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Long time observer, first time diary. Judging from what I’ve seen there’s not much I can teach but a lot I can learn. Just a little background then we will get to it. Shut the room down last fall after a few years growing commercial (as it got) . A friend/caregiver let me build/run his rooms and set mine up while I was recovering from a 3 story fall. Was mainly a water meter and rotator for 20 plant runs on a 4 week flip.

Flash forward and there is no grey market anymore and things stalled. Bad spider mites on final run of summer made me shut down and call it quits for the fall. Bleached, froze, bombed my space eventually killing the last (GG4) mother I had. Before she died I was able to get 24 viable cuts before she passed so I just finished the first run and am back on a 4 week schedule.
Baseline grow to dial everything back in yielded a pound from three plants. Two super cropped and topped for hedge top and one topped twice and let stretch.
Nutrients were Off the shelf granular in veg and AN a and b flower (leftovers).
Nothing else special was done other than care, a bit of pruning and observation.

Here is the lineup for the next three plants, they will have to earn themselves a win, place, or show during veg to earn a spot in the flower room.
Up front are two morrocan beldia Kif plant - 2regs
Right middle and back - Ace Panama red - 3 regs
Center. - MTF -1 , 2 still in dome cracked to help today.
Ohhh already earning one spot is my bagseed Purple Thia that’s 3 weeks into veg.

Feel free to comment, my goal is to run some landrace (or close) to get back to some of the roots of cannabis through 60’s 70’s and 80’s. Possibly some seed runs and crosse with the strains I like best.
Back and middle left - Mystery grab bag of good stock - 2 regs


I’ll pull up a chair for this one @Instg8ter!



Thank you Sir, some future contenders are Durban Poison 100% Sativa. Some Black Pearl crosses, Ace Bangi haze.
The Mystery bag seed catagory could get interesting. Gifter of the seeds says they are G-13, WW, Golden Tiger, MTF crosses.


Hey @Instg8ter cool looking set up and I’ll be watching. Nice variety of up and comers!

Thanks also working on getting my hands on some old school Mexican and South American strains.
I have put in new shelves to raiseD my beds to 5 feet as I am growing smaller plants these days but if they want to stretch to 8’ of space I have it. Easier for me to prune and watch for me as I can’t be crouching or kneeling.
First female run of every plant will be with no more than two toppings and let go natural from there and observed.
Two cuttings will be rooted in case anything special comes up.
Males will be culled and segregated In separate building for pollination and crosses.


I know you don’t need it, but good luck in your endeavors. Wonderful strains you’re working with. In your hands, I’m sure you qualify as a Fire Warden. Be well in all things!!!

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Nice :sunglasses:

Id like to see those Bangi Haze growing. Start a thread when you do! Looking forward to seeing these Beldia and panama in particular. I’ll be following along!


Hoping to run 5 plants every 4 weeks, the Bangi is on the list for next seed drop. The 2 morrocan were lifting the 3” dome off a seed tray on third day. I am going to do more of a room diary and try and keep it going perpetually.


Looks like some fun! I’m down.

Pulling up a chair and grabbing the popcorn for the show

Looks great

Cheers Johnny

Damn Insta, I’m gunna follow around for awhile. We have similar situations, perpetual grows being one . Multiple strains yet another. Definitely alot going on in that garden. :coffee::evergreen_tree:

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Cool man welcome - haven’t been on much due to the business im a part owner of trying to figure out what we are going to do with this pandemic and the financial position it is going to put us in heh… Trying to stop in OG more and keep myself away from too much BS media and such.


Just an update, looks like the lineup is set. The beldia is early riser and stretching half inch a day put my led on them last night will start moving them closer as they desire. The two mystery strains are catching up, along with the one MTF that popped. Other two are still in tray but I think they are gonna be duds. Also lost a mystery seed. Panama Is bringing up the rear looks like I have twins and a runt. Nice color with pink stalk and darker leafs.


Day ten from seed drop: Well with the work shutdown I am dead in the water so looks like the girls will be getting a lot of attention. All the seedlings shot a half inch in the dark and started shooting the first saw tooth leafs. So far this morning everyone got a little RO flush from a hot batch of nutes, I have been pushing the GG4 to see what it will take, water and light hog but she don’t need a lot of help otherwise. Now that’s done I have another rack to install and adjust my fans to lower my temp at lights to 80-85, been peaking at 89 with the little warm weather. Put the Purple Thai in to flip to 12/12 today. I have about seven tops that have bridged the cabbage like canopy, hoping for some stretch so I can get a few more longer shoots to get clippings for sexing.


Day 11: Second set of leafs popping out, I slowed the stretch a little by pushing to the light. Leaf growth Is still steady . I helped the runt Panama Red get rid of its shell, Should start spreading out and catching up, about 2.5 inches smaller that his kin. Still soaking the last 3 (2-MTF and 1- mystery seed no love so far.

Day 12: seedlings were a bit bleached from moving closer to LED, mixed a 20% feed and moistened the cups. Went in to tend the flower room and came back half hour later and they were half emerald on the leafs so hang on here we go. All the plants are experiencing level grow the twin reds staying strong and consistent although a little behind height wise and are showing thicker pink to dark purple at base stalks.

Thai day 3 from flip: 12/12 lighting starting 4’ from light. I would say she has stretched here tops at least 6” above the canopy, stalk nodes are steering also showing a slight bit of stress with a few twisting leafs at the tops otherwise healthy and on a full flowering nute schedule feeding once a week, and on third day after with RO water until she tells me what she likes. As soon as destresses I will start pushing the tops to the super HPS.
This plant is so sensative that if I even grab the tray and turn it, it will start kicking a burnt rubber, pepper and pine scent that overwhelms my two rooms of GG4! Only for the time I am fucking with her though.


Since I have been working out of the shop while on shutdown all the plants are getting a large dose of 70’-80’s hard rock so they remember their roots. I need to make Them up a “weed mixtape”…lol, remember cassettes? 8 track? Reel to reel?

First track :

Passage to Bangkok - RUSH!

Feel free to add your favorite POT song to the list :sunglasses:


Beauty plants there! What’s your average veg time for those monsters?

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The Thai is four weeks from potting. GG4 I let go 3-4 weeks now, back when I was running full rooms vegging 4 weeks and letting stretch my plants got up around 7ft tall. Then went to doing sea of green at about 4’ high in raised beds rather than lower 9ft high lights. I like that I get a lot of airflow from underneath. Seems to make it easier to balance temp at lights with wether changing daily.