COVID got even more fucked about a week ago...

Hey OG. Iamthecheesegods back in full effect. I even reached into the time fog and pulled the creds for this new account out my arse.
I really need to get something intense off my chest, and was curious if COVID has left anyone else dealing with extra fucked shit even for plague time?

Since I really haven’t spoken to anyonefrom back when, well, in the decade plus since I checked in, my life went FUCKING SIDEWAYS! I recently got out of an abusive relationship, both mental and physical, and since I kicked this crazy wench out, she and her tweaker patrol friends have been stalking me, trying to convince people around me I went insane, and other nefarious wrongdoings. But shit went even MORE sideways this last week, and I found out I still do have a few true blue homies after 3 years isolation.
Apparently I was on the chopping block, as in this woman was actually planning on having tweakers murder me in my bed. The one friend I have left on this Earth found out what she was up to and stomped the entire situation out.

If he had not done what he did, I might already be burnt to ash with a CoD of suicide all nice and official like. I wish I could go into further detail without completely outing myself. All I can say is that certain parts of the US are seriously falling into a methamphetamine induced evil spell.

I just wanted to tell someone and express how happy I am to be alive right now, and not on a drug I could cook in an hour in a bathroom.
And I am SUPER glad to be back at home on OG after so, so long. I missed you all, guys and gals.
Anyne else had 2020 go even more fucked than everyone else’s 2020?


Glad you are out of that deadly relationship. Just be prepared to “cover your ass” - with armor plate, for a couple years. I’ll bet they aren’t done with you yet…

Focusing on the positive in your life will help a lot.
My 2020 has been weird but nothing compared to yours.



An hour? Your SnB technique must be next level!

Nothing wrong with a party occasionally but stay away from the spunion crispy critters.


You dodged a bullet there buddy, don’t stick your dick in crazy.
Time to move if you can, change your number etc.

Around here its just dead water, boring, I suppose that’s much more preferable to your eventful life.


Glad to hear your alive and not taking the big sleep. Been having some tweaker problems here too but not to that extent thankfully, definitely would keep an out out around ya for a while though their prone to some crazy shit.


I wish someone had given me that advice a long time ago haha


They are so good in the sack but the payments are deadly.
Its like a secret agent mission, fake id, burner phone, rented apartment and a bailout plan, poff with the wind.


Good for you man, glad you’re out of the unhealthy relationship.

Covid has been a huge problem, one day at a time. Quite literally, is how most of us live now.

Glad your friend was able to intervene on your behalf…Yikes, people be crazy…

Stay safe my friend.
:v: :peace_symbol: :v:




as far as certain parts of the US with meth, its everywhere, especially where poorer people live


We’re numero cinquenta para el Ustados Unidos todo.
And yes, it is very good advice not to stick your dick in crazy, but here’s where my issues differ: How do you avoid sticking it in a lying, in cognito, evil daughter of a bitch?

Evil goes to great lengths to make itself seem as normal as anything else…


Evil/crazy that’s trying to act normal always over-compensates, acts too normal. Any women that doesn’t show you a little crazy is highly suspect. And always ask around, someone else has always seen the beast unleashed.


Couldn’t. Her other exes are dead as I almost was… Bitch leaves no witnesses

The personality disorders expose themselves if you know what to look for…

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That’s a flashing red light all by itself :japanese_ogre:

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I have every copy of the DSM. Didn’t help. Glad you were big enough to let me know that shit wouldnae happened to you!

Only OTHER people fall for tried and true tricks for deceiving eh?

Haha book learning doesn’t help - gotta experience them firsthand spend tens of thousands on therapy get super jaded because you start picking out the tells at the bar before you get your dinky stinky and start to wonder if there’s a sane one left :joy:


Buddy of mine hung himself in a tree about a month ago. Meth and women. After he died his ex got custody of the kiddos. Condolences.


Actually dealt with a lesser form of this. This girl would go from guy to guy. Pretty much all she wanted was an affair, so as soon as she leaves the other guy for you she finds another guy to cheat on you with. Honestly if you can’t find ANY exes? That’s because she doesn’t want you to; they know too much. Dead, crazy, drug addict, there will always be a reason they aren’t accessible even if it has to be a lie.

Not saying you have to interrogate every girl you meet on her past, lol, but mind over penis never does you wrong. We all have red flag that we ignore though, hindsight is 20/20.

Shits been crazy as hell in 2020. I’m watching Fargo (the TV series spin off) and this year has made some of these stories more believable. People can do some extremely insane shit and no one sees it coming. Glad your friend did, and don’t be surprised if she tries again. Hell, don’t be surprised if she ends up dead or in jail from a botched attempt on someone else. I’m sure there are two sides to this story and all, but fuck. That shits just not same.


@ChemicalDependant It got worse after I left my network for the day…
This “friend” came over high as balls on meth and LSD, and leaves having stolen not only my last gram of Purple Thai Haze, but some narcotics and anticonvulsives… Also my fucking shoes!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL MOTHERFUCKING FUCK, MAN!?
He also made it all 10x worse; Fixing nothing. Now my ex and the “hacker” she pays in methamphetamine and sex to stay in my neighbor’s house and attack my systems all day every day until sleep doesn’t say no anymore.
Then they had a football party… All the people she has been raining on me from afar with high on speed and drunk to boot. Also I finally triangulated 3 cellphone cams streaming to my cloud that were angled so if they decided to play with any of the handsets, it was on video at 2 other angles.
Then I very loudly spoke to an empty room, “HaHa! I finally got the fucking idiots!”
Suddenly the tweakers hanging on my property change vocal tones; They are fucking riled up now.
Next thing I know they have invited 25 people over to drink, smoke drain cleaner and work one another into a frenzy.
So I called a friend, grabbed 2 weeks of meds and am now safe here at his place.

Played by both parties, racing to see if stress, subterfuge, or murder kills me first. My family don’t believe anyone would hate me THAT much and actually got REALLY angry with me for rocking the boat. WHAT THE FUCK!!!
I am running from a Methed Manured Murder Squad and I am the bad guy. I haven’t slept a full night in a year. I have stress induced seizures daily. My ex gave me the brain injury that caused my epilepsy to begim with; She tells me it was entirely my fault she assaulted me, slamming my forehead into hardwood from 5 feet up. Like a basketball. My fault. So. THIS IS ALL A REVENGE GAME ON ME FOR SOMETHING I NOT ONLY DID NOT DO BUT WAS DONE TO ME!

I honestly think I am on the edge of another heart attack. What am I supposed to do?