A Very Happy Unbirthday, To You!

Ok. So never done this before and figured I’d take a whack. I have some beans from Nigeria that are good mix of local land races. I have not tested more than a few with some successes but believe this badboys to be quite old. They will require finesse. So if your interested let’s chat. It would be .5ml bottle full per person that wants them until they are gone! I have some more information I’ll post in a minute. Hope everyone is well. Have a blessed evening my friends


I’m assuming these are sativas?


Because they are native grown plants strain info and age is going to be mixed. Here’s some overall info:

Origin: Nigeria, Africa
Roughly 50% Males - 50% Female
Strains: Swazi Gold Durban Poison Malawi Kwazulu Granddaddy


And to clarify this is a gift, I expect nothing in return unless you want to. I myself do not have the space needed for these, and really would rather see people have a happy unbirthday. You know jump down the :hole: :rabbit2:


They sound super interesting, if you are interested i may have a few autos to share if its height/space you may be lacking in. You wouldnt have any idea on flowering times would you?


I would be very interested aswell
Are they mixed or do you have them by strain?

Hope to talk to you soon
Be safe

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No idea But my guess is it’s gonna be a long flowering mix.


They were shipped to me mixed and that’s how they will go out. A mixed up bunch.


Those could be solid gold for somebody trying to introduce some new interesting genes into our tired hybrid lines. Good on ya for doing this!


Mistery landrace seeds! tounge_smile|nullxnull I’m ready for the challenge Arriba|nullxnull , thanks for sharing … leb|nullxnull

Edit: Your web asks for a password … icon_e_confused|nullxnull


I am really interested! :v:


Yes that’s still in the midst of trying to decide if I want to do that. The password is password if your wondering. These however are more of a unbirthday present for all. Like a pen pal. There will be a return address on whatever I send if someone wants it to relay a message. I’m going old school for this and leaving suspense and good faith at the hands of the :snail: mail.


Well when the time comes id love to sign up.

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No signup needed on this one first come first serve. Hit the dm with a message to proceed my friend.


So got called back to work and really haven’t had time until tonight to get everything together. Thank you for your patience with me. They are packaged and getting shipped in the morning. Have a blessed evening my friends

I would love some of those seeds as well DM me for details

Thanks for the update Arriba|nullxnull, it’s not that bad having a job this days with the wuflu :sweat:, willing to plunge these beauties and see them grow Pirata|nullxnull , thanks again for your generosity … beer2|nullxnull