Chat room (let's chat!) 💬 (Part 2)

Hey @Slick1 , was gonna comment on your note there, felt awkward, thinking it was not the proper thread and, low and behold, @Northern_Loki moved our comments here lol! Awesome!!

Was gonna tell you I agreed completely, but felt like, in any other forum, group or a bunch of people together, we’re bound to get into problems, and despite seeing lots of it going down, I’ve decided to fasten my seat belt and stick to learning and sharing a good vibe, regardless of other things happening. After all, when airplanes go down, more often than not it is due to human error. And I see a similarity in this, except there are so many cool people here, so many right upfront teachers, and this “soil here!” is so organic so to speak, I say, Heck with it! I keep learning here and this is why I stick around, besides the nice interaction with other OGers! Always thankful for all the amazing gals and guys here! :pray: :hugs:

Btw, look at how much the Ghost Rose has grown! Awesome! Have to go back to the link you told me, read more and see what to do next!!! Newbies!! Triline coming!


:metal:t4: Nice bro!

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Anybody else on the SHIB train? :grin:

Hey Donnie have you had a chance to try the strain Donny Burger?
There is a cut going around NorCal that is really nice. Came with a long ass description of its flavor profile which included tasting like lime aioli. My dude was going on and on and I was rolling my eyes like Yeah whatever dude. But it actually does taste like citrus aioli to me🤣
GMO X Tahoe OG I believe. Really strong medicine

Yeah it was at the hands of a few that the many suffered and none of it was the actual members here. Thankfully there’s such a good group of people here that even the bullshit that went on didn’t completely drown it. The knowledge part wasn’t in danger thankfully (besides chasing people who contribute off possibly) but the community aspect was definitely intentionally attacked and it sustained some damage unfortunately, but I digress. It’s calmed down now and what’s left is still better than most other sites at their best. That says a whole lot for the members here!

And holy damn man! She definitely grew quick! Time to trim the stuff under that bottom node off and start training the 3 branches to grow out sideways already. Pretty damn impressed she came along that fast from the pic you posted the other day!


You mean the tiny leaves growing under the two big fan leaves ? I think you mean that, right!?

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Yup. Even those tiny bits will use energy from the plant that you want directed at 3 branches.

Any growth off the stem below that line is just fluff and will slightly hold back the rest. I didn’t suggest trimming it the other day so she’d have a chance to grow out a bit first but she’s definitely ready now.


Damn serious teacher!! Love it! :flushed: :rofl: :skull: :innocent: :upside_down_face: :star_struck: I’ll do!

:green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart: Triple Likes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :hugs:

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Nice to see this place around …

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@Cormoran lol here’s the place to best discuss all the ins and outs of that, cuz

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Good call, and thanks for cutting me off at the pass about the TL. :stuck_out_tongue: No need to get into that whole hot mess again, as it tends to agitate people. I was hoping for some way to do it without needing to depend on my eyes… probably weight is too finicky, even with a scale measuring down to 0.3 or 0.1g it wouldn’t detect the difference between a normal seed and a ‘trimmed’ one. I guess it’s just one of those things I’ll get the feel of once I do it a bit more, oh well. Between that, some h2o2 and maybe eventually some gibberellic acid (which also isn’t carried anywhere nearby, argh!) I’ll have to see what happens, thanks for the pointers. :slight_smile:

You can order it on Amazon cuz cheap

with Prime, he can even get it tomorrow: : Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer, Wiggle Worm Soil Builder, 4.5-Pounds : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Thats the one I bought…

Oh Gibberellic acid… oops, must finish coffee… still not awake (but he can still get it on amazon lol)

I buy that one also, when I’m too low on WC to get enough for germinating tray.
lol except i get the 30lb

I use aspirin in water for germination starter, then into aloe. Then Dirt
Added info available at:


I’ve done something similar and crazy glued dimes and pennies to every panel and piece of glass on a thief’s car…

The last person who ripped off my grow had their car completely done up in clown gear crazy glued to it.

Fuzzy buttons, big red wig, nose, floppy feet on the tires…

It made the newspaper.


I wanted to call attention to what he’d done, the leaves were a giveaway who was sending him the message, and ya think he’s gonna call the cops then? lol

But man, I love the clown car idea… I woulda lost it seeing my “artwork” make the newspaper hehehe


It was so annoying not to be able to take credit for it, but the paper mentioned 5-6k worth of damages.

I’d have thought more as the entire car would need to be repainted, and a good paint job for a car will run 8-10k easily.


ya man, i noticed i fat fingered your name in there instead of @Loggershands but the thread wouldnt let me edit the post fro some reason. sorry about that :-/

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Mine was probably similar, I’m sure locks and windows aren’t cheap to replace on a 1960’s saab :wink: At least he’s lucky I didn’t experiment with thermite… And BOY I really wanted to… Mess with my babies, I mess with yours…

The sad part? this dipshit put out like 8 plants, none over 8" tall, in early august, under total shade of saplings, not one minute of direct sunlight in a day. I left em alone because… Karma… Then he ripped me…

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