Delay in mail and best practices for trading

@Tappy - I got some of your freakshow seeds gifted to me by @misterbee and have already told @George1961 that if his don’t arrive that I will send him some of mine, so at least he gets something hopefully.


Postal workers have done the same to me before. I guess it’s ok for a postal worker to commit a felony offense and take people shit. They should all be fired!! I had a postal worker one time open a package of mine that had 12 seeds in it. They took 4 seeds repackaged and re sent. The recipient got the remaining 8. I guess they do what they want

Well they still didn’t arrive

I am still waiting on seeds from awhile ago too, but I doubt it the delay is due to the other person not sending the seeds - it’s just how it works sometimes unfortunately. I am also still waiting on my Tony the Tiger spoon that I mailed in 3 box tops and a dime for back in 1972.


I was yesterday in my P.O. Box and weren’t there :pensive:, I am sorry for all the people I was going to share them with. It’s a pity they weren’t sent tracked after all that work behind to grow them, shouldn’t have offered them before they were here … :sweat:


Ive seen some amazing things from postal workers good and bad. Unfortunately the bad barely get a slap on the wrist. This carrier in our office stopped showing up to work over a year ago. No call out no reason just didn’t come in. Still wouldn’t of been fired for another month and a half. He ended up putting his resignation letter in bc union made deal with management for him to get his spot replaced sooner than could of with being fired and so he could still get rehired if applies at po later in life. Mind blowing.


Unfortunately the bad barely get a slap on the wrist.

I had a mailman a few years ago who straight up asked to be paid tips, and when I didn’t, the next week he delivered all my mail open with any valuables removed. Then when we reported it, the guy quit.

So basically, he was planning to start a little postman protection racket. I still don’t get anything delivered to that address just in case.


Mail seems to be arriving fine in San Francisco got this this today took 4 days to arrive and a rowing and a treadmill

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I still have a parcel that hasn’t moved since some days now… it’s in the capital and it’s day 53 today… mmmm snail mail is good for your blood pressure :drop_of_blood:


I still have a parcel that hasn’t moved since the 20th of January…

Have you thought maaaaybe the mail lost it?


I thought you said you were done with this thread. We really don’t need daily updates on the status of your mail deliveries. The fact that you got a package delivered has nothing to do with whether or not a member here mailed seeds to you or not. Your implication is that since you got some mail, that all mail must be ok, and that since you didn’t get your seeds that a trusted member confirmed that they had shipped to you, that you have been ripped off knowingly by that member. You are adding nothing new to this conversation at all.


I receive mail on a daily basis as well. And i have a package lost in the mail for well over a month now that i know @RocketBoy sent out as he provided me with tracking which was not even necessary. Irishboy acts like a child.


@zephyr I read a article while back about a mail person who got there car repo in the trunk was full of opened birthday cards and packages. That you do get canned for immediately. If that row machine came USPS you would of saved money shipping ups @Irishrocker . Typically there cheapier for anything heavy.


Oh, man…I feel awful. I only ended up keeping about 25 seeds. I can definitely send you some of what I’ve got left. Otherwise I’m going to try popping them and doing another, proper, run.
My most sincere apologies, George. Definitely should have sent them all tracked.


My wife bought all this stuff lol I just have to carry it up stairs


Thanks for your concern, I think it’s better if you try to make more seeds, there were many people expecting to have them and more disappointed than me. I only grow indoors and my idea was to gift them and trade, they are pretty popular …

I know this may interfere with your plannings, maybe you can find someone that can do it for you, I have much to learn before trying to pollinate, will play with the ABC in the meantime, thanks again for the offer … beer3|nullxnull


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