Coffee and vanilla?

Seeds came from a member here…they got mixed up so not sure the genetics I was told OG18 Gods and Indica so who knows what name it had I know now its vanilla beans…or something!

Any ideas on strain?? It smells sweet…


No clue, sounds like you should ask said member about traits and whatnot to figure it out. Hopefully that didn’t come off sounding like a dick as that was not my intention


nope not at all…I deleted the message already and my memory kinda sucks…thought someone might know something…seeds got mixed up


Completely understand dude, good luck .


thanks for the reply…regardless its a nice cultivar…seeds are so interesting you never know whats in there


Maybe check to see which pages from see giveaways and such. My memories shit too so I feel your pain.

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I mixed the seeds up…i was curious if someone else has had a similar one that had the same smell…its really not that important because its a fine specimen

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Was it the “Agent K” that was supposed to be a coffee smelling strain that @Jellypowered and @99PerCent collaborated on…

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It smells very tasty…thanks

If you like chocolate and coffee check out the Chocolate Thai Co-Op in the breeders lab. Is the foundation of all that smells chocolate and we have three strain genetics , one supposedly very close to Landrace worked to F2 already.