Cannabis Infused Wine

Has anybody here made cannabis infused wine?

I’d love to try it and am certain that just soaking decarbed flowers in wine would work. Just am unsure of dosage and time to leak to flowers soak.

Also interested in red vs white vs rose etc…

Thoughts? Experiences? Going to try it - thinking maybe 7 grams to a bottle. May split the difference and try a rose to start. Maybe leave it for a month or so?


I have made cannabis infused eggnog before. I use a tincture then add as many doses as I want servings. Check out my tincture thread.


Hi Man, I made some hard lemonade with weed, it was lethal to drink, I still have a bottle left, made it 5 years ago, after the second bottle I was too scared to drink it lol, and gave it away.

I mixed 15 liters of organic lemonade from costco and 12 liters of water, then added 10 lbs of sugar with a turbo yeast that produces 20% alc with the right amount or sugars. Once that was ready 14 days later, I siphoned off the wine from the sediment and added 16oz of decarbed weed :scream:.

Let it sit for 3 weeks then siphoned off the wine again from the sediment. added another 5 liters of lemonade as all the sugars had been eaten and it was tasting like lemon juice, extremely dry. Added a couple of pounds of sugar again and bottled. left for 4 weeks then tried, after half a bottle I couldn’t move, if I wanted too. The world was spinning violently and all I could do was sit still and try not to puke lol. After experimentation I found a wine glass full was enough to get a good weed and alc buzz going but as it tasted quite good that was hard to keep to, and ended up in not a good scenario, so started to give it away to my buddies instead lol.

You can do it with any wine, but I think red would hide the earthy taste more, and the more alcohol the better, as that is what absorbs the THC, CBD. So I would experiment decarb your weed and add it to some wine and let it sit a week or 2 and give it a try. I make moonshine as well, and can get up to 170% proof which I use for making RSO.

Basically you are making a flavoured alcohol tincture. So your limiting factor for strength of THC or CBD will be the amount of alcohol needed to absorb it.

If you make your wine/alc from scratch put the fermentation bucket in with your weed plants and get lots of free extra co2 for the plants.


Oh man - that lemonade recipe sounds nuts!

I have a friend that uses cannabis medicinally, mainly oil based tinctures but he loves wine. I wanted to make a bottle of something for him - so the lemonade may be a bit too strong!!

ReikoX - you may be on the right track making a tincture. My concern was always getting the extraction with wine that was only 13%. I guess I could make some green dragon and add that to the wine. See how that goes.

I’ve made it before - some times it was killer, 1ml was perfect. Other times it wasn’t strong enough but I think that was down to not properly decarbing as the material was all the same.

Think I’ll try this method and see how it goes. Probably would only need 6ml or something per bottle to make it not a night ender!

Still a bottle drank by 3 people getting 2ml each of strong green dragon could be too much.

Will have to figure that out.



Wine is difficult, once a bottle is exposed to air its only a matter of time before the wine turns, and the infusion would take weeks, as you wouldn’t want to heat up the wine then re-bottle it. I have given gifts of Kahlua- great for morning coffee. Lots of fats and easy to infuse


Yup another consideration.

I do have one of those vacuum seal wine tops… they have a gas (nitrogen or hydrogen) you can use to displace ambient air in bottles to keep them fresh before recording too. (They use it with whisky)


I would say it would keep it at the state it is, when opened, while it is sealed. The problem is, you can’t re-cork it and again stop the wine from “corking” as it sits, as there will be oxygen trapped in there. The only way to stop this would be to use one of those stoppers all the time, which means you can only make one bottle at a time, or buy as many stoppers as you do bottles AND make sure you always have a bunch of extra cartridges, as you are going to be using them up quickly.


Had a few over the years. My advice is go easy on the weed. Just using a small handful of bud trim in the demijohn while it’s fermenting is usually enough or people will have a bad time :grin:


Good advice - the point is not to send people to space :slight_smile:

In this case I’m just talking about infusing wine - not actually fermenting with it… although I would like to try that in future!! My folks are looking at growing grapes on their land to make wine so I may have spike one of their fermenters in future (with their knowledge of course!!).

Wmoon - the plan was to just make 1 bottle. Hopefully consumed over a weekend!! No long term plans :slight_smile:



Ahem. And why not? I like company, sometimes.


Ha! Well sometimes you want to send them to space and then send em home!


I think that’s how I got here, decided to stay. :sunny:

It was 1972 and a friend and I pulled a book from the library, “How to Make Homemade Wine” or something.
Our big plan was to make “Weed wine”, which was funny considering we were kids still living at home.
It wasn’t until this post that I’ve thought about that.
Now I’m wondering what effect the yeast action would have on trichomes. And I reckon that’s why they should maybe call them try-chomes.


I know the feeling. I made some butter years ago with about 8 oz of bud trim. Tried it twice and felt the same way actually did puke. Was too scared to ever try it again. Sat in the freezer for about 5 years then threw it away. Did a tsp first try and 1/2 tsp second time. Would like to do infused wine but still timid.
Sorry new to this. Trying to reply to @Shadey



The first time made edibles, was back in the 80s, no internet then, just overhead a couple of people in the pub discussing it.

So I made cake, 7 inch chocolate sponge cake, added 6 oz of grass, it was a muddy green color when finished. I put it in the fridge.

Next morning I awoke with the girlfriend, and said, fancy some cake for breakfast :grin:
After a thin slice of cake, tea and sex, I was informed we were going to a barbecue with some friends. So I went and got a shower.

So I am in the shower, and I start to get butterflies in my stomach, the same feeling I get when coming up on acid. So I chugged down a litre of orange juice and knocked down the intensity of the weed, forgot to mention it to the girlfriend, my bad.

15 minutes into the drive to the barbecue, the girlfriend looks at me white as a sheet and says, stop the car were going to hit a lamppost, they are all melting and leaning over. I said, your ok, your hallucinating, it’s the weed cake. Then she looks at me and says, why is there blood coming out of your mouth… Why are you turning into a werewolf lol.

I carried her into the house and put her to bed, she slept for 24 hour’s.

It gets better.

Following weekend we are going to visit friends. I will take the cake I thought, wrapped it in surround wrap on a plate and put it in my bag.

We arrive at our friends house, the front door is open, we walk in and shout hello. They call down from upstairs, almost ready, we are going down the pub round the corner for lunch. Go and get the drinks in, we will meet you there. I take the cake out of my bag, and put it on the dining room table, and we head down the pub.

We have a very nice afternoon at the pub, and head back to their house, we can have some cake I thought.

They open the front door, and the house is wrecked, expensive leather furniture, and antique teddy bears ripped to pieces, shit, puke and piss every where, and unbeknownst to me, 2 doberman pinschers, that they were looking after for a family member, in a very confused state on the floor.

They had found, and eaten my cake, then went on some hallucinogenic primeval hunting spree, on the teddy bears and leather sofa.

I didn’t mention the cake, thought it best to keep that quiet. We left at their insistence, so they could clean the mess up. The dogs were fine the next day, they put it down to separation anxiety, as they only had them the day before. :disappointed_relieved:


Yes we did a chocolate cake in Mammee Bay and put in 1/2lb. Good stories on that trip too!!