Indica Starts now

Purple Kush
Afghani #1
Purple Afghani
Afghani Kush

Picked up from Mark at CaliBest420.

Starting something and wanted to get some ole school Indy in it. Let’s see what happens.


I have Mark’s Afghan #1, and Purple Kush. I’ll be watching this one. :vulcan_salute:


Rinse and repeat. At least with a photo I won’t forget what I dropped.

OG Afghani Kush is going first. Eight is what I can run this time. Let’s see what happens.


Well, if you want old school indica… I’d say you are going to find it! :+1: :laughing:
That’s a great selection.



Can’t wait to see the finish product.


Always keen to watch your grows.Doob in hand and eazyboy recliner ready for the show.

Been seeing a whole lot of people on OG running Mark’s gear recently. I’m ready to see some Indy grows, actually excited.
I guess after I watch this grow, I’ll definitely be ready and right behind ya buddy. Purple Afghani is what I plan on.
Excuse the long winded comment.
Back to the show folks…

I was sweating but this afternoon it was time…7 for 8 so far on the Afghani Kush. Seems they needed a little more heat so I relocated to the top of my veg tent.


Nice Jake i will be following along.Been in contact with Mark about acquiring some of his auto strains to use in conjunction with my dragonbloodhashplant that takes 13wks to finish.Looking to get a quicker finishing version of the DBHP for my Ontario climate outdoors.


Last seed popped today…all eight Afghani Kush in da house


Some nice germination

BTW I hate these rapid rooters or riot rooters used both and the dry out too fast. Watering them twice a day NO

4 got moved to cups

Mainly because the cubes suck either too dry or too wet.

Waiting on 3 to break and one the had a dried out first set…prolly dried out in the cube.


One week in…

Round cups are Afghani Kush. Square are BOG BLUE Kush. Prolly give the sad runt upper left a boot soon. Q-tip for support. Bathroom was closer


I had a runt of HuckleberryCrackers was 99%dead.Put it under a poly dome with a cool mister running,3days later it showed green life.It lagged behind all the other plants.I named it Wanna Live this pic is after i snapped the stem last night.If not for the initial set backs it would be one of the largest plants of the 44 i started from seed soak 36 days ago and 6 days into 12/12

Dont give up on your runt yet it may just suprise you in the end.


Update day 24…uppotted today to 1g. Blue Kush up front with the red dots (4), Afghani Kush back left with pink dots (4), Bogglegum right side with blue dots (6). Kept everything so far. Some stand outs for sure.


Great strain choices and lovely healthy looking plants,they should really take off in their new pots and will reward you for it.

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