Calle‘s Indoor Adventures - Project 2 - M39 F3 - 1 plant 1 tent

Hey CIA Fans

Just a small Testrun as a preparation for the upcoming winter run. Lots of things to do. Need to build up a motherbox and build up some ideas to lighten up this new tent.

This plant was born middle of April and a complete outdoor grow. She is one the greenest phenos I found in the F3.

For preventative purposes I gave her a few wellness moments and she really enjoyed. First of all I gave her a really nice Footmassage powered by Gardena.

She totally loved it - 1 hours later !

Then i thought it’s maybe good to clean the plant and I tried to be organic xD

Mother nature came down with a hell of a rain and I used it to clean up the plant a bit.

Here you can see the cuts I took twice of all 6 M39 females and the lucky boy.

Ok here we are :green_heart: let’s process project 2! 12hours of light and first time full power on that Crescience Board with 110W!


A tent! Nice upgrade!

How big is it?

Congratulations! :sunglasses:


yay for the new tent! Setup is expending, that’s cool. Really nice pheno indeed. We’ll see how reversing the usual process to outdoor first then indoor will work. :slight_smile: How are you managing the day length? Are you planning to reuse the fridge? Could host bonsai mothers.


Yeah with you both in the first row I am really hungry for more :slight_smile: take a seat please. Unfortunately I can only offer the leftovers from last OD :sweat_smile: that the main reason for the new tent :slight_smile: it’s 90x90x200!

The light is for max 60x60 , that’s the reason for the one plant strategy.

Yeah I don’t know actually about the freezer xD let’s see…


Hey @FieldEffect and @funkyfunk and all the others,

The first flower day has been grown and it gave me some insights. My new exhaust fan has to much power. I throttled it already down to minimum and drecreased the intake as well. I barely reach 26degrees rather less while the lights are on. I would try to increase it a bit. So I am thinking of adding few e27 led bulbs to give some heat and bit more light as well.

Need to spend an hour rather more to play with the new environment and also train the plant a bit and putting some make up here and there. I will hook the carbon to have more sexy stringers for the LED Board. The :giraffe: needs a better place for sure… and so on and so on :slight_smile: I’d guess you indoor warriors are aware of all the actions…

anyhow I will try to keep you updated. I’m pretty courious to see its development!

How I managed the light? 12/12 with no doubt :sweat_smile:


Just 2 strings and we get a clearer view of what we can expect to see in the next weeks :sweat_smile:

I will cut the lowest branches i guess. Never did that but seems like it’s a good time to do it - what’s your thoughts?


What fan setup did you go with? Is it fixed-speed?

I don’t think 26C is a bad thing at all, I wouldn’t be unsatisfied with that. That’s a nice place to be. I target 26-28C.

I’d definately prune most of the lower part of the plant, especially if you feel you don’t have quite enough lighting horsepower. The branches are OK if there is a possibility they’ll make it to the canopy and get direct exposure to the light. The little shoots I’d chop off. Many of those shaded leaves I’d chop off too.


Yeah thanks - that’s how I thought it more or less. On the other hand side the leaves are carrying nutrients above if they are dying. But I will try it this time- no merci for popcorn :popcorn:

The fan is new and the carbon as well :wink: for bigger projects… it has this integrated tuner and it’s already on lowest power.

Ok I will just let it grow for a while


Hey my honest fellows,

That’s a fun project for sure :star_struck: let’s get ready for the stretch and then I hope she will progress quickly :dizzy:


this is looking good so far.
Congrats to your new tent.
I had some bugs on my plants when i transplanted them from OD to ID, back in the days.
May you keep an eye on that…


You did well bending the branches, I’d be worry of the stretch and that it grows into the light. given how big it is already :slight_smile: Now should be a little easier to manage.

I usually don’t prune so much the lowers, as you said this is stash, and it helps to see if there are some deficiencies before it appears on the newer leaves. If I want to avoid larfs, I remove the lower growths but leave the leaves. There’s so many different approaches :slight_smile:

Let see how it explodes!


Hey - thanks for stopping by :slight_smile:

Yeah I know I can imagine that and that’s the reason for my „Wellness“ before! They got Nematodes as well, so fingers crossed for a Bug free flower time.

Thanks Bro - yeah I guess it will explode but it’s only 5 l new soil so let’s see how it turns out. I have enough space but not enough light :wink: maybe I will Mac Gyver something…

M39 OD is pulling my hair back xD Checked pictures from last year. Holy shit :exploding_head:

Topped today

These are just bondaged down



Let’s get ready for the stretch :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s to cold in the tent. Target for the WE is to dial that topic in the right direction!


Bet you are really enjoying having a proper tent already :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks good to me. I’m going to need to try growing a big single plant in my tent someday. That plant looks huge!

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