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I almost pulled the trigger an ordered clones through clonify they offer shipping just not sure they ship to states that dont alresdy sell clones…I asked an the response I got back was place your order which I guess was the around about way of telling me yes…but I didn’t want to spend the money an not end up getting anything because with clones legalities come into play with transporting across state lines etc…so I opted to go with the souvenir seeds… but I also would really love to be able to purchase clones an skip the first cpl weeks of seedlings etc

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They do not have even 1 clone in stock … I think its called is a supporter here


I’m from Maine…they’re located "Down State’, they’re legit. I dealt with them 2 years ago. Funny pricing, though…you buy one for X-dollars, the second one of that SAME strain is 50% less!!! There are MANY Sellers on Strainly that ship to ALL States. Good Luck…be safe.


Wonder how reliable these are. I could buy S1 seeds of a lot of elite clones and make “copies”. Someone would figure it out eventually.


It’s easier to clone a clone than to grow out S1 beans and clone that, IDK why they’d take the time.

Clones move freely around the US.


Yeah, I’m not saying people do the whole process just for clones. But more likely they do not know it is an S1. I’m thinking about the people who are like…“bro…I got this from my buddy…it’s totally Chemdog. He told me it was.”
Then some dude is selling an S1 or some cross of Chem as “Chem 91”. It’s difficult to know if it is the real deal or something close.


Strainly has been a bitch for me to order from well atleast what I’ve tried to buy most don’t respond or respond weeks later

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I guess that’s a possibility, but if it’s so close you can’t tell the difference, would it really matter? By that logic, you can’t trust any clone since it could be an S1 or a cross.

I have never had an issue with fake clones. If someone says “chemdog” and doesn’t know anything past that, who knows. If someone says this is skva 91, you can pretty much guarantee it’s the real one.

If someone sounds like they don’t know what something is, they probably don’t. Ask if you are unsure.


Ive had people all over the usa ready to sell me cuts with in 8 hours of using the site. Youll have a easier time looking in rec legal states . They want a arm and a leg though. 50 a clone plus 20 to ship …
Only if I could get Emperor Cookie Dough .
People I tallked with that respond asap theres another in colorado and la if you want em


Thank you I’ll check them out I think my problems mainly been trying to order from individuals instead of businesses


Knock-off crosses are nothing new.
As soon as a cross/strain becomes popular, some douche-bag will create something “close” and start passing it off as the real deal.
I’ve seen this happen countless times, here in California.
It only takes a few months to make a knock-off cross, but the damage done to the original cross and it’s breeder is immeasurable.


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