Covid-19 check in

Funny story, I was one of those people who at first didn’t take this to serious but my smart ass wifey with the smart ass mouth kept pickin at me to go n get water n tp. So after a couple of days went by and we were low on water bottles, which usually is stacked up tall af around here, I mosey into the market to my dismay the shelves were pretty bare…oh sh*t!!! 7 stores later my truck looking like a supply wagon, I bring that ass home and had to admit ole smart ass was right all along. Efd up part is I’m usually the one current on all the hapz around this joint​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. But long story even longer, we’re all good and the word spread thru out the rest of our gang ta get ready ready. Fingers crossed, and seat belts fastened, we’re ready for the ride. And I hope and pray for all of our family members that we come out in the end all good, Glory be ta God ! Y’all play it safe, and always no matter how brittle they get wash ya damn hands frequently !!! Now after this long ass diatribe " Happy Growin " and see me in the 16oz cup quarantine challenge :nerd_face:


you should give your doc a call and make sure it’s not something else. i’m more concerned about people not going to the doc to avoid getting sick.

on a side note my girlfriend might e taking the lead teacher position for the emergency folks kids. :slight_smile:


My wife and I had this 3 weeks ago, I didn’t get the chest problem but the wife did, she was sent for a Xray to check for Pneumonia but the Xray showed nothing. After a good sweat out during sleep a couple of nights in a row it went away. We both felt well for about 3 -5 days and then it came back again for another 5-6 days and is now gone, apart from a slight runny nose if I go into the cold.

Wife is a 20 cigs a day smoker.


Nothern coast on Spain, confined at home since the 14th, my car is covered with dust and bird shit and cannot take the bikes for a ride :sweat:. The postman, couriers and baker leave their thing without ringing the bell, just phone calls and WhatsApp as social exchange.

Fortunately I am allowed to walk the dog, it is supposed to be a short walk so they can do their poop and rest, but as I go now (at night) in a desert road (no cars even with daylight) and morning in the fields around home I manage to walk almost 4 miles.

Drugs are now 5 times more expensive, just a warning if you don’t have enough jars on the shelf. People buying tons of everything in the supermarkets and are beginning to drive mad because of being in “home prison” for so long. The state of alert has been prolonged until mid April. This will finally happen to all of you so be prepared …

If suddenly you lose your taste while eating and cannot smell anything that could be the start of the flu, stay safe … :sunglasses:


Im still here. First time we shut the restaurant down this early… Kinda sucks… I feel worse for my co workers because they have more bills than I do… I really hope they can get a grip on this so we can get back to business as usual. Maybe i would feel better if i felt like they had a plan.


Here in Spain bars and restaurants are closed, but they survive taking commands and bringing food to those that cannot leave their houses and/or don’t know how to cook.

Maybe it is time to spread around leaflets with simple menus (take away style) and a contact phone, the restaurant would be closed but running … :sunglasses:


We do all of that already but they have ultimately taken a nosedive… take out and delivery dont really pay the bills at this point… weve done it up until this point to keep oir guys busy but my bosses savings are being depleated.


We (county) only have a one known case right now. I’m 63, wife 65, we did not hoard anything, as we have always bought some items by the case anyway.
The freezer has plenty of meat in it, we CSA with a local farm, and get produce from April to October. We can some food, and we buy grains in bulk, from a local health food store.
We are just hunkering down, and running for items for the more elderly in the family.
We had started buying gold, and silver during the Bush admin, $220.00 oz, sold off a portion at $1500.00 oz, for some cash on hand.
We both have adult kids that work for themselves, so we will try to keep everyone in our circle’s head above water so to speak, while this bug runs. We decided even if it means we lose every dime, we will keep them going.
My wife is a cancer survivor, and when we were in that battle, we read up on our immune system, what keeps you healthy, what really does not. So we go against what our AMA doctors told us, with a regiment of vitamins and supplements, and started going to a homeopathy doc, best decision ever for us. With about 6 years of biannual blood tests, 6 years of annual tests, we feel like we can live if we get it, but will do everything possible to NOT get it.
Stay safe all.


Mental health is important too. I’m coloring to calm my mind.


Damn you Reik,
Now my ribs are hurting.

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My entire family is safe so far that I know. Keep you head up, hold your loved one tight …
(At a distance jk) and Keep it OG.


Glad you’ve found something to help… my mental health has been declining rapidly and it’s usually never great… evening is good cause i can have a puff but all day at work is horrible.


I think take-out food is my biggest inconvenience right now. Just don’t trust anything I can’t re-heat extra & cauterize. :fire: & can’t get my regular new shoes. :thinking: :athletic_shoe:

Wore a mask to grocery shop, saw 1 other, some curious lingering stares. :mask: Was probably unnecessary but it’s a minor inconvenience.

:us: pres.: “my rich friends are losing money-- go back to work!”

:evergreen_tree: TFB, imo. At least I have shoes. :man_facepalming:


I like that reiko. If we get locked in idk what ill do… probably make music

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All good here in NC IL so far. I’m 30+ yet have asthma n COPD. So if this is as bad as they say I’d be in deep shit. Still working I’m deemed “essential”. Yet I’m sure after all this is over there’ll be a lay off. Everything we’re making is back stock n we’ll run out of room in the warehouse soon. Hope everyone stays safe and keep those higher vibes going. Even in these pressing time.


I have it. Or at least my doctor and nurses think I do, they won’t test me as I don’t need to hospitalized. They will not see me unless I need to be hospitalized. So I’ve self quarantined at home since the 14th.

I started feeling run down on the 13th, it really hit me on the 16th and felt like I ran 15miles or something crazy. Basically slept for 3 days straight outside of food and bathroom time. I started slowly feeling better after this until about Sunday when I no longer felt exhausted but developed shortness of breath. Like every 3rd breath feels satisfying and I gotta breath deep for it. The rest of the time it feels like a belt is around my chest. I didn’t have a fever during any of this, if anything it was a degree or so low. Been taking an emergen-c, vitamins, and orange juice every day of this. I’ve slowly gotten better since Sunday but definitely still feeling this shortness of breath right now. I had to stop vaping completely, herb and nicotine. Picked up nicorette. My doctor has me recording temp morning and night and symptoms and will make a determination on Monday if I’m good to go back to work or not(my job/work is essential) asumming my wife is fine. if she’s got it, she hasn’t had any symptoms at all. Just kinda waiting to see what happens at this point. Luckily she works for the state and my work takes care of me so no worries on funds at least.


Good luck stay safe and remain isolated like youre doing. Isolation sucks but so does dying. I should hope that more people would stay at home aside from getting necessities…


Things are groovy in the California desert!
There are NO reported cases in my area… we are kind of isolated out here, anyway, and that’s a good thing considering what’s going on around us in this state and in neighboring states.

I’m 51 and my wife is 48 and neither one of us are feeling bad in any way. I’m still working due to my job being considered essential. I rarely get sick and am more worried about my wife than myself when stuff like this happens. Her immune system is not like mine. We have a son and daughter in law toughing it out in the Champaign, Ill area that we are in contact with daily and they are holding up nicely.

We’ve been hanging out together for so long, being together for long periods of time are a breeze anymore. She’s got her bible studies and I have my cannabis plants to keep the sanity flowing for us.

If anything changes for us, you’ll hear about it in this thread. Stay safe and healthy OG!



Nice reiko

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