Clogged Stomatas

So long story short, I didnt let the og biowar foilar talc carrier settle enough and i sprayed my plants good and heavy. it left thick coats of the talc carrier all over the plants, and it seems to have clogged my fans stomatas to the point where they curl up like a taco. I scoped them to make sure it wasnt russet mites. All i see are white coated hairs. Any advice on cleaning and unclogging fan leaves?

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wash em off.


ive washed with pure water, water with hydro peroxide, still not taking much off.

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did you scrub at it? Or use a sprayer and scrub? Might be like cement hardened on there I spose.


Whats weird is, it’s only affecting new growth!. The larger fans seem to be okay but the smaller, curling up like no other. I’m gonna keep scoping and washing. I don’t see anything but white hairs covered white.

you got a photo or microscopic photo of it? Color me curious.

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Get this, never guess again. It clips on your phone. And it’s only $20

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Perfect time to promo my new Stomatas De-Cloginator.

For just 2 easy payments of $2.99, this could be yours.

Just lightly hold the leaf and aggressively brush the leaves with the De-Cloginator.

Stomatas will be more open and acceptable after treatment.

That doesn’t sound like a spray, that sounds like heat or bugs. (Heat from IR not just hot room)

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i just installed a 2nd cmh lamp, but thing is, outside plants are doing it too. and they were sprayed with the same mix that messed these up

ive gotten the old soft tooth brush after them. distilled water at 5.9ph, got some spray sulphur incase its russett mites after all. the outside plants, man, here in oklahoma we just got flooded out, so i wouldnt doubt the moisture isnt playing a part. but this all came about the morning after my dumbass didnt let the talc carrier settle good enough.

have you used this product before on your plants? The instructions say:
Solution will leave behind a white residue when dry. This is pharmaceutical grade talc. It is normal and safe for you and your plants.

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I have og biowar says let talc settle then scoop off. I also added some cal carb by xtreme gardening and you don’t have to let the mix settle bc it dissolves. I was rushing and instead of using a pipette and get the good layer, I pour it all in. Og has lots of talc

i picked up some lost coast plant therapy, says all mites… no luck with gh exile, or spinosad… im thinking this is a mite issue… ive scrubbed these plants

hey broad mites… good thinkin’ those are tiny. Have you seen any with the microscope though?