BOG Blue Kush genetics

Received the below from BOG in three days

Didn’t order this but rather had BOG pick one that had OG bubblegum or blueberry. I think he said this covers both. And the sour Bluetooth hitched a ride…nice!

Anyways, muscle memory took over and I rolled off four squares of paper towel and soaked them in distilled water. I haven’t popped a seed in over 18yrs.

Candidates picked are six.

Into the blankets in into the sauna.

And on top of the frig. This is the way I did it 20yrs ago so go ahead and tell me I fucked something up but you can always come by and smoke some blue kush.

Then read the instructions BOG sent

Oops I didn’t follow the instructions but I bet I’m close enough.

Anyways lift off (or not) in a matter of hours.


I had that Blue Kush in 2015 and it was very nice. If it’s anything like back then, you’ll enjoy what you find. I just ordered some Sour Bubble. Hoping to find a nice Bubblegum leaner, that sour pheno would be a bonus. Good luck and I’ll be tuned in.


Pulling up a chair and along for the ride!!


BOG, yes sir! Don’t mind me, I’m gonna be living vicariously through you!

By the way, I just put my paper towels in my bay window, instead of on top of the fridge. I think you did just fine :grin:


Im running his blue kush and lifestar in the greenhouse this year. The blue kush started to flower very early on. Pretty stoked with them so far


Not much has changed since you last grew, but so much has changed. Stoner talk :woozy_face:
I’ll follow along since I have some BOG coming, one is the sour bluetooth.
Happy growing


I peeked today… 3 maybe 4 have already cracked their shells in 18hrs


Yo B,

Not everyone got a bay window…damn. Good on you bro…what are you cracking man?


Some blueberry wedding cake with a mailman dad, Chemdog that are hopefully fem, biscotti bagseed, mimosa bagseed, and herer bagseed. I don’t even have the tent setup yet, but I will Sunday. I’ve never grown in a tent. It’s gonna be crazy stuff.


Better hurry… one catapultar could eat his way through that crop in an hour lol

Good luck getting setup inside. Definitely less of a bug problem.

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I’ll have the wife hit them with some bt :joy:

I’m looking forward to that. The mites have been stupid this year.


I’m pulling up a chair for this one. I plan to run some blue kush next and will be watching the show to c how they turn out

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Oh nice I need to get me some big gear I’d love a good bubblegum to run . The Blu Kush is definitely one I want to have in the stash pulling up a chair can’t wait to see how these turn out for ya


One that i have growing now smells like the blue tootsie pops. Cant wait


got a couple of these outside, short plants, quick trigger on the flower time, unfortunately i think it worked against me and they went into flower then back to veg when i put them outside… probably kept them shorter than they would have been, lowered yield, and set them back a week or two. Starting seeds under natural light seems like the way to go but just causes issues for me where im at, maybe using timers to match the light cycle that they’ll go outside under? Anyways, big up BOG crew, ill post up some pictures when theyre a little further along


Dunt dun dunt…did they sprout:

Ok boys and girls, here’s where we’re at

Five visible sprouts…lopped the sixth and it’s cracked and open. So it’s 5 1/2 for six. Experience tells me 6 for 6 but I marked it anyways.

These rapid rooter cubes are pretty cool. Never used them before.

Packed up and ready for school

Class starts under the T5’s ladies…


Hello gorgeous…two so far broke free


So far 4 have broke loose…a fifth one have a tap root but just hasn’t popped yet. 6th one nothing yet.