan. Will be my first attempt at doing this…so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: lol.


Le Chef, he’s from canada. I can message you a link.


Soulmate is still availavle at glg. Pine soul was always one of my favorites.


Following along! Got soulmate as a freebie awhile ago - seems to always get rave reviews.


I’m a recent fan of Bodhi. I am now running the Dragonblood Hashplant of his. I am impressed with the growth so far. I will be watching this one.


hey hey nice little seedling cupboard complete with stickers, i chucked some in the envelope i sent ya today :smiley:

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Dragons blood was fun. Had the bleeder pheno for a couple cycles.


Can I tag you to my grow? I would like some looks from someone who has already run these.


Sure, be warned its been a minute. How much time are you going to give her?

The picture doesn’t do it justice, but they do bleed red !

I was amazed first time I saw it, red sap looked like syrup