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Is Mudman on Overgrow??


Not sure. I don’t have his email address to invite him. I know slymer, old guy, enlightened, big j, dark illusion and several others are, that I invited are :+1:t4:


Hi growers of Overgrow!
Last year I retired as a nurse so had extra time for hobbies. Planted my first garden ever-- vegetables and flowers. I had read that growing tomatoes was good education for growing weed. I had wanted to grow weed my whole life but never could (random drug testing at work etc).
So after a lot of research I figured out where to buy some weed seeds and ordered Purple Haze and GDP.
I dont have any tent or indoor equipment, so started growing outside last summer. One plant. I did harvest that plant and the smoke is great. But the grow was riddled with challenges ( too much daily rain, bugs etc).
I learned a lot but ive also had great help on different forums.
I do some vegging in my closet under a blurple and I plan to upgrade that light.
Then what happened to me?? I went NUTS. I realized i really love growing, i love the plant.
My next grow had 4 over-lapping phases and is ongoing rn. So I went from a grow of 1 plant to over 25 plants! Lol
I also switched from fof soil to living soil.
Ive already harvested zkittles auto, lemon haze auto, og kush auto, BG.
In my closet i have phase 4 in veg, which is ABC-6 plants. Im hoping to get seeds.
Then outside in flower I have : Malawi, 4 Tangie, 1 BD, 1 NA6 , 1 Waterstone cbd and 1 MW cherry heirloom( from Sebring).
I did have 8 plants that were supposed to be fem that were males – all got the chop and put into my cannabis compost pile.

I copy and pasted this from Enlightened’s journal.

I started out with a strong preference for photos. But then i realized autos have a time and place. And now I am getting more intrigued by regular seeds.

There are so many layers and aspects to growing weed. Its a fascinating endeavor. I am completely hooked. I love it!
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A few pics of my outside girls:
Malawi (getting chopped tomorrow)






Right on, your growing some nice greens it sounds like! Beautiful plants you have there. Keep it up and always og.

Stay kind,.


Hey Beautiful Lady,
Great to see you here :green_heart:


Hola. Not a lot going on here. Usually “no news is good news”? But I am taking a few months off dropping anything. Will have a lot of workers in and out of my house in the coming months. And this will be during hurricane season (June to November) when its god- awful humid for outside growers!
The last four girls of my grow #2 are ready to chop! Thats a BD, MWCB and 2 Tangies.
This still leaves my ABC mutant project, but I dont think workers will even know its cannabis. I have 6 ABCs that Im keeping in veg, slow growers! I think I have 4 females and 2 males but im not positive.
This is Tangie #1. Isnt she pretty with those purple trichs!!

Some of the ABC fam.

They are vegging in the sun, then into my closet under a blurple. I wish i could up-pot them into their final pot (7gal fabric), but then they wouldn’t fit in my closet!
Patience, juggling, and magic. . .


Loving Tangies trich porn,
purple is pretty :heart_eyes:

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This is my thread, in its infancy!

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I’ll follow along !!!

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Which site of ABC?

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Hi! Looks like you are in my shoes! I also have a plant flowering right now during an abnormal grow time as well as being in hurricane territory. Your plants look good!! Yes growing weed is a super fun hobby! I don’t even smoke but I try to sneak a grow in as often as I can just because it’s a beautiful plant and does have many uses. You must be in the Deep South so year round gardening is amazing. Keep up the good work! Your plants look great!

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Hi sct, im not sure what u mean: which site of ABC?
Do u mean where did I get the seeds?? I was lucky to get them from Sebring.
If Im successful in breeding seeds, I will offer them here.

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Oh, there were 4 sites of it found wild that all were a bit different. 3 and 4 are the ones you usually see. I dream of finding some site 1 and 2. I got some from Sebring too, those were site 3.

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@sct2020 Ahhhh I didnt know about the wild sites- thats kinda cool! So If mine are from Sebring they are site #3??
I dont see much info on ABCs. If u know a grower on here named Slym3r, he grows several of the mutant strains and he knows more about it than I do. He shared an article about ABC that called it “Mongy weed”.

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Yeah, we’re homies lol.

Check this out

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I just ordered Freak show regular seeds. Im gonna breed those also.
Love these mutants!!
Slym3r is a good guy. He kinda restored my faith in forums after a bad experience on a different forum.

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I read that thread-- thats a very cool project! If u guys need another breeder Im interested. That thread would not let me post on it.

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My ABCs have grown really big! And wow, what luck!! I have one male and 4 girls!

This girl is huge, almost as tall as the boy.

Loaded with balls!