Anti-Insomnia Strains

Chronic insomnia and delayed sleep phase syndrome are disorders that have tormented me in life. After trying pharmaceutical medications that nearly killed me, cannabis is what (and I can say this with no exaggeration) saved my life. If you know someone who lives with chronic insomnia or have it yourself then you know first hand how serious it can be.

I’ve found that although most people recommended something indica, not all indicas are equal in their medical properties for treating this illness. Plainly put they either work or they don’t. I’d like to share a plant that was gifted to me several years ago that truly turned my life around…

This is the Orange Grove hashplant. It’s background consists of LVPK, Hindu Kush, Deep Chunk, and CaliO. Though it qualifies as an Afghan polyhybrid, it’s been worked and is either an IBL or close at this point as there is much uniformity between plants. Nearly all the one’s I’ve grown are identical in structure (LVPK sided.) About half of them come out reeking of orange peels (delicious!) and they diplay an intense potency and have a very thick stalk from the Deep Chunk side. It’s also very pest resistant thanks to the Hindu Kush line in it. It’s only weakness is that it’s susceptible to mold in damp conditions (typical of Afghanis) though in my opinion it’s amazing regardless.

Feel free to share the strains you feel have helped you reach your dreams.


I have insomnia, and am looking now for a strain to help lol , have tried og kush, nl, scotts og , others but they were more sativa. Nothing there as far as putting me to sleep.

running some heavier indicas now.


A 7 1/2 footer that was one of a few orange-smelling seed producers which I hit with two orange-pheno males, that were nearly identical.


To give a better idea of how compact this plant is when it’s earlier into veg… Classic HP leaves. They are starting to show signs of Nitrogen, and a litle bit of Phosphorus deficiency. Corrected by adding a little lime and quality fertilizer.


Watcha got lined up? I like to hear what has helped others.


havent tried them yet but mob and mk ultra, the mk ultra was supposed to be indica leaning but is sativa looking so …


Good point you brought up, some of those heavier strains can have narrow leaves like a sativa but still be sedating in affect. Some Thai leaning Northern lights are like that. Really brings into question what is an indica? Basicly the effects I love generally are found in wide-leafed varieties that are stout, but it’s more of a guideline than a rule. You have to judge them on an individual basis. I admit, I’m a sucker for those fat leaves. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just got my mmj about 2.5 years ago, its red here so for like 15 yrs only smoked maybe once a year on vacation. we tried everything at our dispos(there are only 2 growers,so dispos all have same stuff) some from Co. quite a bit from mich.

But i dont know what strains do what, I go off the old days and they really dont apply anymore.

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It really can very from person to person. For me, those more traditional hash plant types seem to work best and all the different crosses of them. I also like Northern lights as a plant to grow cause it’s so easy and resists disease, while also being forgiving.

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thing is your nl vs my nl there bound to be different lol, unless we were together and both smoked same at same time hard to ever really know.

This one dude I knew , use to get other peoples seeds and change name to what he wanted.


Indeed, there are many different versions of that strain and individual plants will also very. Orange Grove is a one of a kind as far as I know so would probably be a better one to compare. Every now and then people happen to name different things the same name without knowing. I’d hope people would be honest to the best of their knowledge about what they are passing around, but you can get that from time to time.

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this guy was in a rural area, but every one grew,for generations. He would purposely change names so that when his customers liked it, they couldn’t find it (he made up names) except thru him

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Tahoe OG (not to be confused with OG Kush), Northern Lights, G-13, and Grand Daddy Purps have all long been known to be a good strain for those suffering from insomnia, though as noted it varies from person to person what works best


Bohdi’s Black triangle makes me sleepy. Fairly potent also.


If you can find Lapis Mountain, it helped a friend about 8-9 years ago now. After he ran out, and to get over the waiting hupm for a new batch, we found a strong butter extract for him, did the trick.
What was weird, butter did NOT do squat for him until after he used an ounce of the Lapis Mountain! He swears for him it rewired his sleep pathway, and the butter keeps it open.
He is not a cannabis smoker, took a few hits here and there in his lifetime, but until it provided him sleep, he had no interest.
Wishing all the best for you all fighting for sleep.


yes, Black Triangle x Herijuana is a good one for sleep also


So the orange skunk is whats doing you guys right?
I can also see heri doing its thing.
You guys tried chemo at all?

You also need to get on medusers site and dig into his seraph.
Seraph is a medical red trainwreck.


i can recommend maple leaf indica from sensi seeds. this one put anyone to sleep I smoked it with. I have currently some mazar landrace going which I grew some years ago. this one is also a very good sleep aid.


Some of the finished product…


I have insomnia. Dont smoke for it but GG4 would be one Id explore. Under normal conditions Ive noticed I actually have dreams when smoking it.