Free Durban seeds (now closed), thanks to all for participating

I have Durban seeds to give away. They were from FDM Seeds Durban Breeders mix. I grew them out here:

They are the first plant featured in that topic, if you want to look at what they grow. The Durban is a sativa.

"With the Durban mix you get:

California Orange x Durban
(Durban Thai-High Flyer x C99) x Durban
(Durban Thai-High Flyer x C99) x (ESB x Durban)

Grow you some fun, don’t stress over high-priced seeds. PM me here or at Strainly.io13.


I got 2 females and one male in that grow. One female was bushy, probably Cali-O x Durban. The other was columnar, probably (Durban Thai-High Flyer x C99) x Durban. I pollinated both females from their brother, leaving me two distinctly different plants.

I plan to give out pkgs of 10 of whichever phenotype you prefer. You can have both if you want.

I also have an accidental crossing of the Durban male to a female of unknown strain. What I do know about it is it’s purple indica dominant. It has a pleasant berry like aroma while growing that is not overpowering and doesn’t broadcast its presence (except when the Flowering room turns on and off). It is very slightly harsh to smoke the first 3-5 hits, causing quite a bit of coughing, but each cough session just increases the high nicely. The buzz is calming and can easily turn into couch lock with enough indulgence.

My guess is the addition of the Durban father will add some clear headedness to the stone, but I haven’t grown any out yet, so I can’t say for certain. Unless someone disagrees, I’m calling it Purple Durban, just to have an easy reference to it.

So, you can also have some of the Purple Durban seeds If you like as well.

I don’t know how many seeds total I’ll be giving out yet, I don’t know how many I’ll have yet.

If you’re interested, DM me or post here. Some of the new people can’t initiate a DM yet, but I can DM you.

Happy gardening!

Edit: Just to be clear, the only criteria to get them is just to ask. It’ll be over when I run out of seeds.

EDIT: After spending the weekend shaking plants, rubbing buds and counting beans and gathering containers, I’ve decided to put an upper limit on how many seeds I give out here.

25 packs - Cali-O x Durban
25 packs - (Durban Thai-High Flyer x C99) x Durban
12 packs - Purple x Durban
12 packs - Purple (20 seeds per pack)

as of 3:00AM CST 8-12-2018 there are still 4 packs of each Durban seeds to give away and 3 packs of each Purple.


I’m interested! sent you a PM about it. Id love to give these a shot.


Nice :+1: one @Cobra50 , nice of you to offer up free seeds and no doubt some gems will be found in these ‘P. Durbans’ .!
I myself don’t want any but i reckon you should grow a few too , so’s we can see what’s what.?! Only fair since you’re growing gifted/traded seeds…:+1:

See after you’ve grown a few of each of the strains you run can you make a wee list of the ones you have finished ( it’ll make it easier for those of us who have same seeds to have a look at yours as a reference etc.? ) thanks …

You have a good night bud ,

Edit; @Cobra50 all great looking strains :fire:there- you splashed your cash on ; i look forward to seeing you run some of the new beans when you do.

Happy growing,


I intend to, but I have limited space and have quite a few unexplored strains ahead of them. Plus, While I was at Strainly, I blew my this month’s garden budget on buying 4 pure indica strains and 1 high indica.

Rusty OG F2
Tajikistani Hash Plant F3
Mazar-i-Shariff x Mazar-i-Shariff
Chocolate Kush (10 femmed seeds)
Warrior Kush (Sweet Tooth x Afghani)

Truthfully, I am very anxious to get any one of these started. The first 3 are coming from in the US and will (should) be here Friday, according to the USPS tracking system. But that same system told me my pkg from @ReikoX was in my mailbox when it NEVER made it to my mailbox, so I don’t really trust that system.

Edit: Typo


Hey I would actually be interested in your unknown cross of purple indica dom x durban. . .if I’m worthy enough my brotha


Everybody is worthy. DM me with your mailing info. If you are interested, I could send some of the Purple unknown. I didn’t make the offer before because I didn’t think anyone would be interested in an unknown strain.


If it’s still open I’d like a shot at the purple unknown or a mix I’m not greedy but the purple got my attention


That purple Durban does sound nice!


This is badass. :smile: awesome. i sen’t the memo. :wink:



Yeah it does it’s why it has my attention along with others I like how purple grows don’t get my wrong this grow is my first one that has a plant that went purple on me so I have little experience with the gene but it looks amazing when it happens


I just need a name and address the the Post Office will deliver to.

Most of the Purple seeds give a purple plant, there is also a green phenotype that shows up occasionally. It doesn’t effect the quality of the buzz though.

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@cannabissequoia, Nice video clip.


I know if everything else is the same purple just seems to taste better imho I was never like that, for me it was the quality and duration of the high ,but thro in purple and damn that’s fine! Cheers brother


Oh I’m not saying it makes or breaks the weed itself I just like how it looks being my first one in all but I’ve grown before just never any purple and this one that I have to my best knowledge wasn’t from purple weed so was unexpected wish I would of cloned her cus she turned purple with it being hot so I wonder what she would of done in the colder months


Also interested, sativa in general interest me in trying to have medication for my wife that doesn’t knock her out


Interestes in sime of the durban crosses. The purple unknown cross one sounds good mahalo nui loa and happy growing let me know and i send the adress mahalo nui loa again for the opportunity

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@Niburan and @GreenCaciqueHawaii, leave me a DM with your mailing info. If you live outside of the US, I’ll need a full name for the envelope. It most likely can be any name as long as your post office will deliver it to your address and you will remember it when the pkg arrives. :smiley: :thumbsup:

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I’m 2 days from trust level for dm’s unfortunately… 13/15


Thanks for offering up some interesting genes to OG @Cobra50 . Would love to try some Durban genes in my next outdoor grow they are rare here and a challenge to grow. Always up for a challenge!


I’d love to try some Durban seeds. I’ve heard Durban bleeds purple when cut? I think anyway.
P.s I don’t want them to just cut haha