Co2 injection control

With me swapping to led i won’t need my fan running wide open constantly so looking to take advantage of that. Is there something out there that will monitor temp humidity and co2 level and inject the co2 when it needs it but keep it from injecting while fan is on

I run separate controllers for Co2 and Temp.
Indeed some Co2 is wasted as a result of venting, but its negligible. My space is small @ 4x8x8.

Great read here…

Example controller.

Had to look them up. This level of controller can shutoff Co2, while venting.

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Looks like i need to find a corner to work lol

I’m only in a 4x4x6. Tell me more about your set up if you wouldn’t mind brother

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Humidity. I use a stand-alone 50-pint dehuey with drain. Have to change settings manually.

Cooling. I run a stand-alone wifi enabled 6k wall banger AC and/or vent with a 6in AC infinity digital controller.

Most venting is during lights off.
Lights on venting results in some Co2 waste. Usually get around 30 days per tank @900 ppm during 12/12.

I use an Autopilot greenhouse master for my Co2, Heater, and fog humidifier. Used to have my fan connected to it, but this run tested using the AC infinity stand-alone.

For those who wifi and want to kiss.

This wifi inkbird handles both fan and heater. Make a dumb fan smart.

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