Chronix's Overgrown Tent

This is going to become an overgrown jungle.
Plants were vegged way too long for the size of the tent due too many reasons…but lets see how it goes anyways. All comments are welcomed.


  • 1 - Eutierria from SpaceBound Genetics ( Thanks to @DannyTerpintine and @DougDawson )
  • 1 - Kush Berry from Peak Seeds
  • 1 - Blue Cookies from Mark (strainly) ( Thanks to @Qtip )
  • 2 - CBD Panties from 7 East Genetics
  • 1 - Zeus OG x (Red Cherry Berry x Durban Poison) ( Thanks to @cannabissequoia )
    A few years ago I made a very small batch of seeds with a Zeus OG female I had with a male Red Cherry Berry x Durban Poison cross that I got from him.


  • AC Infinity 3x3x6 tent
  • AC Infinity RAXIAL S4 with speed controller (4 inch air intake)
  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE with thermal control (4 inch air exhaust)
  • Phantom Pheno 440 watt LED
  • Secret Jardin 30 watt pole mounted fans x 2
  • Promix HP
  • Remo Nutrients

All plants were vegged with 24 hour light under 315 watt CMH.
Eutierria, Blue Cookies, and Blue Kush all had tap roots around July 29th.
CBD Panties were started somewhere after the middle of August.
Zeus x (Red Cherry Berry x Durban Poison) is a clone off a mother plant.

I moved the plants from the veg tent to the flower tent on October 7th around 8pm.
1st day of 12 hour darkness began at 5am October 8.

Kush Berry

Blue Cookies


Zeus x (Red Cherry Berry x Durban Poison)

CBD Panties

The whole family.

Phantom Pheno 440 watt LED.


Wow they look really good! I can’t imagine what they will be when they finish!! I’m signed up!


Good luck with the grow
Did 2 tents 12 plants myself wasn’t to bad


Good luck, you got this!

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I did two tents for 5 years. Now I have FIVE :rofl:
2X2, 2X4, 4X4, 4.5X4.5 and 4.5X5.5.

:green_heart: :seedling:


Pulling up a chair, good luck. Looking good so far :slight_smile:


Nice tent, girls look happy! :slight_smile:

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Everything is looking great. How do you like those monkey fans? I mean do they push good amount of air and last a while before resins lock em up? I have a couple 4x4s that are tight space and want true opinion on em cause i like the idea but theyre not cheap.

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It’s a good thing you got the 6’ tent :+1::joy:


Nice lineup, I’ll be keeping an eye on this one!

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Ok bro. Im in the house for the long haull. Cant wait to see how big that stuff gets.
Ahem. !!!
You did say you were supplying the top shelf reefer to the watchers! Right?!?!?


Thank you everyone for the comments!

I like them, they push a decent amount of air, way more air than any other tent pole/clip fan I’ve used before. Kind of hard to answer your question… :grimacing:
A week ago 1 of the fans started to make some noise when I turned it on.
It has been fine since though. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:
4 months or more run time so far. I am happy with them.
I’ve had fans lock up/sieze alot sooner.

I’ve got enough for everyone! Herb and edibles. Feel free to hang out and relax!



Looking damn nice there cuz! I’ll just sit over here outta the way, if ya don’t mind lol and watch this show, to the sweet ending I know it’ll have, being done by ya! Grow On cuz! Great growing vibes for you in the air, can ya feel it!


Day 6

I took clones off all these plants before putting them into 12/12.
The Eutierria clones were the first to root, still waiting for the Blue Cookies, Kush Berry and CBD Panties to show some roots.


What style of rooting might I ask? Everything’s coming along very nicely, well done.


My current way of cloning is simple. 1 or 2 ounce cups to save space in my small clone area. Cups are filled with pro mix. I dont use domes, I don’t mist them with water. I don’t even bother clipping the tips of the leafs off. I water them once a day, twice at most. In a week or two I get roots. Works for me.
I also sometimes just leave some cuttings in a cup of water and leave them near a window and get roots easily too.

Kush Berry



That sounds easy!

:green_heart: :seedling:


Yep lol I sold my EZCloner boxes, and pretty much do it the old-school way again. Like that, except I do trim the leaves a bit to make them stop growing leaf and concentrate on the root growing, and spray once in the morning and a bit of water every day.
Good way to go cuz!

Don’t get me wrong, them damn fancyass cloning boxes are ok, but they eat a lot of electric that’s not really necessary

Those are really nice looking plants you got going there!!