Choosing the right fan

I am planning my first grow and was hoping someone can help me make a good choice. I will be using a 4x4x7 tent with a 600w LED. I like the Cloudline T6. I have read where filters, 90’s, etc. will decrease cfm by 50% or more. Is this enough fan? Would rather spend a little more now than finding out I made a poor choice and have to replace.


That’s fine. A 6" duct fan will provide plenty of air exchange for a 4x4 tent.

I like the Hyperfan. Very quiet, comes with speed controller, very low power draw.


Ya that should be tons of air movement. Your space is 112 cubic feet, and ideally you’d like to move it once a minute or so. I’d imagine that fan pulls 300cfm or more. Scrubbers and elbows will reduce CFM but I doubt it’s by 50% unless you have some kind of duct maze going haha

The only other thing to consider is you have to match the fan with a scrubber rated for roughly the same CFM, so if you get one make sure it’s rating is close to the output of the fan.


I have a cloudnine fan w/ controller and love it. Make sure you spend the extra $20 and get the controller as it’s well worth it


@beacher So if the fan is rated at 402 cfm a 400 cfm filter should be fine? Any brands of filters to stay away from?


Oh ya, you’re good within a range of probably 50 CFM or so. Really even a 100cfm difference in ratings would likely work ok, but will either burn the scrubber out faster or choke the fan too much.

I love mountain air filters, have had nothing but good results…but there are tons of brands out there now and I think they’re all pretty similar tbh. Wherever you’re getting your fan will probably have some fan/filter package deals. Check Amazon ratings and stuff to see if any are to be avoided.


Infinity filters work great


That specific design of fan tolerates much higher back-pressures than regular, so it will have sufficient airflow with a filter.



Thinking ahead :+1: Smart. Buy once, cry once :slight_smile:


Thanks @Joker
I have been looking at that exact fan (with controller) for my 4x4x8 tent. Great info here


Ive been using Phresh filters for 9 years now. I dig them. 6x24 should be fine for that fan

For fans I usually skip cannabis industry brands and go for HVAC business brands.

I love my Soler and Palau. 9 years old and still getting the work

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