Dedicated drying tent - need a fan?

Hi everyone. Long time reader, first time poster.

I’m putting together a small (2x2) dedicated drying tent and had planned on including the following gear with it:

inkbird to control both humidifier (inside the tent) and dehumidifier (inside the tent).
ac infinity cloudline T4 + carbon filter

I’m just wondering if any of it is overkill, or if I’ll have a good setup? I the inkbird+dehu/humidifier unnecessary in combination with the T4? Do I actually need the T4? etc

Just looking to optimize ($$) this but also have it work really, really well, preferably as a self contained unit.


I dry in a 2x2 tent as well and in my opinion you don’t want an inline. I’ve had really nice drys with just a fan inside. I also wouldn’t put the Humidifier inside the tent if possible. I run an inkbird with both outside the tent controlling the ambient rh.
I recently upgraded to ac infinity cloudray fan which has 1-10 settings instead of hi & low. Setting 3 did really well for me inside 2x2.


hey thanks so much for replying. I have no idea about this at all, just wanting to set it up as automated/precise as I can.

I’m definitely happy to hear I can skip an inline fan and just get a nice regular fan like that cloudray.

So inkbird + humidifier and dehu running outside the tent is better? Again I have no idea about this stuff clearly haha. That’s good to know, I can run it that way for sure, no problems re space or anything (tent will be in a garage).

Yes, you do not want a dehu in a drying tent of that size. Your best bet is to maintain the room it is in at the temp/rh you want and run a passive intake but on low.


2x2 is too small of an area to really “climate control”. As long as the conditions in the actual room are good, I wouldn’t really worry about that part. In my experience unless you’re drying in a basement or super humid summer, no need for a dehu for that amount. I use a 4” AC infinity booster fan no filter needed if I just close the door. I open all the vent panels at the bottom of my box that way there isn’t crazy suction and I turn the fan to low so there is just good air exchange no mold concerns. I have blackout curtains in the room so no light concerns with degrading the bud and the panels being open. Good luck with harvest :v:


Set your inkbird to turn on your fan at 60%

I don’t use an extraction fan by my setup is different.



Lol at the towel hook. Brilliant.


thanks for the feedback everyone, appreciate the knowledge.

so the garage the drying tent is going to be in does unfortunately fluctuate temperature/humidity a bit - I usually dry just out in the garage and it goes ok but not great, which is obviously the goal.

so since I know now that I need to control the environment around the tent and not inside the tent, I’m thinking, just to cover as much as I can:

tent + 1 small fan such as the cloudray
inkbird + humidifier/dehumidifier outside the tent
inkbird + small heater/small AC outside the tent

and I am currently looking at what the RAXIAL S4 is - that would go in the tent the same way a T4 would?

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love it, that’s awesome. that’s the 2x2?

In my experience the buds will raise the humidity a lot so even if your garage gets too dry you should have a decent humidity buffer in the tent, at least for the first 5 days or so.

Your situations sound less than ideal but just do your best and I’m sure it’ll be fine.


Can confirm. My Humidifier doesn’t run much until around Day 5.


I would discourage using the garage. Most garages aren’t insulated meaning this will be the hardest part of your home to control, even a linen closet would be better. Plus if you’re like me and coming into winter, gonna be a tough up hill battle. Summers won’t be quite as bad since mold is usually less of a problem but will be hard to keep your buds from over drying.

I’m still finishing flowering right now so dry tent is away but I take maybe 2 feet of duct and attach it through the vent hole on the top of tent. I usually lay the fan on top of the tent but you can put it inside of you want. Personally I think the key is to get plenty of fresh air in the bottom and venting out the top. This keeps a clean air exchange and will pretty much eliminate mold chances and you won’t need extra circulating fans which can create uneven drying.

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In my experience, I live in San Francisco where my garage stays a perfect 55-65° and 60% humidity, I can just leave my plants hanging out and set my dehumidifier at 60 to absorb the extra water the plants are respiring. I have plants that have been hanging for 2+years that are just as sticky and delicious as the nuggs I have jarred.


I’ve found that stuff that is stored in totes , trimmed but still on the stick tends to taste better a year later then stuff that was trimmed and jarred, vacuum sealed at the right moment is best but I’ve gotten lazy, haven’t seen my vacuum sealer for quite some time lol


'lucky bastid :tongue:

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Common technique when I was growing in NorCal, big farmers buy totes by the pallet you can’t keep ‘em in stock at Walmart, too expensive to jar up all that weed


It’s a necessary steps to prevent over drying when you can’t get it all done as fast as it wants to be done.


I see nothing wrong with drying in a 2x2 but I wouldn’t suck air through it or the plants could dry way too quickly… like 2-3 days if your rooms humidity is much below 60. A fan inside the tent would suffice.

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ok that’s awesome I will definitely a hu/dehu/heater/ac outside the tent, with inkbirds controlling all of them

my only question is, should the sensors from the inkbirds go into the tent with the drying bud, or stay outside in the room?