Clones from Clonify

If I wasn’t a single parent father I’d pack my dog an move to a state where I can legally grow with no worries. Once he gets a little older an we are in a position to move. I would definitely love to travel to the legal states an try some different shit an see some different shit. Lol. Honestl Pa is so far behind it’s a disgrace. Almost 3 yrs into the mmj program an they still want you to vape the bud not smoke it but it’s cool to fire off dabs. Smdh. They still haven’t started selling anything over a gram of dabs at a time or 8ths or qtrs. It’s ridiculous they try an tell people it’s a flower shortage. Lol 3yrs in a you still can’t keep up with demand. Or is it the state is taxing the grower an dispensary so much that the only way they can truly make some money is to nickel an dime the customer/patient.

Im not surprised my exp with that place is the nature is awesome and everything else is decidedly non-awesome honestly the amish kinda creeped me out all staring people down and shit. Good luck out there and i think seeing other places is a great idea ive lives in cali oreg wash okla and been to a bunch more :grin: i wanna retire to the redwoods where i spent my childhood though


They responded, Still finalizing details for the pickup but sounds like this Friday :grin:


No way!!! Dude that just made my night reading this Decisions :grin::grin::grin::grin::face_with_monocle::thinking::thinking: to order or not to order? That is the question :joy:

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I’ll keep this updated as I get it! They’re a bit swamped I guess, new facility getting started, and lost one of their main guys. The website is not really updated but shoot a text and ask.


Finalized my order today, got my total (honored the expired sale price, on the slurricane, but not the cybermonday coupon code). Then I added on two fresh cuts (unrooted) of flintstones for $10 each, they will do cut to order and let you know when it’s rooted too. But I wanted it all on one delivery :laughing:. Their list of strains hasn’t been updated, but I think they lost some strains when they lost a guy.

From their text:

Hey there! Here is our Master Genetics List. This is simply to show you what we have in our library and pricing.

If something you’d like is listed as out of stock on the website, you can place what we call a cut-to-order, where we cut the clones fresh, just for YOU! There are no additional fees required. Keep in mind some strains take longer than others to root!

First or single in the Elite category is as priced below, any additional of the same strain is $45 Additional Discounts for orders over 12 clones.
Gelato 33 (Larry Bird Cut) $140 :trophy:
Mac 1 Caps :billed_cap: Cut (Members only) :trophy:
Sunday Driver (black sheep cut) $225 :trophy:
Triangle Kush (Org.- sunshine) $200 :trophy:
The Following are;
Buy 1 /$100 for first and 35ea after that.
Buy 10/ $35ea

AC/DC $30 26%CBD 0.9%THC Test Results available.
Gorilla Glue #4
Ice Cream Cake
Lava Cake
Meat breath
Mendo Breath
Peanut Butter Breath
PuTang (MMS select)
Praying Mantis (MMS)
Watermelon Gelato
Watermelon Zskittles
Wedding Pie

We offer shipping AND hand delivery. Shipping cost is $26.99 flat rate per order for WINTER RATE. $19.99 is the standard shipping rate for other warmer months.

There is a $40 fee associated with hand deliveries south of Ellsworth.

Includes a FireMailer w/LED, insulation, and heat packs. Delivery within Maine is a flat rate of $40 per order. Bulk orders may have additional shipping fees.


Update, I got my local pickup order. The clones look nice sized and I’m mostly happy with the order. I’m not here to bash anyone, but I did see one single crawlie thing for a brief moment under the magnifying loop, it appeared to be a mite, plus some things that could be eggs on the mendos breath. Either way, I’m going to quarantine, treat, take a new cutting, soak and scrub it, Then toss the original base and soil once I have roots. I’d be doing this even if I didn’t see anything.

Edit: Pic would of helped :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Slurricane on the left, mendos breath on the right. In quarantine getting fumigated until I get something more effective. Also, at this point I can’t even say it was a spider mite for sure, only saw it briefly and it got away, could of been a predator mite for all I know.


My worst fear :fearful: !! Clones with bugs coming into the grow room!! Good to see you went right into defense mode…even better that you checked them out first! Keep it clean, bro!!


I’ve gotten spider mites in the past, even without introducing anything to the setup. They just come on your cloths or even through windows it seems.

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We have some kind of ivy that runs around the perimeter of our yard…shit gets powdery mildew like a bitch and mites seem to be attracted to it…lol…terrifies the hell out of me.

Yuck, that stuff (ivy) spreads like crazy

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And can’t get rid of the stuff…super aggressive and invasive grower.

I want to order the triangle from them but don’t think they ship out of state :disappointed_relieved:


I think otherwise… they knew I was in CO when I was asking them about AC/DC and no mention of state line issues… I could be wrong. once I got a line on another awesome CBD cut from a friendly OG’er I abandoned the conversation :slightly_smiling_face:


Does Clonify Ship Clones?

Yes, we can ship hemp seedlings and clones. Per the bulletin released by USPS found here:

USPS Mailing Bulletin

Marijuana/Hemp products containing less than 0.3% THC are considered hemp and are able to be shipped.

We DO NOT ship any type of consumable THC products or flowers. Flower samples are reserved for local Maine residence with a valid medical card.


Are their genetics legit?

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Good thing you found what could have been a major problem.

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They do ship out, another member also placed an order going out of state. Make sure to quarantine.
@MimirKush well the brief comparison between my little bushy clone and @Canofbusjoe Slurricane do kinda match up.
@RocketBoy yes, I almost got lazy and just stick them under the tent with the rest. But I knew it could of bit me in the ass. Now I just need to keep some more products on hand, or just soak in some garden soap and brush the leaves lightly with a toothbrush.

If you do, let them know I sent you lol. C.H. from Portland. The fresh cut Flintstones guy.
Though kinda funny, aren’t you west coat where the triangle originated?

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I have a triangle kush x super skunk I’d send clones… dm if interested…

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