Cartwright's 4x4 Winter Wipeout

Hello Overgrowers,

Thanks for having me, just been lurking 'round to this point. So much pollen flying around here, it’s like a cannablizzard! So, I got my hat and gloves, sunglasses too. Let the snowball fight begin.

My goals are: do one indoor run, harvest decent amount of sensimilla, harvest decent amount of seeds.

I have two partial pollenating test runs under my belt. Single branch on each run. Both produced viable mature seeds(10-15) and a bunch of sensimilla

Seeds are mostly BOG, but I will mix in some other things, here is some SS Cindy to get the ball rolling.

Cookies on the left, Sweet/Sour Cindy on the right

They grow up so fast, some pineapple in the middle.


One of the autos going, a Lost Coast Skunk from HSO. Planted in it’s final pot, 2.5g. They are so cute when they are young.

two other autos hangin around are OG Kush from HSO. Planted in small squares for transplant.

Tomahawk and Lifestar

I will run the best ladies after a short veg. Keep a male or two, or three, who knows, all depends on what or who comes out to play. I am very excited to see all these run together.

Got some Bog Bubble brewing too, going in fours this run.


That looks like a well thought out project! Id like to learn more about making seeds. Looking forward to updates.


Cool, nice strains and look nice and healthy.
In for the show.
Best of luck


Learning is earning;) First grow log, so if I’m running amuck just reel me in !


Much appreciated, hope it’s a good one.


A few deets.

Simple soil, ewc, peat, compost, perlite. 216w t5ho veg 18" x 48" closet for early life.

4x4=600wmh/hps digital

Not going to clone, at this point. Will reveg the true winners for some clones to do outdoors in the Spring.

One of my favorite pets, cookie love.


beans beans beans, happy Friday OGer’s!


Batgirl does bong hits.


They all look very happy! What’s sweet/sour cindy?


That’s why we ride with her!


Thanks man, just trying to keep them green :wink:

Sweet and Sour Cindy(sour bubble x sweet cindy) is a BOG strain. I’ve not run this before, but I have done the Sour B and the Sweet C on their own. Love them both, and can’t wait for the cross to hit my brain :heart_eyes:


Group shot, the day before they went all 4x4
From left to right. 1 skunk auto - 4 Cookies cross - 4 ss cindy - 4 lifestar - 4 pcs tomahawk - 2 og kush auto.

Things should get interesting with the quickness.

Input ph 6.2 - 6.4 early veg and seedlings.

Willamette Valley Pineapple- hoping for a good boy and girl. Have had success with this indoors, well at least not epic failure;) two look nice, two look kinda funny, will see soon.


Same here! I am looking to fem some branches on the run I have in veg right now. It will be my second run of these strains and that the most I Do back to back usually. They are very good genetics I would like to keep around though


Veggin’ out, and some beans under the plastic. Those are Bog Bubble.

Skunk auto in the middle, two og kush autos upper right freshly transplanted into 2.5#.

Cindys and cookies satellite the skunk, and the pineapples are on the outside tiny lifestars and tomahawks need a new home :slight_smile:

I am trying to do a one light grow, but I think the 3 autos may need their own light soon, so maybe a 400w in a 2 x 4 right next to the 4x4, we’ll see. See how mant girls I get, my m/f ratios vary, so I got a bunch going. Already boned out 3 runts, and one seed out of about 30 did not come up.

Happy planting!


Looking good !!:smiley: Love the variety of strain !!! Keep it up growmie !


Thanks Teck’, variety is the spice! To that end, I have a bag of Blue Dream seeds, I got from a bag way back. I think that plant was run in a room with white widows, and gg#4, so the seeds I have should be one of those two crosses. Think I will pop a few and run’em 12/12 from seed with the rest of the gang.

Hoping males come out to play quick so i can cull and segregate. Already have two showy girls, so it wont be long.

First tie down, think she’s a girl, Sweet and Sour Cindy #1 :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas to all, stay warm and enjoy the day. Fortunately, it is always Spring under the light

Quick photo dump :slight_smile:

skunk auto

skunk auto today :slight_smile:

lil’ cookie beastie, hope it’s a girl, the other 3 look like 2 boys and a lankey one, so wait and see, maybe only run 1 cookie if thats all i get


family shot, prob flip to 12/12 tomorrow, started 2 wks 24/0, 2wks, 20/4, 1 wk 18/6, now we bloom, perhaps a little upotting before the flip, so maybe a 1/1/20 :wink:


Getting crowded. Doing some pre sexing, and I am sure of 3/4 girls on the SSC, they are on the left. Too many 3/4’s and i’m gonna run out of room fast.


Boys club photo. One of each so far, from left to right, SSC WVP GSC, so 3 guys, in my fav flav’s.

I want to make my own pineapple cookies fromOGS - WVP and GPS - Cookies and chem. I’ve got a good male of each. Good structure and a rank stem rub on all 3. Any suggetions on the best way to approach this. Maybe do both crosses, pineapple to the cookie girl, and cookies to the pineapple girl? Seem logical.

Got some gum coming too, maybe cross that with the cookies too.

Happy New Year and happy overgrowing